11 Virtual baby shower games

While many life events have been postponed because of COVID, plenty of people haven’t paused their plans to start families. Fortunately, baby showers are one of the easiest events to take virtual when you are unable to gather in person. When you plan virtual baby shower games to play with the smiling faces on your screen, virtual baby showers can still be a source of joy. 


A virtual celebration can be just as memorable as a more traditional affair. Just plan out a festive theme, create a specific itinerary of activities and don’t forget the virtual baby shower games (which can be just as fun as traditional baby shower games). Don’t forget thematic online baby shower invitations to mark the occasion!

What is a virtual baby shower? 

A virtual baby shower is a type of baby shower hosted entirely online via popular video apps like Zoom. For that reason, they are also known as Zoom baby showers. Other popular programs for live streaming your event include Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Whereby. If you’re hosting a small in-person gathering, you can also add a virtual shower as a secondary option for loved ones who cannot attend in-person. With careful planning, a virtual baby shower can be fun, safe, and as much of a hit as an in-person shower would be. Virtual Baby Shower InvitationsShower By Mail Invitation by Rifle Paper Co. and Printemps baby shower invitation by Nathalie Lété 

Are there virtual baby shower games?

Virtual baby shower games act as a baby shower activity and will help you pull off the virtual celebration without a hitch. The whole point of a virtual baby shower is to celebrate the parents or mother-to-be and get excited about their new arrival, and that includes baby shower games. While typical shower games are easiest in-person, there are now so many creative ways to have fun with your guests virtually.

Ideas for virtual baby shower games

Mothers-to-be are rightfully cautious with COVID because they are a high-risk group. Still, they want to celebrate this major milestone with their loved ones. Thanks to online tools like Zoom, they can see all their loved ones at a safe distance and commemorate this new chapter in their lives. Here are some of our favorite virtual baby shower games to try at your baby shower during COVID.

1. Trivia time! 

Before the baby shower, gather trivia questions and answers from your parents-to-be of honor. Their parents could be a good resource for surprise questions, too. Then, test your guests! Choose particularly fun questions about the birthing process or funny anecdotes from their childhood and see what funny answers your virtual guests come up with. 

2. Blind portraits 

Time to get artistic! Have the parents-to-be sit for a virtual portrait in whatever pose they choose and ask the baby shower guests to draw their likeness without looking at the paper or lifting their pen. Set a timer for 60 seconds and then have everyone all show their final work on camera. Remember to take a screenshot for posterity, and if you want, invite the guests to mail their work directly to the parents-to-be as a party souvenir. Pro tip: tell your virtual guests to have a pad of paper and pen ready before the shower begins. 

3. Make a tipple

Ask the mother-to-be what her favorite non-alcoholic drink is and send the recipe to the guests in advance. Everyone can make their drinks to have on hand and cheers to the new baby. Some people call this a tipple—and what a fun way to celebrate, indeed! 


Virtual Sip and See InvitationSip & See Photo Invitation by Paperless Post

4. Lullaby love

Collect lullabies for the baby. Ask the guests to send their favorite lullaby and have them printed into a book for the parents-to-be.

5. Play a baby guessing game!

Create a fun guessing game for your guests on Baby Hunch. You can include easier guesses like the baby’s sex or hair and eye color, or stump your guests with trickier guessing games about the baby’s weight, length, or time and date of birth!  Everyone can view the guesses, and then you can see whose guess was closest after the baby arrives. 

6. Pictionary predictions 

Organize a Pictionary drawing session with an online platform like Skribbl. You can upload your own words to draw, and you can tailor it to the baby, like their future hobbies, personality traits, or career. 

7. Lights! Camera! Action! 

Make a video using VidHug. It’s very simple to use. Make a game of it and give a prize to the guest whose video makes the mom laugh the hardest!

8. Name the baby tune 

Play songs that feature the word ‘baby’ in the lyrics. Whoever shouts out the correct title and artist wins a point. If audio is an issue for some people, you can have them write the answer in the video call’s chatbox.

virtual baby shower gamesFloral Baby by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post

9. Guess the baby

Ask guests to email you a photo of themselves as babies and get everyone to guess who’s who. A fun baby shower game, and ice-breaker.

10. Guess the task 

Name a bunch of tasks related to caring for the baby and guess which parent will handle which task. 

11. Emoji fun

Look up or create your own emojis that describe the title of popular children’s books. Have guests guess which is which and award a prize to the person who gets the most correct. Also ask guests to “Build Baby’s Library” and bring a children’s books they loved as a baby shower gift.

Build Baby's LibraryChapter One by Cheree Berry for Build Baby’s Library themed baby showers

Prize ideas for virtual baby shower games

There are so many prizes you could give out to your guests, but because your baby shower is virtual, you will have to do a little planning ahead of time. If you’re giving out physical prizes, remember to request your guests’ addresses when you send your invitations. That way, you can make goody bags and mail them out. Tip: use the goody bags as decorations in the host’s background! 

Diaper raffle 

A popular baby shower game and prize idea for baby showers (virtual or IRL) is the Diaper Raffle where guests bring a bag of diapers and enter a raffle for an Amazon gift card or prize money. To make this virtual, have guests send the diapers straight to the parents-to-be and send gift cards or prize money electronically. We have lots of fun diaper-themed invitations: here, here, and here

What to know before you throw a virtual baby shower

The most important thing to remember while planning a virtual baby shower is making sure you have all the details squared away well in advance of the event, particularly for a virtual event with so many moving parts. For example, baby showers are often hosted by a sister, mother, mother-in-law, or close friend. Because virtual showers lean so much on tech to run smoothly, it’s best to designate a tech-savvy loved one to either host or help coordinate the event.

Dreamscape Baby Shower Invitation by Stephanie FishwickDreamscape by Stephanie Fishwick  for Paperless Post


You should also schedule time in advance to discuss the event with the parents-to-be to determine the guest list and the schedule. Don’t forget to throw in a surprise or two to delight them! Make sure to give your guests instructions for how to use Zoom (or your preferred video platform) and invite them to introduce themselves using their name. If you’re bringing together people from all over the world, you can have them change their name on zoom to their first name and their location.

Virtual baby shower guest list

For a virtual baby shower, you can either stick with a small, intimate list that mimics a traditional baby shower, or you can use the virtual shower as an opportunity to invite more people than you’d be able to include otherwise. After all, a virtual shower cuts down on costs like food and drinks and it makes it possible for friends and family members to attend no matter what time zone they may be in. So, you may choose to make it a bigger affair.


If you do decide to go bigger, remember to plan out the event. A massive Zoom group can become hard to manage without a plan! Furthermore, while baby showers usually involve gift opening, you don’t necessarily have to do this in a virtual baby shower. Go with what the parents-to-be prefer. You’ll probably find that even without present-opening, your zoom shower will be a lengthy affair with all the virtual baby shower games and catching up there is to do! 

Virtual baby shower invitations 

Even though your event is virtual, that doesn’t mean you have to skip the fanfare! After all, we all need a bit of fanfare with our events these days. Start the event off right with a beautiful virtual baby shower invitation get your guests excited to celebrate the parents-to-be and their new arrival.

Include a virtual event link on your invitations and add it to the details of your card so your guests can add it to their calendars. That way, clicking through to the Zoom meeting on the day of will be a piece of cake!


Virtual baby shower invitationsMagic Baby Shower by Rifle Paper Co. and Baby Doodle by Hello!Lucky



Virtual baby shower invites


Now that you have your virtual game ideas, need a virtual baby shower idea (which also includes socially distanced baby shower ideas)? A baby shower does not have to be in person to be fun and special. Kick the shower off with online invites from Paperless Post.