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Back to School Invitations

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You’re probably ready to celebrate the last day of summer break, even if your kids are in mourning. Assemble the family units with invitations for back-to-school season that are perfect for PTA meetings, picnics, and every other engagement in the coming semester. We know you have the adults’ refreshments well in hand, but let our designs remind you what’s on your kid’s packing list. Find invitations with backpacks, loose-leaf notebooks, freshly sharpened pencils, and a shiny apple or two for the educator in your life. If you’re kicking off a back-to-school picnic, choose an invitation set in a grassy park or one that features a kid-friendly boxed lunch (dibs on the juice box, please). It takes a good sense of humor to successfully wrangle all those little guests (and some of the big ones), so feel free to lighten the mood with invitations featuring martini-dry cartoons from the New Yorker.

If an occasion is what you’re looking for, browse some our school-season invitations for every possible need. For the unluckiest kids in the grade, a back-to-school birthday party invitation will help soften the blow. Since summer lasts longer than ever, a back-to-school pool party invitation can help take the heat off the proceedings (and the parents) at least for a while.

There’ll be plenty of time for arts and crafts, but customizing your invitation won’t require any glue or glitter. You’ll have considerably more refined (and less sticky) methods to work with in the online design tool. Choose new fonts and colors for your back-to-school invitation wording and set off your design with a colorful backdrop and envelope liner. When your invitation makes the grade, put together your list in the online address book. You can import contacts from your personal and professional webmail accounts to make sure every potential room parent is represented. That guest list will come in handy for future school event planning, too, and we take the liberty of saving it for you. Take attendance with online RSVP tracking that lets you know who’s coming, who’s busy, and who hasn’t made it to the bottom of their inbox yet—you can set that last group straight with a gentle reminder sent via guest messaging. When the party’s over, post photos in your event’s private online gallery so you can look back on your little scholar’s more carefree days 18 years in the future.