19 can’t-miss New Year’s Eve party decoration ideas

Two disco balls on the floor under a chair surrounded by white, silver, and gold balloons.
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New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the ups and downs of the past 365 days, welcome bright new beginnings, and create your New Year’s resolution list—the one you miraculously forget about by mid-January.

OK, so maybe you can ditch the resolutions in favor of a New Year’s Eve party. We’re talking champagne toasts, fireworks, and plenty of glitter.

Whether you already have a color scheme in mind or you’re still sketching out the details of your extravaganza, some festive decor can go a long way. To that end, we’ve got a shiny list of New Year’s decoration ideas that’ll have your party glimmering in gold and ringing in an unforgettable year to come.


Left: A black and gold New Year’s Even invitation featuring an illutration of a sparkler with stars; Right: Christmas trees decorated in fake snow and silver and gold ornaments and ribbon.“Bright and New” by Paperless Post; Image via Sanctuary Home Decor.


Repurpose your tree with a little New Year’s lovin’

After shopping for the perfect tree for two hours in unmentionable temperatures, you (and your tree) deserve to be admired well past Christmas Day. That said, once Santa has gone back to the North Pole, it’s time to give your beloved tree a New Year’s makeover:

1. New Year’s ornaments: Replace your red and green Christmas ornaments with gold and silver. For simple and sophisticated, opt for gold and silver balls. For a more dramatic flair, you can include some glimmering silver stars and champagne glass ornaments.

2. Sparkly tinsel or garland: If you want your tree to sparkle brighter than a disco ball, consider sprinkling gold or silver tinsel on your tree from top to bottom. If a garland is more your style, you can wrap your newly themed tree in gold garland stars (bonus points for choosing garland with glitter). 

3. New Year’s Banner: Add a customizable banner across the front of your tree for a dash of pizazz. You can string together a phrase that fits your party’s motif. Our personal favorites are “Kiss at Midnight” or “More Good Times,” but like the champagne, you can let your creative juices flow freely. 


Left: An image of New Year’s Eve decor including balloons that read “2023,” a banner that reads “Happy New Year,” and champagne-bottle-shaped crackers; right: A white and gold New Year’s Eve invitation featuring a gold brushstroke across the middle.Party Shop decor including balloons by Oh Happy Day, champagne crackers by Caspari, and a Happy New Year banner by Meri Meri; “Impasto” by Paperless Post.


Blow up the party vibes with breathtaking balloons

No matter your theme, you can’t go wrong with glimmering golden balloons. They’re quick and easy to get your hands on and add a bold New Year’s flair without too much effort on your behalf. It’s a win-win:

4. Gargantuan golden number balloons: Remind everyone of the (hopefully) better-than-ever year they’re about to embark on with digit balloons that proudly display the imminent new year.

5. Golden balloon arch: Hit everyone with the New Year’s feels as soon as they walk up your driveway with a golden balloon arch parked perfectly outside your front door. Or make it the backdrop for your New Year-themed photo booth area!

6. Champagne bubble balloons: If you have a decor-free zone and are itching to fill it with something simple but elegant, we recommend crafting a giant champagne bottle bursting with champagne bubbles. With a large helium champagne balloon in place, you can incorporate a mini arch of glittering gold, cream, and baby pink balloons spouting from the top of the champagne bottle. It’s on-theme for the night and is sure to exude classy party vibes—especially if it’s placed near the libations.


Left: A white and gold New Year’s Eve invitation featuring gold polka dots and a gold circle in the middle that reads “2023”; right: Party Shop decor items including a disco ball, a star plate, a star banner, and a bottle of wine on a coaster.“Confetti New Year” by kate spade new york; Party Shop decor including a disco ball by Living Colorfully, a star garland by Meri Meri, a rattan wine coaster by Caspari, and a star plate by Meri Meri.


Bedazzle your door with New Year’s decor

While a Christmas wreath on your front door is cheery, New Year’s Eve is a time to captivate your guests with glam from the moment they arrive. These ideas will supply your home’s exterior with a glitzy atmosphere long before the clock strikes midnight:

7. Tulle garland: Fancify your front door with a chic tulle-inspired garland. Head to your nearest craft store and pick up some gold or silver tulle to drape delicately over the frame of your front door. For added sparkle, twist some soft twinkle lights around the tulle.

8. Countdown clock: This New Year’s tradition is an homage to the New Year’s celebrations. Pick up a vintage clock at your local thrift shop or splurge on a new one that you can later use as sophisticated wall decor that doubles as—gasp—a clock!

9. Disco ball: Set the stage the moment they reach your door with a hanging mirror disco ball. With your twinkle lights nearby, the tiny mirrors covering the globe will reflect plenty of brightness and have everyone channeling their inner New Year’s disco queen.


Left: An overhead photograph of black and gold napkins with a fan design surrounded by other party supplies like plates, wine glasses, and grapes; right: a black and gold art deco inspired New Year’s Eve invitation featuring a fan design and diamond-shaped text box.Hypnotic Napkin Set by Atelier Saucier available in the Party Shop; “Deco Delight” by Paperless Post.


Give your dining table a makeover

Whether you’re preparing a formal feast or keeping it simple with must-have hors d’oeuvres (we’re looking at you, brie-stuffed dates), one thing is for certain: your dining table deserves some sparkle. 

Try this New Year’s dining decor to set the scene:

10. Gold serving tray: A gold serving tray is an excellent choice of ornamentation for your dining table—especially if it has a mirrored glass base for added shine. Load it up with party favors or use it to host the condiments in individual mini jars with handcrafted labels.

11. Gold cutlery: Silver spoons are so overrated. What conjures the New Year’s Eve vibes you seek? Gold spoons, of course. Round it out with forks and knives and you’ve got yourself a cutlery sensation. 

12. Napkins: Class up the table settings (and your golden spoons) with an aptly chosen napkin set. If you’re hosting a large gathering, you can opt for paper cocktail napkins with golden edges. For a more intimate affair, treat your guests to gold and black plaid linens

13. Place cards: If you plan to set seating arrangements, we’ve got just the idea to seal the deal—place cards. And not just any place cards—ones adorned with golden trim. If seating charts aren’t your jam, we totally get it. Instead, you can use place cards to label your aperitifs and entrees. 

14. White wreath centerpiece: You may have already put away the Christmas wreath with its massive red bow, but that leaves room for a wonderful white wreath in its place at the dinner table. For extra panache, add a glass vase in the center of the wreath filled with silver ornaments and bright twinkly fairy lights. 

15. Gold fringe party cups: Red solo cups are your go-to choice for barbecues—but not tonight. On New Year’s Eve, treat yourself to gold cups like the classy bunch you are. You can stack them next to the bar so people can appreciate them in all of their golden glory until the clock strikes midnight (and perhaps even after). 

16. Hypnotic Centerpiece Runner: Do you dare to go bold for your big night? If so, a black and gold printed runner will bring a splash of exuberance and class to your dining experience. 


Left: A cream and gold New Year’s Eve invitation featuring three differently shaped cocktail glasses and the text “Here’s to the Next One”; right: an overhead photograph of a champagn cracker sitting on a white and gold place setting.“We’ll Have Another One” by Paperless Post; Champagne crackers by Caspari available in the Party Shop.


Ring in the New Year with memorable party favors

Even as adults, finding yourself with an unexpected party favor brings your inner child to life. The adult in you says, “Aww, for me?” while the ten-year-old version of you is doing somersaults in excited anticipation.

Whether your party favors come in the form of decadent homemade holiday cookies or personalized party hats, they won’t soon be forgotten by your guests (unless they have one champagne flute too many).

If you’re short on party favor ideas, we’ve got you covered with these fun suggestions:

17. Champagne crackers: This spirited celebration cracker is stuffed with candy, confetti, and other fun surprises that spill out when you pull on both ends. Pass out your champagne crackers right before the ball drops, or place one on each guest’s table setting as an added decoration. 

18. Mini champagne bottles: Instead of champagne crackers, you may be the kind of host who prefers to hand out champagne bottles. If so, offering mini champagne bottles to enjoy at a later date can be an indulgent reminder of the intoxicatingly fabulous time they had at your New Year’s Eve soiree.

19. Goodie bags or jars: Fill with a few favorite favors, like office supplies, makeup, or whatever your imagination can muster. Once decorated, fill each jar with candy and a party horn. Voila


Party Shop decor items including a disco ball, a star plate, a star banner, and champagne-bottle-shaped crackers.Party Shop decor including a disco ball by Living Colorfully, a star garland by Meri Meri, a star plate by Meri Meri, and Champagne crackers by Caspari.


Plan your countdown with Paperless Post

Planning a New Year’s Eve party is a breeze with Paperless Post by your side. Choose among hundreds of invitations, from classic stationery-inspired invites to casual animated Flyers. 

Once you’ve found your perfect match, customize it to your liking and send them to your guests using whichever delivery method you prefer—text, email, or shareable link. It’s quick and easy, and you receive RSVPs in real time.

With your New Year’s Eve party invitations settled, you can (virtually) saunter over to the Paperless Post Party Shop to gather the ultimate supplies and decor with one goal in mind—to create an aesthetic that rivals the Time’s Square New Year’s Eve bash. Or perhaps just one that competes with your neighbor’s party—to each their own.

No matter your goal, you’ll find decor you and your guests are sure to love at the Paperless Post Party Shop.


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