15 kids’ birthday party venues both parents and children will love

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Throwing an epic kids’ birthday party doesn’t need to destroy your house—or your budget. In fact, your town is probably full of kids’ birthday party venues to choose from. Find the next great spot to host your kid’s party in this list of 15 kids’ birthday party venue ideas. Plus, we’ve rounded up themed kids’ birthday party invitations to match, suggested age ranges, and listed what’s typically included in a party package at each spot. Leave the party to the venue—and leave the invitations to us!

Whether you’re throwing a classic cake-and-balloons birthday or planning an elaborate theme, the right venue will turn your kid’s event into a true party. Choose from our selection of venues for kids’ birthday parties for different interests and themes to make this year’s celebration a winner.

1. Bounce house or trampoline park

An invitation with a colorful illustration of kids on a playground; two girls hold hands as they jump on a trampoline at a gym.
Jungle Gym Jamboree” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post; image via Adobe.

For party guests who like a little more activity at their party, let them try and lift off! SkyZone and Pump It Up are great choices for kids who are bouncing off the walls. Consider adding the glow-in-the-dark feature if your kid’s into a space-themed party.

  • Invitation: Take a look at Paperless Post’s space birthday invitations or jump party invitations to hit the theme home
  • Recommended ages: 6–12 (check venue’s recommended ages for kids younger than 6)
  • Estimated cost: The party package can cost between $200–$500, depending on the number of guests, location, and catering options
  • What’s usually included: Food (pizza and/or cake), jumping time during the party, goodie bags

2. Rock-climbing gym

For any budding explorer, a wall-climbing party at a local climbing gym (like Chelsea Piers in New York) is just the ticket. It’s also a great idea for superhero parties—swap out the mountains for the mean streets of Gotham City as a day on the ropes becomes a day of superheroic activities. 

  • Invitation: Choose from our collection of superhero birthday invitations
  • Recommended ages: 6 to teenager
  • Estimated price: $200–$300 for a party package
  • What’s usually included: A few hours of rock-climbing time and access to a party room; some venues offer the birthday kid a free pass for another visit

3. Kidville

Purple glitter slime is stretched between a child’s hands; an invitation reads ‘it’s slime time’ in green, slime-like lettering.
Image via Adobe; “Slimed” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


If you’ve got a theme party in mind, the hosts at Kidville have probably seen it, done it, and most importantly, cleaned up after it. Choose from a range of themed activities perfect for young children, including safari, science, construction, or even a glow-in-the-dark dance party. 

  • Invitation: Find a selection of Kidville invitations perfect for a classic birthday party at this venue
  • Recommended ages: 2–12
  • Estimated cost: $799–$999 (depending on package)
  • What’s usually included: Interactive gym time, party space, a personalized birthday cake, and party favors (depending on the package)

4. Arts and crafts studios

Paint the town red, not your walls. We love having paint parties (including rainbow-hued parties) at Muse PaintBar or paint-your-own pottery parties at Color Me Mine

  • Invitation: Select a rainbow-themed invitation for your creative art party, or send the “Palette” birthday invitation by Rifle Paper Co.
  • Recommended ages: 8–14 (unless your younger kids love making art)
  • Estimated price: $100–$300, depending on the venue
  • What’s usually included: Party space, art supplies, and a finished creation for guests to take home

5. A zoo or animal park

An invitation shows farm animals and a red barn; two young girls feed a small donkey on a farm.
Farm Party” by Meri Meri for Paperless Post; image via Parent Map.


If your kid wants giraffes, lions, and elephants on the guest list, then a zoo or animal park is the party place to be. Invite their friends to an animal-themed birthday party for a roaring good time.

  • Invitation: Find the perfect animal invitation for your kid’s birthday party
  • Recommended ages: 2–12 (but see what your venue recommends)
  • Estimated price: $300–$1,000, depending on your location and chosen party package
  • What’s usually included: Zoo amenities, including train rides, animal encounters, and a party space; larger packages may include catering and party supplies

6. Martial arts dojo

Martial arts parties let kids get out their wiggles—and kicks and punches. Find a local martial arts dojo to host a ninja-themed party for an added surprise. 

  • Invitation: Send the “Black Belt” photo invitation to guests, or use the cool “Stealth Slice” invitation
  • Recommended ages: 3–12
  • Estimated price: $100–$200, though some dojos offer free birthday parties if your child already attends classes
  • What’s usually included: Party space, board to break (and take home), instructor-led activities

7. Bowling alley

Sugar cookies decorated with retro bowling alley motifs; an invitation shows a bowling ball crashing into several blue bowling pins.
Image via Sugar Cat Cookies; “Lucky Strike” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Knock down a few pins this year at an epic bowling party. Best for older kids who can bowl without assistance, these parties also include access to an arcade and pizza.

  • Invitation: Pick the perfect message for your guests from our collection of bowling party invitations
  • Recommended ages: 8–15
  • Estimated price: $200–$500
  • What’s usually included: Party space, bowling time, arcade coins, cake, and pizza (depending on the package)

8. Movie theater

Get tickets for the newest kids’ movie and invite guests to the movie theater! Depending on the number of guests, you may be able to get a group discount or even a private screening.

  • Invitation: Use the “Movie Night” invitation by Hello!Lucky, or invite guests with the “Bucket of Popcorn” invitation by Paperless Post
  • Recommended ages: 8–18 (younger siblings might want to stay home for this one)
  • Estimated price: $100–$300, depending on whether you’re buying tickets or purchasing a party package
  • What’s usually included: Movie tickets, snacks, party space

9. Skate park or rink

An invitation with a round photo of a girl and the words ‘Let’s Roll’ in colorful organic lettering with roller skates; a person wears mint green roller skates.
Let’s Roll (Photo)” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post; image via Pinterest.


For a chill outdoor birthday, host your kids’ skate party at a skatepark (or skating rink). Guests bring their best skating gear and hit the ramps for a wheely good time.

  • Invitation: Send out the cool “Stoked” birthday invitation by Paperless Post, or invite guests to an ice-skating party with the “Do a Figure Eight” invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio
  • Recommended ages: 8–15
  • Estimated price: $50–$100 for a skate park reservation, $200–$300 for a skate rink party package
  • What’s usually included: Skate time, party space, party supplies

10. Baby gym

Soft play venues like My Gym or Gymboree are fun spots for toddlers to celebrate their birthday—and burn off some energy. These venues are especially nice for a first birthday party where babies are free to crawl and climb.

  • Invitation: Check out our themed invitations to choose the right invitation for your baby gym party
  • Recommended ages: 1–5, depending on your venue’s requirements 
  • Estimated price: $200–$400
  • What’s usually included: Play hours, party space, instructor-led activities, cake, and pizza (depending on the package)

11. Children’s museum

Science-minded kids unite! Parties at children’s museums let kids explore scientific exhibits and hands-on activities while celebrating their special day.

  • Invitation: Check out our selection of dinosaur-themed invitations for children’s museums that feature a dinosaur exhibit
  • Recommended ages: 5–12, depending on the museum’s needs and guidelines
  • Estimated price: $200–$500
  • What’s usually included: Party space, access to exhibits, party supplies, and favors

12. Miniature golf

A young boy and girl play miniature golf; an invitation for a ‘par-tee’ resembles a mini golf course.
Image via Adobe; “Putt-Putt Party” by Paperless Post.


Hit a hole-in-one this year with a kids’ birthday party on the (mini) golf course. Many miniature golf courses include other activities, such as arcades, roller rinks, and bumper cars, too.

  • Invitation: Send a golf-themed invitation, such as the “Putt-Putt Party” invitation or “Golf Ace” by Paperless Post
  • Recommended ages: 8–15
  • Estimated price: $100–$300
  • What’s usually included: Party space, golfing time, cake, and pizza

13. Restaurant party

Many restaurants, such as California Pizza Kitchen, offer birthday parties where kids can create their own pizzas or lunch foods. You can also host a kid’s birthday party at a large table or special room of a restaurant or game bar.

  • Invitation: Get the party started with a pizza-party invitation, such as “Five Easy Pizzas” or “Extra Toppings” by Paperless Post
  • Recommended ages: 8–12 (depending on venue guidelines)
  • Estimated price: $300–$500
  • What’s usually included: Party space, lunch that the kids create, cake, party supplies, and favors

14. Beach party

An invitation with underwater sea creatures and the party details in a mermaid’s tail; cupcakes decorated to look like water, sad, and shells.
Mermaid Tail” by Meri Meri for Paperless Post; image via Eat Cake Be Merry.


If you live close to the coast or another body of water, host a beach party. It’s a great place to throw a kids’ birthday party in the summer, especially if you have a  large guest list.

  • Invitation: Send a mermaid party invitation for a trip under the sea
  • Recommended ages: 6–15 (make sure parents stay to watch little ones near the water)
  • Estimated price: Just the price of party supplies and food
  • What’s usually included: Nice weather, water activities, lots of space to set up

15. Sporting event

If all your birthday kid talks about is soccer, tennis, or another favorite sport, make it the theme of their party. Go even further by hosting their party at a college-level or professional sporting event, then pass out cake at halftime.

  • Invitation: Match your child’s favorite sport to our selection of sports-themed invitations
  • Recommended ages: 8–12
  • Estimated price: $50–$200, depending on the game and number of tickets
  • What’s usually included: Snacks from the concession stand, watching the game

Tips for planning a kid’s birthday party

Planning a kid’s birthday party involves a schedule, food and drink, and a bit of help and guidance—all of which you may find at the right kids’ birthday party venue. Before choosing your venue, keep these tips in mind as the big day gets closer.

  • Plan early: Kids’ birthday party venues book up quickly, so start looking for your venue 4–6 months in advance. Some venues also require deposits in advance, so make sure there’s a part of your budget dedicated to this.
  • Give your kid a (limited) choice of venues: Unless the birthday kid already knows where they want to have their party, they’ll need some help deciding. Offer 2–3 venue choices that fit into your budget, instead of giving them the chance to pick any venue in town.
  • Match the guest list to your venue: Many venues charge per guest. If you’re planning an all-class party, consider a larger (and less expensive) venue, such as a public park. For smaller groups, you can choose a more expensive venue, such as a trampoline park or restaurant.
  • Find a venue that fits your party needs: Are you making or bringing refreshments for the party, or do you need a venue that will provide food and drinks? Choose a venue with the right amount of service.
  • Prepare for more guests than you’re expecting: Not everyone RSVPs in time—or at all. Siblings of guests can also sometimes make a surprise appearance. Plan on more food and goodie bags than your original guest list indicates.
  • Consider the best party time: Do you plan on serving a meal? If not, avoid lunch and dinner times (the noon hour or the 6 o’clock hour). Opt for morning parties around 10–11:30 a.m. for younger kids who still nap. If guests are older, plan your party between lunch and dinner, like 2:00–4:00 p.m.

Plan the best b-day ever with Paperless Post

An online invitation with a young boy and animated illustrations to make him look like a pirate.
Arghh You Coming” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Now that you’ve picked out your kids’ birthday party venue, the rest of your plans will fall into place! Find the right kids’ birthday party invitation wording with our message suggestions and invitation ideas. If you’re still choosing between themes, check out this guide to kids’ birthday party ideas. 

Once you have the planning in order, it’s time to decorate. Stop by Paperless Post Party Shop for a high-quality selection of party supplies. Whether you’re hosting a royal princess party or a down-and-dirty construction party, you’ll find all the decorations you’re looking for, and more.


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