25 kids’ birthday party ideas that are fun for everyone

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If you’re a parent, then you’ve likely been to a kid’s birthday party or two in your life. From pony rides to laser tag to chocolate fountains, you’ve seen it all. So how do you make your kid’s next birthday party the talk of the classroom?

Here’s the secret: The best kids’ birthday party ideas aren’t about making things bigger and better—they’re about the details. We’ve got 25 birthday party ideas for kids that keep the focus on your birthday star and their favorite things. So sit back and leave the planning to us. Plus, with a vast collection of themed birthday party invitations from Paperless Post available at your fingertips (as well as kids’ birthday party food ideas, party favor ideas, and Paperless Post Party Shop birthday decoration suggestions), you’re bound to find the right option for your once-a-year celebration.

1. Farm animals

If your birthday kid loves animals, take them to the farm for their special day! Whether you’re hosting at your house or a local barn, a farm animal-themed birthday party is a nice start.

2. Balloons and confetti

Nothing says “birthday” like a balloon and confetti party. Whether you’re going for a hot-air balloon theme or you’ll be making balloon animals for kids (our personal favorite), this children’s birthday party idea makes guests feel like they’re floating on air.

3. Sports party

Whether your little athlete prefers soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, or another extracurricular, a sports birthday party makes everyone feel like a winner.

  • Invitation: Let guests know when the game clock starts with the “Sportsfetti” invitation by Paperless Post. Or use the “Play Ball” invitation by Linda and Harriett for a soccer party. 
  • Food: Go for a game-day spread, including chips and dip and pigskins in a blanket.
  • Décor: Serve lunch and cake on sports-themed plates.
  • Cake: Make a football cake for the big day, or decorate it to fit another sport.
  • Party favors: Add some mini sports balls or team-themed favors to a goody bag.

4. Princess fairy

An invitation with a small photo of a girl and a pink crown illustration above it; princess-themed party plates and cake toppers.
Cutout Crown” by Linda and Harriett for Paperless Post; party supplies by Meri Meri available at Party Shop


From palaces to toadstools, a princess fairy party brings the magic and fantasy of a birthday to life.

5. Skate party

Retro skate party or modern skateboard session? Either one works when you throw a skate party for your four-wheeled party guests at a neighborhood skate park, skating rink, or in your backyard.

  • Invitation: Strap on your skates with the “Roll Along” invitation by Meri Meri.
  • Food: Provide food that kids can eat quickly between skating trips, such as pizza or taquitos.
  • Décor: Serve refreshments on cute plates by Meri Meri.
  • Cake: Combine candy and cake with a fun skate cake (or doughnut-centered skateboard cake).
  • Party favors: Include skate-themed prizes in a goody bag, such as neon laces or mini skateboards.

6. Movie party

Movies bring us all together, no matter if the movie party is a living room screening or a bash at the local movie theater. 

  • Invitation: Invite guests to the next attraction with the “What’s Poppin’” invitation by Paperless Post.
  • Food: Popcorn, candy, and soda—need we say more?
  • Décor: Make your party a celebrity affair with glitzy gold and silver party supplies.
  • Cake: Design your cake based on the specific movie you’re showing, or make a popcorn cake that everyone will love.
  • Party favors: Send guests home with bags of popcorn and candy in party favor bags.

7. Superhero party

Birthday kid to the rescue! Plan a superhero party for a kid who only gets more super with age.

8. Unicorn party

A cake with a gold unicorn horn and ears with similar cupcakes; a purple invitation with a white unicorn layer cake.
Image via Sandy’s Cakes; “Unicorn Cake” by Paperless Post.


For a real-life fantasy straight out of a storybook, plan a beautiful unicorn party complete with sparkles and rainbows.

9. Bowling party

Throwing a bowling party feels like a blast from the past—and knocking down pins is a great way to ring in another birthday.

  • Invitation: Send guests the “Strike Up” invitation by Paperless Post.
  • Food: Pizza and nachos will bowl them over while they hang out in the alley.
  • Décor: Deck out the alley with honeycomb and hanging decorations.
  • Cake: Serve up an extra-long bowling lane cake, complete with bowling ball gumballs and fruit leather.
  • Party favors: Add mini bowling kits to guests’ goody bags.

10. Dinosaur parade

An invitation with colorful dinosaurs; dinosaur-shaped paper plates and party cups.
Classic Triassic” by Meri Meri for Paperless Post; dinosaur party supplies available at Party Shop.


Host a dinosaur party for the dino lovers in your house that will keep guests talking for the next 65 million years.

11. Character-themed party

If your kid loves Elmo, Willy Wonka, Barbie, or another popular character, make that your party’s theme.

12. Cupcake decorating party

A cake-and-sweets party is a dessert and activity all in one. Add a cupcake decorating station or make it a full baking party for older kids. 

  • Invitation: Get guests’ appetites going with the “Cupcake Party Topper” invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio. For a baking party, try “Let’s Bake” by Hello!Lucky.
  • Food: Serve healthy party veggie cups before kids enjoy their sugary treats.
  • Décor: Display cupcakes on a cake or cupcake stand.
  • Cake: Bake several dozen yellow birthday cupcakes for kids to decorate with frosting, sprinkles, and candies. If it’s a baking party, provide the ingredients at different stations and print out recipes for each kid. 
  • Party favors: Let guests take home their cupcake creations.

13. Ninja party

If your kid and their friends plan to spend the party running, jumping, and hiding, beat them to the punch with a martial arts party with a ninja theme, either at home or a local dojo or gymnasium.

14. Rainbow party

Kids of all ages love the color scheme of the rainbow. The true treasure at the end of a rainbow party is the memories—and the beautiful, colorful pictures.

15. Pirate party

A blue online invitation reads ‘birthday treasure hunt’ with a pirate shipwreck underwater.
Birthday Treasure Hunt” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Put the arr in “birthday” with a pirate-themed party. Host at home or a local indoor playground—anywhere that allows kids to walk the plank.

  • Invitation: Send landlubbers theAhoy Matey” invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio.
  • Food: Serve edible pirate map quesadillas alongside some Pirate’s Booty for scallywags and mateys at your party.
  • Décor: Add a pirate foil ship balloon to your party’s centerpiece.
  • Cake: A pirate ship cake decorated with candy decks and cookie cannons is the party’s real buried treasure.
  • Party favors: Pirate party bags by Meri Meri provide the perfect ending to an adventurous day. 

16. Out of this world

‘Star Wars’ BB-8-shaped cake; a black ‘Star Wars ’-intro-inspired invitation with yellow stars and lettering.
Image via Sandy’s Cakes; “Space Race” by Paperless Post.


Houston, there’s no problem with a space party! Decorate your home with planets and moons, or take party guests to a local planetarium for a star talk. 

17. Bounce party

Kids love to jump at birthday parties—it’s a fact. Give the people what they want with a bounce house party or an event at a local trampoline gym.

18. Gaming party

Rent a gaming van (yes, they do exist!) or plug in your kid’s favorite system for a chance to level up on their birthday.

19. Mermaid party

Invitation with an underwater scene and party details in a white mermaid tail; a pink cake with sea shells and mermaid tails on top.
Mermaid Tail” by Paperless Post; Image via Sandy’s Cakes.


Mermaids are a hit no matter the time of year. Throw a mermaid party for the magical kid in your life who dreams of being under the sea.

20. Holiday birthday party

Birthdays near holidays aren’t a challenge—they’re an opportunity! Host a joint birthday and holiday party for those near-Christmas, near-Valentine’s Day, and near-4th of July babies in your life.

  • Invitation: Warm up with theGingerbread Chalet” invitation by Paperless Post for a Christmas shindig or the “Gloomy Roomies” invitation by Hello!Lucky for a Halloween bash.
  • Food: Serve up food that you can decorate for any holiday, such as deviled eggs.
  • Décor: Browse our collection of holiday décor for the seasonal supplies you’ll need.
  • Cake: Whip up a cake decorated for your specific holiday.
  • Party favors: Hand out holiday-specific candy in goody bags, such as Halloween candy, Christmas candy canes, or Valentine’s conversation hearts.

21. Sleepover

Sometimes a party’s too good for just one day. Invite kids over for an epic sleepover party this year—but don’t plan on too much sleep.

22. Construction party

Snack cups filled with ‘dirt’ and digging signs near an excavator toy; an invitation with an excavator at a construction site.
Image via Simply Beautiful by Angela; “Can You Dig It?” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


If your kid goes googly-eyed at the nearest construction site, give them their favorite thing at a construction-themed birthday party. Think trucks, caution tape, and all the tools you can find. 

  • Invitation: Send out the “Dig It” invitation by Meri Meri or “Truck Parade” by Paperless Post.
  • Food: Invite guests to “dig in” with chips and snacks served in plastic dump trucks.
  • Décor: Set out construction-themed plates on the table for cake and snacks.
  • Cake: Every kid loves a construction site, especially when it’s made of chocolate like this digger cake recipe.
  • Party favors: Send party guests home in a state-of-the-art construction party hat.

23. Art party

Does your birthday boy or girl have a creative side? Invite guests over for a painting session at your house or a local painting studio.

  • Invitation: Inspire guests with the “Palette Pleaser” invitation by Paperless Post or a “Splatter Paint” photo invitation by kate spade new york.
  • Food: Serve turkey pinwheels for young artists to enjoy once they’ve finished their masterpieces.
  • Décor: Pass out refreshments on colorful plates.
  • Cake: Decorate a paint splatter cake for a touch of artistic genius.
  • Party favors: Set up small easels with easy-to-paint canvases and pass out smocks to each guest. Then let them take it all home with their creation. 

24. Pool party

Summer birthdays have a major perk—pool parties! Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise for the quintessential birthday experience. 

  • Invitation: Invite swimmers with thePool Party” invitation by Paperless Post.
  • Food: Prepare a platter of glazed chicken wings for kids to enjoy as they dry off.
  • Décor: Go for a tropical feel with Paperboy’s tassel garland kits, perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration.
  • Cake: Keep the pool party going with an adorable pool party ice cream cake, perfect for hot weather.
  • Party favors: Send home pool toys, such as beach balls or mini water pistols.

25. Magical birthday party

An invitation with an owl wearing a witch hat holding a piece of paper on a stack of books; magic-themed party supplies with stacks of books.
Birthday Magic” by Paperless Post; Image via Meri Meri.


Birthdays are magical on their own, but hosting a magical kids’ birthday party takes that magic to a whole new level. Whether you prefer hiring a magician or decorating with “Harry Potter” decor, your guests won’t need a spell to keep this party in their memory.

6 tips for throwing a budget-friendly kids’ birthday

Throwing a kid’s party is a ton of fun—but it shouldn’t cost a ton of money. Find out how you can save a few bucks on your kid’s birthday party, and even have enough left over for another party next year.

Schedule your party outside of meal times

If noon appears anywhere in your party timing, guests will likely expect a full lunch (the same goes for anything after 6 p.m.). To save money, plan your party before lunch from 10–11:30 a.m.—which is a perfectly acceptable time for a kids’ weekend party—or between lunch and dinner, like 2–4 p.m.

Send digital invitations instead of paper

Between printing and postage, paper invitations can get expensive. Choose from an array of kids’ birthday party invitations from Paperless Post, where you get instant RSVP tracking and event management. Download the app for on-the-go hosting. You can also pair digital Invitations and matching party supplies from Paperless Post Party Shop, making your event a coordinated success.

Choose a less expensive venue

If you’ve ever thrown a kid’s party before—or any party, for that matter—you know that the venue tends to be the biggest budget line item. Unless your kid has a strong desire to celebrate their birthday at a specific place, choose somewhere less expensive to throw your party, like your backyard or a neighborhood park, or another venue idea

Invite fewer guests

For some kids, however, the venue is the whole point of throwing a party. For this situation, let your child know that they’ll have to invite fewer guests if they really want to throw their party at the ice rink, amusement park, or another pricey venue. That way, they still get the party experience they want, but it doesn’t hit your wallet the same way.

Make your cake (or other dessert)

It’s tempting to hit up the local bakery for the perfect birthday cake, but here’s a secret: The kids care a lot less about the cake than you do. Make a few dozen cupcakes—yes, boxed cake is perfectly acceptable in this situation—and spend your money elsewhere.

Forgo the goody bag

A goody bag is the most precious thing to a child—for five minutes after the party ends. Find creative ways to send guests off with a smile, such as with balloons from the party or crafts they made during the event, without spending money on extra toys and treats.

Host the best birthday ever with Paperless Post

An online invitation with a young boy in a party hat and the words ‘Ryan turns 7.’
Super Confetti” Flyer by Paperless Post.


At Paperless Post, we know that every birthday is a holiday. Whether you’re planning a first birthday party or a 91st birthday party, we’ve got the invitations and the goods to make your day extra special. To make sure your party is on track, read through this helpful guide to planning a birthday party, from invitations to thank you cards. 

After you’ve picked out your invitation, read our advice on kids’ birthday party invitation wording to ensure you’ve ticked every box on the invitation checklist.


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