Thank you notes

Thank you notes

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Field of Thanks Photo (Double-Sided) - Gold


Go ahead, get gracious. A thank you note is the perfect response to even the smallest act of kindness, and with our collection of designs, you might be looking for excuses to send more of them. But if it’s a task that normally throws you, our easy-to-use and easy-to-send thank you note templates make gratitude the easiest task on your list.

Most people start to get serious about thank you notes after the last slice of wedding cake is frozen. They often end up frozen before the blank page, too. Let our wedding thank you notes take care of the stage fright (and the stamp licking). You’ll be able to pick designs that match your wedding invitations and stationery, if you planned your ceremony with us. If you didn’t, there’s sure to be a design that’s close, or just close in spirit. Or you can even go far afield—you might try a photo thank you note that includes a space for a well-chosen wedding portrait.

Another thank you note interval that tends to stop people in their tracks are thank you notes after an interview and professional thank you notes for other important little junctures. Not to worry: we have designs with plenty of room for your personality (in the form of a well-written note) that suit the sober mood. If you’re thanking a very important professional in your life (a.k.a. your child’s teacher), try one of our thank you notes for teachers—a fitting replacement for a big red apple.

No matter the occasion, we provide you with the appropriate thank you note wording, though we encourage you to try and find your own voice. It takes nothing but sincerity to write a great thank you note. Editing your note with our online tools is simple, and you can even include a festive digital backdrop, printed or patterned envelope liner, and a cute hand-drawn stamp from our collection to seal the deal on this ever-so-necessary piece of communication.