20 festive ideas for Christmas and holiday party invitation wording

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Are you looking to ring in the coming holiday season with a festive bash? Or perhaps you’re interested in throwing an intimate holiday dinner party for your closest friends and family on Christmas Eve? Either way, the Christmas season is a perfect time to reconnect with loved ones—and there’s no better way to get everyone together than throwing a festive holiday party. 

Of course, the type of party you’re throwing will ultimately determine what you write on your holiday invitations. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks to get the perfect Christmas and holiday party invitation wording for any type of event.

Party planning tips and tricks

Whether this is your first holiday party or you’ve been around the party-planning block a time or two, there are a few important factors to remember during the planning phase. According to our ultimate holiday planning guide, taking these early steps makes your party the ultimate gift.

  • Determine your location: If you’re hosting an intimate holiday affair, your warm and cozy living room might be the perfect setting. However, if you’re planning a more extravagant event with a larger group of partygoers, a festive lodge or an outdoor park—pending the weather conditions—could be an excellent venue for a larger crowd.
  • Create a guest list: As the host of this holiday party, you have the option to invite naughty and nice guests—if you please. Knowing the number of guests you plan to invite is helpful because it may be a deciding factor in your choice of venue—so make your list and check it twice.
  • Establish a theme: It goes without saying that a holiday party will have cheery and bright vibes. That being said, having a specific holiday theme can create a special, enchanting atmosphere for your party. It also helps you decide on other important aspects of your party, from what your invites look like to the décor you’ll use to infuse the atmosphere with your holiday motif.
  • Plan ahead: Once you’ve determined important factors like the party’s venue, theme, and who’s on the guest list, it’s time to send out the invites—with plenty of time to spare. Holiday party etiquette indicates that invitations should go out several weeks before your event to give guests more than enough time to RSVP and make their plans.

Checklist: What to include on a holiday party invitation

Once your holiday party details are ironed out, it’s time to write your invitations. Consider including these details:

  • Party date and time: Guests may have a lot of plans during the holiday season, so let them know when your party will be, when it starts, and when it ends—unless you have no end time.
  • Address: Unless guests know that “The Miller Residence” means “710 Juniper Avenue, St. Louis,” include your address and even a link to a Google Map so they can find their way.
  • Dress code: Is your party formal or casual? Should guests wear a costume or an ugly sweater?
  • Food and drink: Let guests know whether they should expect a meal at your party, or whether you’re hosting more of a drinks-and-appetizers event. When creating customizable invitations with Paperless Post, you can ask guests questions to gather more information about dietary needs and other preferences. 
  • What to bring: Should guests bring Secret Santa gifts? What about a plate of cookies to share? If you’d like them to participate in an exchange, let them know in the invitation.
  • Who to bring: If guests can bring guests—or kids—of their own, make that clear in the invitation.
  • Activities: Entice guests with promises of holiday karaoke, tree trimming, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Reindeer, or any other fun activities.
  • RSVP details: Ask for an RSVP at least two weeks before your party date to plan for food and drink needs, and to have enough time to follow up with non-responders. Request RSVPs even sooner if you need to make restaurant reservations—those book up fast around the holidays.

Once you’ve added all the specifics, send out your invitations via email, text message, or shareable link—and wait for the RSVPs to roll in!

Invitation wording examples

Whether you’re planning a holiday office party or a festive night at home with friends and family, the right holiday party invitation ideas and wording will let your guests know what they should expect.


1. Save the date invitation

Between work parties, visiting hometown friends, and enjoying the season, your holiday calendar can get busier than an outlet store on Black Friday. If you’re throwing a holiday party several weeks—or even months—in the future, send out save the dates to give potential guests time to clear their schedule or get a babysitter.

When crafting a holiday save the date, try holiday invite wording like this:


It’s time for our annual


Saturday, December 14th at 8:00 PM

RSVP by December 1

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s that time of year again. ​​

We’re so excited to see everyone! 

Once we have a headcount, we can start a list for food and also a secret Santa list for the kids.

For a more festive tone, try:


Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa’s coming to our

holiday party on December 14th!

And he knows who was naughty and nice.

Dinner at 8, reindeer games at 9

We’re so excited to see everyone! 

Once we have a headcount, we can start a list for food and also a Secret Santa list for the kids.

With a save the date, you may want to request an RSVP from your guests—especially for large events. The good news is that Paperless Post hosts can easily track their guests’ invitation status with our digital RSVP tracker—taking the guesswork out of your holiday party planning. 


Left: A holiday party invitation with a winter berry illustration. Right: A decorated holiday table.
Berry Merry” by Paperless Post; Image via Caroline Hernandez.


2. General holiday party invitation

For a good old–fashioned holiday party, your invitation shouldn’t be too complicated. All you’ll really need is the address and date details, along with some cheerful Christmas party invite wording and a festive design.

To craft a simple, to-the-point holiday party invitation, consider wording it like this:

Happy Holidays!

You are invited to 

Alex’s Holiday Party

Saturday, December 7

5:00–7:00 pm

Our house, 205 Church St.

RSVP by 12/1

If you want to get a little more creative with your opening line, you can try adding something seasonally appropriate, such as:


Come in from the cold!

The season is here for warm company

& plenty to drink.

Join us at the Shade residence

Saturday, December 8th

at 8 PM


Left: A table with hot chocolate and holiday décor Right: A holiday invitation with candy canes and holly.
Image via Katie Azi; “Candy Cane Lane” by Paperless Post.


3. Funny holiday party invitation

Whether your theme is Fireside Roasting and Toasting or something a little tamer, like a Worst Present Ever Party, humor is a great way to make your invitation stand out. Use the “Holiday Cheer” Card and build on the holiday invitation wording below with your own wit:

We’re making a list & checking it twice—

we won’t say if you’re naughty or nice, but

no matter what, you are invited to our holiday party!

Tuesday, December 18th

5 pm to 9 pm

832 Holly Lane


Another funny option for your friends and family could be:

Sleigh, queen!

Let’s jingle all night long

at Ian and Kyle’s holiday bash.

985 Sycamore Drive, Apt #4

Drinks, food, and Christmas karaoke

(deep tracks only).

Bring your favorite dessert!


4. Holiday brunch

A holiday brunch is a simple and tasty way to spend time with loved ones before the holiday rush sets in…and to chow down on a few delicious holiday foods. 

No matter who you’re inviting to this affair, you can use the simple “Brunch and Be Merry” holiday invitation with the following Christmas party invitation wording:


Please join Maria for a 

Holiday Brunch

Thursday, December 12th

12 o’clock at 123 Main St, Apt 1.

Kindly reply.

*Come thirsty for cranberry mimosas.*


It’s important to note that replies are needed—especially if you’re making a reservation at a restaurant. This is a card that should be sent out a few weeks in advance, that way, you can prepare for the number of people who will be attending.

If you want to kick things off a little later than brunch, you can opt for a holiday lunch instead! Wording for your lunch invitation can look something like this:

Seasons Eatings!

Please join us for a holiday lunch at our place

Sunday, December 21st 

At 11:30 AM

Our patio


5. Holiday dinner party

A classic holiday dinner party never goes out of style. Use the classic “Candle Cutlery” invitation and some basic wording that gets all of your details across:


Please join us for an

early Christmas dinner party

Saturday, December 21st

7 pm

450 Ocean Avenue

Kindly reply.


A potluck event may require a bit more information. Try holiday invitation wording like this:


Deck the halls!

Please join us for a potluck Christmas feast

On Friday, the twenty-fourth of December

At seven o’clock in the evening

The Randall home

Please RSVP with your chosen food item on the Comment Wall.


6. Formal seated dinner party

While many holiday dinner parties tend to be pretty casual, some may opt for a more traditional, seated dinner. In this case, it’s important to specify the type of event you’re throwing on the invitation. 

For a formal dinner party invitation, consider wording it this way:


Please join us 

for a seated dinner

December 21st, 6 pm

Hosted by Jacob and Aaron

1145 North Orange Grove Ave

RSVP by December 1st

*Formal attire is suggested.*


If the dinner takes place at a restaurant or dining hall, try:


Celebrate the holidays

at the Peterson Annual Holiday dinner.

Formal attire requested for a seven-course meal.

December 21st, 6 pm

Creekside Restaurant, Main Ballroom

RSVP by November 29th


Left: A holiday invitation with a cocktail illustration; Right: A holiday cocktail scene.
Montmorency” by Paperless Post; Image via Brooke Lark.


7. Boozy & schmoozy

Imbibe and feel alive this season by hosting a boozy and schmoozy holiday cocktail party. For this kind of Christmas party theme, opt for a “Gin and Bear It” invitation that highlights the liquid portion of the evening, with wording like this:


Join us for a Christmas cocktail (or two)

Saturday, December 15th at 8 o’clock

The Burrow, Oxfordshire

Festive attire requested

Please RSVP


Or try a more festive tone:


Eat, drink, and be merry!

Join Oliver and Pierre as they serve up

hot toddies, spiked cocoa, and all the tea

at their holiday party next Friday night

December 18th, 6 pm


8. Holiday movie night

Holiday movies are a great way to cozy up with loved ones and get in the seasonal spirit. While a movie marathon is perfect for a long snow day, it may be helpful to stick to one feature for the night if you’re inviting guests over. 

The wording for your “Golden Ticket” invitation may read something like this:


Join Ken and Jada 

for an evening of 

holiday cocktails, good food, and cheer… 

And of course, 

a viewing of the world’s greatest Christmas film, “Love Actually.”


The Fifteenth of December

At 5 pm

111 South Beach Drive.


If your guests are into the classics, try:


It’s only a Wonderful Life when you’ve got friends like you!

Settle around the tube for a holiday viewing of

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

Featuring Jimmy Stewart and our finest wine.

Mackenzie and Joanie’s place

355 Costa Ave.

Appetizers at 7, movie at 8, deep philosophical conversations at 10.


9. Girls’ night out

Take advantage of the season with a holiday-themed girls’ night out! This is a fun way to get your friend group together, even when busy schedules get in the way. 

Send out an all-girls “Christmas Decorations” Flyer with the following message:


Girls’ Night Out

Annual Christmas Party

Malibu Venues in La Brea Plaza

Wednesday, December 6, at 8 pm

Don’t forget to bring a $10 gift for the gift exchange.


For a rowdier time, try:


Forget Nice—It’s Naughty Time!

Join Rachel and Marie for an epic Girls’ Night Out

(Holiday Edition)

this Saturday, December 12th

before we all get too busy.

Can you say party bus and spiced rum?

Let Rach know if you’re coming by December 1st.

See you there!


Left: An assortment of holiday cookies on plates; Right: A holiday party invitation with an illustration of cookie-baking supplies.
Image via iStock; “Ready Set Bake” by Paperless Post.


10. Cookie holiday party

Hosting a cookie party is a delicious way to get in the Christmas spirit with loved ones together and chow down on some baked goods. 

You can word your cookie party invitation with something simple, such as:


Come decorate cookies, enjoy food and drink, and make some merriment.


At the Johnsons’ home

9873 Railroad Ave.


If you really want to ramp up the quality of your cookie party, try opting for a homemade cookie exchange. Everyone will get a chance to show off their baking skills—or show off their sweet tooth—and go home with a hefty cookie haul. 

Since this is a pretty specific type of party, you’ll want to make sure the instructions are clear on your Christmas invitation template. This Christmas party invitation wording may look something like this:


Join us for a holiday cookie swap

Sunday, December 15 at 12 pm

485 Main Street


This is an opportunity to gather good friends and meet new ones!

Please bring 4 dozen cookies of your choice 

so that everyone can go home with an assortment of cookies. 


You’re encouraged to bake your own, but it’s not required. 

Please do bring a copy of the recipe/ingredients in case anyone has dietary needs. 


We will have refreshments and food.

We’re so excited to celebrate the holidays with everyone.

Please RSVP by December 1.


11. White elephant party

White elephant—also known as Secret Santa or Yankee Swap—refers to a gift exchange where each person draws a number and chooses a wrapped gift when their number is called. If you’re planning a white elephant party this year, you’ll want to include a few key details on the invitation, such as:


Cindy Lou Who invites you to a 

white elephant gift swap!

Saturday, December 13th at 4 PM

21 Mount Crumpit Way

Please bring a gift valued at fifty dollars to swap!


For a white elephant party after the holidays, try:


Trade your worst present for a (slightly) better one

at Mark and Ana’s White Elephant after-holiday party!

December 29th, 8 pm

901 West Haven Ave.

Wrap the worst present you received this year and bring it over.

Drinks, appetizers, and mother-in-law stories will be flowing.


12. Holiday ornament party

At a holiday ornament exchange party, guests bring a homemade or store-bought ornament to swap. Start the decorative elements of your seasonal celebration early with a Card like “Christmas Bulbs” with the following message:


Holiday ornament exchange

Saturday, December 24th at 8:00 PM

Luke & Carley

332 Evergreen Lane

Raleigh, North Carolina

Bring a wrapped ornament to swap (and your sweet tooth).


Use this wording for an ornament exchange party that includes dinner:


Deck the halls

and dine with friends

at Matt and Pat’s Holiday Party.

December 16th

56321 Titan Blvd.

Dinner at 6 pm, festivities to follow.

Please bring a wrapped ornament to swap!

RSVP by 12/1


Left: A holiday party invitation with illustrated snowflakes; Right: A sled with party supplies.
Deep Flakes” by Paperless Post; Image via Celebrations at Home.


13. Winter wonderland party

Usher in the Christmas spirit with a winter wonderland party invite. If you live in a place with frequent bouts of snow for months on end, you can incorporate a few nostalgic holiday pastimes into your theme, like sledding, building snowmen, and the obligatory snowball fight.

Try using Christmas party invitation wording with something snowy-themed like this:


Walk into a winter wonderland!

Saturday, December 15th at noon

Top of St. Nick’s Hill


Wear your warmest clothes and put your competitive foot forward 

for an afternoon of sledding, snowball fights, and a snowman competition.

The winners will receive bragging rights and the ugliest of Christmas sweaters.


Not expecting snow this year? You can create your own winter wonderland indoors with a plethora of white décor and a hot cocoa station, complete with extravagant toppings for the children and alcoholic additions for the adults. 

On your invitation, let guests know about the festivities with this wording:


If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas,

well… keep dreaming. It doesn’t snow here.

But we don’t need snow to have a happy holiday!

Join Taylor and Inez for a 


with cocoa stations and other cold-weather treats.

December 20th, 7 pm

56 Maple St.

Wear your cutest snow clothes for a special prize!


14. Holiday talent show

Do you have a secret talent you’ve been hiding from your friends and family? With a holiday talent-show-themed party, it’s your time to shine like the Christmas tree topper you are.

From acapella caroling to extreme bow-wrapping abilities—or if you’re really lucky, a Mean Girls reenactment of “Jingle Bell Rock”—you and the rest of the partygoers can display your holiday talents on the stage for all to enjoy.

Here’s a little inspiration for your Christmas invitation wording:


Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell ROCK

Join us as we rock out for our first annual holiday talent show party.

Bring your best holiday-inspired talent,

or cheer on your favorites from the sidelines

with a strong cup of eggnog.

Thursday, December 20th at 7 pm

121 CandyCane Lane


For a wackier, more cinematic version of a holiday talent show, go with:


Do you prefer Elf, Home Alone, or Die Hard?

Relive Christmas classics with Jess and Roger’s annual



Come prepared to act out a scene from your favorite holiday movie.

All participants get a drink, the best act gets two.


December 17th

765 Mockingbird Lane

Curtain goes up at 6 pm


15. Christmas character party

You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen. You also know countless other famed holiday characters thanks to decades of Christmas reruns on cable television. From the quintessential Santa Clause to the enigmatic Grinch, the sky’s the limit on who you can become at this special character-themed Christmas costume party.

Use the perfect “Reindeer Hop” invitation and wording like this:


Come one, come all,

but come as someone else—your favorite Christmas character!

Friday, December 21st at 6 o’clock

9242 Sandy Street


For a themed party option, try:


This year, it’s a

Charlie Brown Christmas.

Come to Rob and Yvonne’s place dressed as your favorite character

from the classic holiday movie.

Dinner, drinks, and desserts will be provided.

December 17th at 8 pm

293 East 5th Street

RSVP by December 1


16. 12 days of dip party

Put a fun spin on the classic—and never-ending‚—Christmas Carol, The 12 Days of Christmas. Instead of a partridge in a pear tree, you can have buffalo chicken dip—and barbecue shrimp dip, broccoli and cheddar cheese dip, and whatever other delectable dips your guests concoct for your holiday party.

Use the More Lights party invitation with wording like this:


On the first day of Christmas,

my best friends gave to me

their very favorite dip for all to see (and taste).

Join us for a very merry afternoon full of drinks, dips, and a downright delectable good time. 

Be sure to bring a homemade dip for everyone to sample. 

Please note if it contains nuts.

Saturday, December 4th

2 pm

Our place


Another wording option may include:


All I Want For Christmas Is… Dip!

Come to Charlie and Marge’s place for a holiday dip party.

We bring the chips, you bring your most festive dip.

Awards may follow, so make it a good one.

86 Taylor Ave.

Friday, December 8th

8 pm

RSVP by Monday, 12/4, please!


17. Holiday office party

There’s nothing like a holiday office party to lift end-of-the-year spirits up. If your company isn’t throwing a fancy gala this year, entice hungry coworkers with your holiday office party invitation that says:


Turn in your timesheet, 

because it’s time to party! 

You’re Invited

To the Parker Company Holiday Party

Marriott Hotel, Ballroom A

196 Avenue 16

December 11, 6–10 pm

Bring a wrapped gift to exchange

RSVP by 11/25

Guests welcome


For a lunch office party, try:


Trade productivity apps for delicious holiday apps

At the annual Art Department holiday lunch.

This Thursday, December 12th

At 12–1 pm

Bring your favorite appetizers and enjoy!


Left: Gingerbread house components; Right: A holiday party invitation with a gingerbread illustration.
Image via Constellation Inspiration; “Gingerbread Chalet” by Paperless Post.


18. Gingerbread house decorating party

Create an entire gingerbread neighborhood with a gingerbread house decorating party. Make several gingerbread walls and roofs ahead of time for guests to decorate, or buy several ready-made gingerbread house kits to distribute at the party.

In your Gingerbread Chalet invitation, you can use wording like:


Let’s raise the (gingerbread) roof

at Amy and Tyler’s annual holiday party!

Decorate a gingerbread house after dinner

and enjoy eggnog and cocoa by the fire.

December 19th, 4–6 pm

145 Roosevelt Ave.

Please RSVP by December 10 so we know how many houses to have for you.


If you’d like guests to bring their own gingerbread houses to decorate, try:


Who can make the best gingerbread house?

Join Mary and Paul for a holiday party to remember.

Bring a plain gingerbread house and we’ll supply the rest.

Dinner at 6, decoration at 7, awards at 8.

Fri 12/14

The Yancy Residence

109 Venice Ave.


19. Ugly sweater party

Is it even a holiday party if there are no ugly sweaters? Encourage guests to don their ugly apparel with a good-natured ugly sweater party.


Wording for an ugly sweater party invitation may include:


It’s time to clear out the mothballs

and bring out the ugly sweaters!

Please attend Jodie’s annual Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

and unseat Martin as the reigning Ugly Sweater Champion.

Next Sunday, 12/17

8–10 pm

Dinner is provided, but sweaters are up to you.


Another Christmas party invitation idea could say:


Your presence is humbly requested

At Jodie and Martin’s annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Party.

December 20th, 7–11 pm

908 Loyola Blvd, Apt. #3B

Please RSVP by December 12th

Wear the ugliest holiday sweater you can find.


20. Caroling party

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” Take Buddy the Elf’s advice and host a holiday singing party. Pass out lyric sheets to your favorite holiday tunes for some nostalgic—and fun—musical moments.

Add wording to this “Caroler Trio” invite like:


Strike the harp and join the chorus

at Lucille and Parker’s holiday party.

We’re drinking eggnog and singing carols

on Friday, December 20th

6–9 pm

Bring a dish to share and your singing voice.


For an around-the-block caroling party, consider:


This year, we’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree—and the block!

Meet up at Mira’s home

(310 Michigan Ave)

and circle the neighborhood with us as we sing holiday classics.

Come back to Mira’s for hot cider and warm memories.

December 20th, 7pm

RSVP by 12/15 so we don’t leave without you!


An animated holiday party invite that features a wreath and the text “Making spirits bright.”
Spirits Bright” Flyer by Paperless Post.


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