First Communion announcements

Share news that your child has received the Eucharist with our joyful First Communion announcements. Customize with special photos and send via email or text message.

First Communion is a meaningful milestone to celebrate and give blessings as a child takes a step further in their spiritual journey. There's no better way to share this special sacrament than by sending family and friends an online First Communion announcement.

One of the best parts of using our stationery-inspired digital cards is what goes on behind the scenes. With Paperless Post, you can track when your card is opened by its recipients, bringing immediate joy to your announcement experience.

Announcing a First Communion

Friends and family will naturally be excited about your First Holy Communion announcement, and seeing your digital card open up before their eyes adds to their enthusiasm and encouragement. Get the ball rolling with our customizable designs that bring charismatic charm to your news. Our streamlined platform and easy-to-use personalization options help you create a unique announcement that will have everyone talking.

How to choose a First Communion announcement design

A First Communion is a momentous occasion, and the announcement card you choose typically reflects the significance of the event and the personality of the parishioner. Finding a card that honors your child’s faith is a fun and seamless process thanks to Paperless Post’s endless array of thoughtfully designed cards.

If your child’s First Communion was a more relaxed celebration, you can re-work one of our spring party invitations to bring a fresh, floral feel to your announcement. If a traditional style is more your thing, our religious invitations offer cross motifs and devotional designs that bring spiritual appeal to your message.

Put a personal spin on your First Communion announcement card with candid photos, customized fonts, envelope style, your choice of colors, and more. Our online tools and templates ensure your card-creating process is enjoyable from the second you start until the last announcement is viewed.

What do you write in a First Communion announcement?

The wording for your First Communion announcement should reflect the meaning and symbolism of this important day in your child’s spiritual life. The good news is that there are no strict rules, so your announcement can be as straightforward or sentimental as you like. Some people begin with a quote from a favorite bible verse or a touching family phrase before including information on the details of the event.

The main focus is usually on the child’s name, the date, and the name and location of your church. If you follow this simple phrasing, you can build your perfect First Communion announcement wording from here: [Your child’s name] received their First Communion on [date] at [church name].

When should you send a First Communion announcement?

It's generally best practice to send First Communion announcement cards within one month of the big day (whether before or after). Busy schedule? Not a problem. There are no post office lines or envelopes to stamp and seal when sending our online cards. You can even schedule your announcements ahead of time.

After sending your First Communion announcement

If you’re sending your First Communion announcement before the service takes place, create customized invitations that reflect the importance of the occasion while asking your loved ones to join you. After you’ve marked this memorable milestone, make sure to send thank you cards to your guests who joined in the moment with you.