Construction kids' birthday invitations

Construct the perfect party with customizable construction birthday invitations. Track RSVPs, ask guests questions, and send via email, text message, or shareable link.

Hit the nail on the head with a cracking construction-themed birthday party for your little one. Get off to a great start with personalized construction invitations that’ll get your guests excited for the big day.

What to write in your construction party invitations

Hammer out the important details for your online birthday invitation using our easy design editor. Select your template from our range of construction party invitations, and edit the details to include the time, date and location of the event. Be sure to include information about any dress code you have, and details about what your guests can expect from the construction-themed birthday party.

When to send your personalized construction invitations

Send your online invitations between three and five weeks before the event takes place, so that your guests have time to check their schedules and prepare for the party. It’s easy to manage your replies using our online system, and send out reminders as needed before the party takes place.

How to throw an amazing construction birthday party

Raise the roof with a fantastic construction-themed party for your little builder. Swap the party hats for hard hats, hand out high-vis jackets, and decorate the room with cones and striped tape to mimic a construction site!

Use bright colors, hang up a faux brick wall and invest in some plastic tools for your guests to play with. You could even set up a sand pit so that the little ones can get stuck in with their tools! Let your guests dig into some construction-themed snacks, and have some fun with trucks and diggers as serving bowls for your food. Shop Paperless Post Party Shop for construction cups, plates and napkins to complete your construction-themed decor.

Activities and games for your construction birthday party

  • Build a house: Give each of your guests a cereal box or shoe box, some glue, colored paper, popsicle sticks, crayons and other crafting supplies. Whoever makes a house that stands up by itself within 30 minutes wins the game!
  • Dress up the construction worker: With your guests divided into two teams, each team should allocate one member to be ‘dressed’. The teams have to race to dress their teammate in a hardhat, high-vis vest and big boots in the shortest time! Make this game one step harder by insisting that the teams wrap their teammate in construction tape afterwards!
  • Toss the rock: Set a large toy dump truck on the floor, and hand each of your guests a small bean bag to use as a rock. Whoever can throw the bean bag into the truck the greatest number of times wins!
  • Wrecking ball bowling: Line up some ‘bowling pins’ made of paper-towel rolls and construction tape, and start a competition to see who can knock down the most pins using a wrecking ball (any soft ball will do the trick).

Puns and sayings for your construction birthday invitations

Need some inspiration for your construction invitations? Include a pun or two to make your guests smile:

  • Join us for a truly riveting party!
  • We’ve nailed it with this construction-themed birthday party
  • This party will be a sight for saw eyes!