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Sleepover birthday invitations

Dreaming about the perfect sleepover birthday party? Check out our cool and customizable online invitations, with RSVP tracking and guest messaging included. No ads, ever.

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If your little one is set on a sleepover celebration this year, get prepared in advance with our sleepover invitations. Whether you’re hosting for just a few guests or you’re having a spectacular sleepover shindig for lots of people, you’ll find it easy to manage the guest list with our handy online system.

Sleepover birthday invitations

Browse our range of colorful sleepover invitations for your little one’s birthday bash this year. Choose from bold designs by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, Cheree Berry Paper & Design, and Ashley G to get your slumber party off to a great start. Alternatively, go for something minimal and elegant like designs by Little Cube and Hello!Lucky.

Details to include in your slumber party invitations

Make sure to include the date, time, and location of your event on your kids’ birthday party invites. Let your guests know what time to arrive, and what time parents can pick them up the next day. You may also want to include a checklist of items for your guests to bring, including items like pajamas, a toothbrush, and a sleeping bag. If your sleepover birthday party has a dress code then you can include details about this on the invite too.

How to make online sleepover birthday invitations

At Paperless Post, we’ve made it as easy as possible to create and send your personalized sleepover invitations by email, text, or by shareable link. Use our easy online design tool and handy guest list management features to make party planning just that little bit easier!

  1. Choose a design from our range of beautiful slumber party invitations.
  2. Click ‘Customize’ to personalize the invitation template.
  3. Add the location, date, time, and dress code for the event.
  4. Add your custom text and/or photos, depending on which sleepover invitation template you’ve chosen.
  5. Upload your guest list, and click ‘Send!’

Once you’ve sent your invitations, it’s super easy to manage your responses and message your guests. You can track the invite opens, record RSVPs, and send reminders to your guests ahead of the big night.

Decorations for your kids’ sleepover birthday party

Decorate your slumber party venue with balloons, banners, and confetti from Paperless Post Party Shop. Set up your dining table with stunning party tableware, including plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and tablecloths to match any color scheme or party theme.

Games and activities for a slumber party

Slumber parties are great fun on their own, but there are many great games and activities that can be incorporated into the evening to make it extra special. Why not invest in some party bags and prizes for the winners of the games!

  • Flashlight tag: An adaptation of ‘tag’ made for the dark! Everyone is given a flashlight to use, and the tagger needs to find and tag someone in the dark.
  • Pass the parcel: A game that is great fun in daylight, but even more fun in the dark!
  • Pillow fights: A great addition to any pajama party, just make sure you don’t damage any pillows in the process!