Virtual holiday party ideas for toasting your team

office holiday party ideas for 2020 featuring Kelly Wearstler invitation and gin and rosemary cocktail

Bring the holiday cheer! Whether your team is fully remote or a mix of on-site and remote workers, a virtual holiday office party may be a great way to spread good vibes during this special time of year. Adapt to the times this year with our virtual office holiday party ideas.

Ahead, we’ll discuss virtual event ideas, including virtual office party games and icebreakers. Get all the dos and don’ts, from whether you should have a company holiday party (yes) to how to come in under budget and all the supplies to bring your company Christmas party ideas to life.

Adapt IRL company Christmas party ideas

The circumstances may call for tweaks to holiday party traditions or the introduction of new ones. Maybe you use the annual affair as an opportunity to give back to the community, or perhaps you’ll send supplies to each employee to make celebrating at home more special.

10 virtual holiday party themesvirtualholiday party ideas and invitations from Oscar de la Renta

“Baby’s Breath” holiday cocktail party invitation by Oscar de la Renta; “We’ll have another” holiday cocktail party by Paperless Post.


If your office is remote, gathering online for a virtual holiday party might make the most sense. To prevent it from feeling like another meeting, celebrate with an activity-based virtual office party idea. As an inclusive holiday party idea for remote workers (or shy or dry) employees, you might even consider virtual office team-building parties more often. No matter what invitation you choose, any design can work for a virtual holiday party. Just add a link to your Zoom call or meeting to the event’s location field.


1. Virtual white elephant gift swap. A holiday gift exchange is an exciting change of pace. Give each employee a $10 holiday gift card and the mailing address of who they should send their gift to. You could even provide a little inspiration by setting a holiday theme for the swap—perhaps a book or cookbook swap or desk upgrades. Then, have everyone unwrap their presents together.


2. Toast the team. Keep it simple and raise a glass to highlight the bright spots or company wins over the past year. Give department heads a prompt if you want them to prepare a word in advance, too.


3. Take an online class. If you’re a small company, it could be fun to stream a class together and learn a new skill, whether wreath-making or cooking.


4. Have an Ugly Sweater contest. One of the benefits of remote work is that you don’t have to get out of your sweats. Take it one step further with a secular spin on the ever-popular “Ugly Christmas Sweater” party. Hand out awards for the best looks, like Most Original Sweater, Best Team Sweaters, Best DIY, and Tackiest Sweater.


5. Focus on wellness. Skip the drinks and focus on wellness and self-care instead: Do a group mediation or, if you’re a close-knit team, a yoga or pilates class. Gift a membership to a streaming service or wellness app to help keep it going into the new year.


6. Stream a holiday movie. Hype up the event with the best holiday movie bracket to determine a film you watch together. We’ll leave it up to you whether you think “Die Hard” is a holiday movie or not.


7. Organize a recipe exchange. Mix it up by trading recipes with your coworkers as a fun way to share cultural holiday cuisine.


8. Virtual wine-tasting party. Chances are, your colleagues could use a drink, so why not send wine to each home office and cheers together? If you’re all local, pay your local bottle shop to deliver; otherwise, have a winery ship to the individual locations. Either way, ask them if they’ll walk everyone through a virtual tasting together—make it a blind tasting if you’re feeling competitive. Check the laws for your state around shipping alcohol.


9. Virtual painting party, Let your colleagues show off their artistic sides. Everyone gets a painting kit, and an instructor walks them through an interactive workshop.


10. Escape the room—virtually. This popular team-building activity has gone virtual. IRL rooms are now streaming with live game hosts (see The Escape GamePuzzle Break and Mystery Escape Room), but you can also explore cities, do online scavenger huntssolve mysteries, and more.


5 virtual holiday party games

virtual holiday party ideas and invitations from Paperless Post

“Spirited Script” by virtual holiday party invitation by Paperless Post“Sky Glitter” virtual holiday cocktail party invitation by kate spade new york.


Of course, your team may be too big (or your budget too small) to send out supplies. Virtual holiday party games are a great, affordable way to keep everyone engaged and entertained.


1. Virtual company talent show. Your more extroverted employees will have no problem putting themselves out there and showing off their skills, whether through songs or skits. Have interested participants sign up for slots and take turns. So, be sure to prepare a holiday playlist beforehand.


2. Virtual awards show party. Make like Moira Rose and turn the holiday season into awards season by handing out silly prizes. Our design partner Cheree Berry held a “superlative celebration” to recognize her team (and make them laugh) with awards like Most Likely to Multitask in Her Sleep, Most Likely to Style Your Desk When You Aren’t Looking, and Most Likely to be a Barista in a Past Life. 


3. Virtual Jeopardy. If you work with a bunch of whizzes, play to their strengths with a quiz. Make your own version of Jeopardy inspired by your industry or company culture.


4. Virtual Family Feud. Or, do your own take on this other popular TV game show to find out how well you know each other. Team Bonding’s Virtual Survey Says can generate the questions for you or customize your own. You can throw in your holiday trivia questions as well.


5. Holiday party charades. Miming works just as well through a computer screen. Traditional charades rules apply: Players cannot talk or type while they are acting out the prompt. Use categories like holiday movies, songs, or traditions.


5 virtual office holiday party activities

Even when everyone’s physically together, office gatherings can take some time to warm up. Virtual party ideas require a little more to get everyone relaxed and social. We love these icebreaker ideas—the weirder, the better. You can encourage participation with gift cards for winners to places like go-to lunch spots or neighborhood shops.


1. Home scavenger hunt. Either give one prompt or put together a whole list of them, like “Raid the fridge: Everyone go grab the weirdest thing in your fridge right now. Weirdest wins.” or “Something sentimental: Pick out a meaningful item and share why it’s important to you.”


2. Holiday Zoom background roulette. Tell everyone at the beginning to pick a holiday-themed Zoom background (you might want to send instructions on how to upload); then, at the beginning of the call, pull a holiday-related word out of a bowl. Whoever’s background contains the word gets a prize.


3. Thorns and Roses. A classic at camps and conferences alike has each team member share a high and low from their year or week.


4. Holiday tradition, or not. For a festive twist on Two Truths and a Lie, ask each person to share a quirky family tradition. The other players must guess if the tradition is real or fake. We love that this virtual holiday party game will reveal endearing holiday rituals. If you’d rather avoid discussing holiday traditions, interview everybody ahead of time to gather three “about me” facts; then, put the team to the test to see how well they know each other.


5. Virtual holiday dance party.  Celebrate the end of a tough year by busting a move in your living room. Use a random song generator to play a song that everyone can get down to. Or, turn it into a karaoke party and take turns crooning the tunes.

It’s in the mail: virtual holiday party supplies

virtual holiday party ideas like cookie decorating with kits shipped to each team member

Many of us look forward to office holiday parties as a break from the minutiae of the typical workday. That’s a little harder to do when everyone is at home, but it’s still possible to switch up the scenery a bit. Make your virtual holiday party ideas more fun—and cohesive—by sending out supplies in advance.


The extra thought and preparation ahead of time will shine through and make your coworkers feel appreciated. Even if you’re hosting a virtual holiday party that doesn’t involve a team-building activity, an unexpected holiday package can set the tone: Think holiday accessories for a virtual team photo, a coffee mug and hot chocolate for a cozy winter treat, or a party recovery kit for the day after.


— Virtual coffee break. If team members are in multiple time zones, it can be tricky to set a time that works for everyone to gather. In this case, coffee can be a better fit than cocktails. Send a care package with baked goods for everyone to enjoy while you catch up, or send frozen cookies for reheating.


— Virtual cookie-decorating party. Smaller groups can get even more personal, decorating as a team with cookie kits from Sweet AmbsBilly’s Bakery, or others from Etsy.


Office holiday party activities with social impact

When so many communities are struggling, donating your resources is a rewarding alternative to the customary office celebration. Provide an extra day off of work and encourage the team to volunteer with an organization such as a food bank, soup kitchen, or shelter. Alternatively, things like canned food drives, toy drives, or coat drives don’t take a lot of effort but can have a big social impact. You could even organize a wrapping party to get all the gifts prettily packaged before drop off. There are ways to give back virtually, too, whether you help design a website for a nonprofit or provide career guidance to young BIPOC professionals looking to enter your industry.


How to make a virtual holiday party memorable

— Set the date. Send invites in advance, and follow up with reminders leading up to the party. Use professional or business holiday invitations that communicate important information, establish a theme, and drum up excitement for the day.


— Repurpose budgets. In a normal year, you’re decorating the office and possibly even hosting more than one holiday event. Perhaps this year it’s best to keep it simple and stress-free: Pick one idea, and do it as well as you can within your budget. With any remaining money, invest in something generous or thoughtful for the team, like a gift or a care package.


— Make it interactive. This is a holiday party, not a meeting, and it shouldn’t be the CEO talking and everyone else listening (or surfing the web in silence). Break the ice, play a virtual holiday party game, complete an activity, or alternate giving toasts. Everyone will feel more involved and more valued—and ultimately, that’s the goal.


— Have an agenda. Your colleagues are likely dealing with an increased workload and increased stress, both in their professional and personal lives, meaning time is at a premium. Make sure it’s well spent by setting an agenda for the celebration and sticking to it.


— Recognize the team. The end of the year is a fitting time to thank and acknowledge each other. Keep it positive and inclusive, whether you give each person a fun award or note each department’s outstanding accomplishments.


–Make it interactive. This is a holiday party, not a meeting, and it shouldn’t be the CEO talking and everyone else listening (or surfing the web in silence). Break the ice, play a game, complete an activity, or alternate giving toasts. Everyone will feel more involved and more valued—and ultimately, that’s the goal.


— Encourage holiday party outfits. The dress code can be as formal or informal as you think your office mates would prefer: Either use it as an excuse to get dressed up or lean into a holiday party theme—as long as it’s inclusive. The important thing is to communicate it early (on the invitation if possible). Remember, it’s only from the waist up, so don’t stress. Think wide-leg lounging pants and a warm, festive top—the perfect mix of comfy and chic.

Send holiday greeting cards instead

Whether it arrives in a mailbox or inbox, cards are still one of the best ways to connect, especially over the holidays. If a holiday party (even a virtual holiday party) is too difficult to arrange this year, consider sending season’s greetings instead. small business greeting cards from Paperless Post for the 2020 holiday season

“Golden Snow” small business greeting card by Paperless Post; “Winter Horizon” professional greeting card by Paperless Post.


— Write personal notes. Thoughtful cards with personalized notes to each employee will go a long way in making people feel appreciated. Even better, use it to acknowledge a donation that you made in their names, or a gift card or bonus on the way.


— Encourage holiday card exchanges. For a less involved (and less expensive) version of a gift exchange, coordinate an exchange of greeting cards, either by email or snail mail. Set a small budget, or give gift cards, so that team members don’t have to use their own money. Share a list of addresses for anyone who might want to participate.


— Send client holiday greetings. Nothing says thank you for your business as warmly as a holiday card.



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You got this! Your team will appreciate a thoughtful toast to their hard work and the new year ahead. Get started with virtual business holiday invitations, or holiday luncheon invitations, for more intimate team gatherings.

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