How to craft your holiday party invitations

Are you looking to ring in the coming holiday season with a festive bash? Or perhaps you’re interested in throwing an intimate holiday dinner party for your closest friends and family leading up to Christmas Eve? Either way, the holidays are a perfect time to reconnect with loved ones—and what better way to get everyone together than throwing a party? 

Of course, the type of party you’re throwing will ultimately determine how your holiday invitations should be written. If you’re struggling to put your holiday cheer into words, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Read on for some helpful tips and tricks to get the perfect holiday party invite wording every time!


Save the date invitation

Between work parties, visiting hometown friends, and making time to enjoy the season, your holiday calendar can get busy faster than an outlet store on Black Friday. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure everyone marks their calendars for your upcoming event: save the dates. 

Save the dates are often used when planning a big event well in advance, like a wedding. That being said, save the dates aren’t limited to this type of get-together. If you’re throwing a holiday party several weeks (or even months) in the future, don’t be afraid to send out save the dates to your potential guests! This will give people a chance to request time off, clear their schedule, or even get a babysitter if they have little ones at home.

If you’re crafting a save the date for your next holiday shindig, try wording your something like this:

It’s time for our annual


Saturday, December 14th at 8:00 PM

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s that time of year again. ​​We’re so excited to see everyone! Once we have a headcount, we can start a list for food and also a secret Santa list for the kids.


With a save the date, you may want to request an RSVP from your guests—especially for large events. The good news is that Paperless Post users can easily track their guests’ invitation status with our digital RSVP tracker—thus taking the guesswork out of your holiday party planning. 


A green holiday party invitation with a celestial wreath. Right: A festive tablescape with hors d'oeuvres.

Starry Wreath” by Paperless Post.


General holiday party invitation

For a good oldfashioned holiday party, your invitation shouldn’t be too complicated. All you’ll really need is the address and date details, along with some cheerful wording and a festive design.

To craft a simple, to-the-point holiday party invitation, consider wording it something like this:

Happy Holidays!

You are invited to 

Alex’s Holiday Party

Saturday, December 7

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Our house, 205 Church St.

RSVP by 12/1

If you want to get a little more creative with your opening line, you can try adding something seasonally appropriate, such as:

Come in from the cold

The season is here for warm company

& plenty to drink.

Join us at the Shade residence

Saturday, December 8th

at 8 PM

Left: Festive cocktails with leafy garnishes. Right: A Christmas party invitation reads “Eat, Drink, & Be Merry” in gold lettering.

Making Merry” by Paperless Post.


Holiday lunch

In the mood for a get-together that’s a little more casual? Look no further than a holiday lunch! This party idea is a simple and tasty way to spend time with loved ones for some quick daytime fun. Plus, a holiday lunch is also an opportunity to chow down on a few delicious holiday foods, without going overboard and cooking an entire turkey dinner. 

Businesses may also utilize the idea of a holiday lunch, especially if they’re not planning a fullblown office Christmas party. No matter who you’re inviting to this afternoon affair, you can craft a simple invitation with the following wording:

Please join Maria for a 

Holiday Lunch

Thursday, December 12th

12 o’clock at The Harbor Bistro

Kindly reply.

It’s important to note that replies are needed—especially if you’re making a reservation at a restaurant. This is a card that should be sent out a few weeks in advance, that way, you can prepare for the number of people who will be attending.

If you want to kick things off a little earlier than lunch, you can also opt for a holiday brunch instead! Wording for your brunch invitation can look something like this:

Seasons Eatings

Please join us for a holiday brunch at our place

Sunday, December 21st 

At 11:30 AM

Our patio

*Come thirsty for cranberry mimosas.*


Holiday dinner party

On the other hand, maybe you are looking to kick it old school with a classic holiday dinner party. The most basic wording for this type of invitation can be written as follows:

Please join us for a

Early Christmas dinner party

Saturday, December 21st

7 p.m.

450 Ocean Avenue

Kindly reply.

On the other hand, you may want to get a little more specific when planning a dinner party. For example, a potluck event may have invitation wording like this:

Deck the halls

Please join us for a potluck Christmas feast

On Friday, the twenty-fourth of December

At seven o’clock in the evening

The Randall home

Please RSVP with your chosen food item.


Formal seated dinner party

While many holiday dinner parties tend to be pretty casual, some may opt for a more traditional, seated dinner. In this case, it’s important to specify the type of event you’re throwing on the invitation. 

For a formal dinner party, consider wording your invitation in this way:

Please join us 

for a seated dinner

December 21st, 6 p.m.

Hosted by Jacob and Aaron

1145 North Orange Grove Ave

RSVP by December 1st

*Formal attire is suggested.*


Left: A holiday invitation with floral accents reads “Boozy and Schmoozy.” Right: A large format, fruit-infused drink in a beverage dispenser.

Mistletoe Accent Flourish” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post.


Boozy & schmoozy 

The holidays are all about eating, drinking, and being merry, right? So, why not imbibe and feel alive this season by hosting a boozy and schmoozy holiday cocktail party?

For this kind of party theme, opt for an invitation that highlights the liquid portion of the evening, with wording like this:

Join us for a Christmas cocktail (or two)

Saturday, December 15th at 8 o’clock

The Burrow, Oxfordshire

Festive attire

Please RSVP


 Two people hold cups of dalgona coffee while watching a movie. Right: An invitation shaped like an admission ticket.

Golden Ticket” by Paperless Post.


Holiday movie night

Holiday movies are a great way to cozy up with loved ones and get in the seasonal spirit. While a movie marathon is perfect for a long snow day, if you’re inviting guests over, it may be helpful to stick to one feature for the night. The wording for your movie night Christmas invitation may read something like this:

Join Ken and Jada 

for an evening of 

holiday cocktails, good food, and cheer… 

And of course, 

a viewing of the world’s greatest film ever made, “Love Actually.”


The Fifteenth of December

At 5 p.m.

111 South Beach Drive.


A holiday party invitation with a geometric Christmas tree ornament. Right: People toast three coupe champagne glasses.

Fab Bauble” by Paperless Post.

Girls’ night out

Missing old friends who you haven’t seen in a while? Take advantage of the holiday season by putting together a holiday-themed girls’ night out! This is a fun way to get your friend group together, even when busy schedules get in the way. Send out an all-girls Christmas party invitation with the following message:

Girls’ Night Out

Annual Christmas Party

Malibu Venues in La Brea Plaza

Wednesday, December 6, at 8 p.m.

Don’t forget to bring a $10 gift for the gift exchange.


Left: Star-shaped gingerbread cookies. Right: An invitation with a gingerbread house.

Gingerbread Chalet” by Paperless Post.


Cookie decorating

Hosting a cookie party is a delicious way to celebrate the holidays and get loved ones together—plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to chow down on some baked goods?

You can word your cookie decorating invitation with something simple, such as:

Come decorate cookies, enjoy food and drink, and make some merriment.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15 from 2 – 4 P.M.

Generously hosted by the Johnsons at their home

9873 Railroad Ave.


Left: An invitation for a drive-by cookie swap with a red pickup truck filled with Christmas cookies. Right: Cookies surrounded by festive decorations.

Tasty Truck” by Paperless Post.


Cookie exchange

If you really want to ramp up the quality of your cookie party, try opting for a homemade cookie exchange. Everyone will get a chance to show off their baking skills (or show off their sweet tooth) and go home with a hefty cookie haul. 

Since this is a pretty specific type of party, you’ll want to make sure the instructions are clear on your Christmas invitation template. Wording may look something like this:

Join us for a holiday cookie swap

Sunday, December 15 at 12 p.m.

485 Main Street

This is an opportunity to gather good friends and meet new ones. Please bring 4 dozen cookies of your choice so that everyone can go home with an assortment of cookies. 

You’re encouraged to bake your own, but it’s not required. Please do bring a copy of the recipe/ingredients in case anyone has dietary concerns. We will have refreshments and food.

We’re so excited to celebrate the holidays with everyone.

Please RSVP


Left: Presents under a Christmas tree wrapped in brown paper. Right: A gift swap party invitation featuring animals in sweaters.

Gift Swap” by Paperless Post.


White elephant party

Of course, we can’t talk about holiday parties without mentioning the classic white elephant gift exchange. White elephant refers to a gift exchange where each person draws a number and chooses a wrapped gift when their number is called. 

You’ll want to include a few key details—such as:

Cindy Lou Who invites you to a 

White elephant gift swap

Saturday, December 13th at 4 PM

21 Mount Crumpit Way

Please bring a gift valued at fifty dollars to swap!


Left: A red and green holiday party invitation with Christmas tree ornaments. Right: Red ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Holiday Baubles” by Paperless Post.


Holiday ornament party

Finally, we have the family-friendly option of a holiday ornament exchange party! Guests can bring a homemade or store-bought ornament, depending on their preference. If you’re looking to get a few decorative elements into your seasonal celebration, try sending out invitations with the following message:

Holiday ornament exchange

Saturday, December 24th at 8:00 PM

Luke & Carley

332 Evergreen Lane

Raleigh, North Carolina

Bring a wrapped ornament to swap (and your sweet tooth).


Find the perfect invitation wording with Paperless Post

When it comes to writing a holiday party invitation, you’re going to want Paperless Post in your corner. With thousands of virtual designs and a digital RSVP tracker, it’s never been easier to invite all your friends and family to your next holiday party. Get in the holiday spirit today, with Paperless Post!


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