Covid Christmas cards

What a year! With addresses in flux, keep it easy with online Covid holiday cards. Send a smile, and help save a tree. Stay connected while social distancing with Covid-friendly holiday greetings, instant tracking and guest messaging.

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Covid Christmas Cards

Covid Christmas card messages

In a year that has brought a lot of down times and not enough laughter, a little humor can go a long way. Our Covid Christmas card messages include cheeky puns and references to masks, staying home, quaranteams and pods, toilet paper, and just how unprecedented lockdown has been. Get some of your friends and family to chuckle with a little bit of wordplay and silliness that’s still sincere and relatable. Just make sure to think about who you’re sending your Covid Christmas Cards to; if someone lost a loved one, a job, or has had other struggles as a result of Covid and/or social distancing, they may not appreciate the comedic relief. In those cases, you can still include a Covid Christmas message and acknowledge the pandemic, but a warmer sentiment with a personal note is probably best.

Make Covid Christmas cards online

Our easy-to-use design tool lets you customize cards to your heart’s content. Update the fonts, colors, and the digital envelope to make it feel special. While we set you up with some creative Covid holiday messages, we always encourage you to add any personal flair, including a personalized note. Even if people have moved around during Covid, all you need are email addresses to upload to your address book, then hit send.

Send Covid holiday cards online

2020 has been quite a year. With addresses (and schedules) in flux due to Covid, Paperless Post helps keep holiday greetings easy with hassle-free, digital Covid Christmas cards. With a variety of designs that include playful graphics and photo templates, many of these Covid Christmas greetings hit the nail on the head.