10 meet-and-greet invitation wording ideas to make a great first impression

A meet-and-greet invitation that fades from yellow to orange beside select passed hors d'oeuvres and an orange drink.
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Whether your team is meeting the new boss, welcoming a special guest, or hosting a networking event with other businesses in the area, a corporate meet-and-greet helps everyone get together to learn and grow from one another.

The first step in planning a successful event is sending the right meet-and-greet invitation to everyone on your guest list. Once you choose your design, customize it with one of these examples of professional invitation wording for a meet-and-greet to fit your company’s tone and style.

What goes on a meet-and-greet invitation?

Like other corporate invitations, meet-and-greet invitations should include as many details as possible. Add the following information to your meet-and-greet invitation wording, especially if your guest list includes members of the public or guests you haven’t met before.

A black invitation with a minimalist illustration of a green olive on a pick, and various event details pointed out.
Pimento” by Paperless Post.


  • Occasion: Are guests meeting the new CEO or gathering with alumni for a college event? Let them know why you’re throwing this meet-and-greet up front.
  • Date and time: Make your event timing clear—including an end time if applicable.
  • Venue: Whether your meet-and-greet is happening in your office headquarters, a hotel ballroom, or a local bar, guests need to know the location and street address. Add parking information if available.
  • Refreshments: Most meet-and-greets provide cocktails and appetizers, but if you’re hosting a more formal event, tell guests they can also expect a meal.
  • RSVPs: Request RSVPs by a certain date so you can provide an accurate headcount to your vendors. Utilize Paperless Post’s RSVP tracking feature to see who hasn’t responded yet. Then, use Guest Tags to categorize people into groups by table or department so you can seamlessly check them in at the event with the Paperless Post app.
Professional event invitations

Find sophisticated, business-minded designs that streamline planning and impress guests.

Corporate meet-and-greet invitation wording ideas

Meet-and-greets can be semi-formal cocktail parties or casual coffee meet-ups—and everything in between. Let guests know what to expect with one of these business meet-and-greet invitation wording samples that work well for any tone, organization, or occasion.

1. Meet the new team

You’ve created your new team—or you’re adding a valuable member to an existing team—and now it’s time for them to meet the rest of the company. Use a traditional meet-and-greet invitation like “Laidback Living” by Schumacher with meet-and-greet invitation wording like:


We’re all in this together!

Get to know the new Crystal Clothing sales team

at a meet-and-greet cocktail party.

Friday, November 11th

7–9 p.m.

Crystal Clothing Corporate Headquarters

7193 Zenith Avenue

Carlsbad, California

Cocktail attire requested

RSVP by November 1st


2. New boss

No one wants to meet the new boss over a conference table. Invite everyone to a meet-and-greet happy hour with the charming “Penrose” invitation by Jonathan Adler and professional wording like:


You’re cordially invited to a meet-and-greet event

to meet Josh Anderson,

SoundSync Network’s new CEO.

Thursday, October 20th

7 p.m.

Hanover Inn, Gregorio Dining Room

3810 Premier Road

Albany, New York

Plus ones welcome

RSVP kindly requested by October 4th


a square invitation with a blue geometric border beside a gold-lined envelope
Penrose” by Jonathan Adler for Paperless Post.

3. New board members

The board election is over, and you now have one—or more—new members. Send “Tini Time” by Paperless Post to invite board members to meet each other and discuss their future working relationship. Add an invitation message like:


Join us at a special meet-and-greet event

to enjoy drinks, dessert, and discussions

with your fellow board members.

Hosted by the Natural History Museum

Friday, April 7th

6 p.m.

Washington Natural History Museum

1937 Lincoln Boulevard

RSVP by April 1st


4. Clients and customers

Looking to make new connections and reinforce existing relationships? Open up your office for a meet-and-greet with loyal clients and potential customers. Invite everyone on your list with the sparkling “Cloisonne” invitation by Kelly Wearstler and meet-and-greet invitation wording like:


Get to know the Urban Furniture team

at a company meet-and-greet

for our valued clients and customers.

Saturday, May 14th

Urban Furniture Warehouse

184 Platinum Street

Omaha, Nebraska

Stop by between 3–5 p.m. to enter a raffle for our new dining set!


5. Welcome the VIP

When a special guest author, artist, or scientist in your field comes to town, it’s time to rally the troops and give them a hero’s welcome. Send the “Floral Impressions” invitation by Liberty to your organization, and add professional wording like:


Please join us in welcoming acclaimed artist

Yusef Yılmaz

at a private gallery showing for Nestled Egg employees.

Sunday, March 10th, 4 p.m.

Nestled Egg Interiors—Gallery B

Salt Lake City, Utah

Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served

RSVP by March 3rd


a square invitation with a wide, colorful floral border and an envelope with matching liner

6. Merger event

The stress of the company merger is over—but before it’s time to get down to business, invite team members from both companies to a meet-and-greet with “Basic Brushstroke” by Sugar Paper.


Add explanatory wording like:

Nightly News and Miscellaneous Media are joining forces!

Celebrate the merger of the century

at a meet-and-greet event

on Thursday, June 28th

8–10 p.m.

Charlottesville Inn & Suites, McKinley Ballroom

Enjoy cocktails, canapés, and conversation with your new coworkers!


7. Networking opportunity

Professional meet-and-greets make it easier for industry workers to get to know others in the same business—and to make connections they may need later in their careers. Invite members of the public to register for your casual yet professional networking opportunity with the “Top It Off” invitation by Paperless Post.


Include an inviting message like:

Get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and change-makers

at a meet-and-greet dinner party

for young professionals in the Tri-State area.

Saturday, July 16th

8 p.m.

Elk Lodge, 190 Warner Road

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RSVP by July 10th

Be one of the first 100 to RSVP to receive a free T-shirt.


an invitation with the words JOIN US in white block letters at the top in a gold block beside a black envelope with gold ombre liner and confetti
Top It Off” by Paperless Post.

8. Conference meet-and-greet

Everyone’s gathered for the big conference in town. Before they stop into the workshops and pick up their swag bags, host a meet-and-greet event for everyone to gather on the first night and get to know each other. Invite attendees with the “Coriandoli” invitation by Paperless Post and meet-and-greet invitation wording like:


Join Hotel Association and your fellow conference guests

at a special meet-and-greet event for members

to make friends, connections,

and loosen up before the workshops begin.

Thursday, September 19th

9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Registration included with VIP conference sign-up

The first 50 people to arrive get a free Hotel Association swag bag!


9. Meeting over coffee

Some meet-and-greets are best with coffee instead of cocktails. Offer morning people the chance to catch up at a coffee meet-and-greet with the mug-themed “Two for Tea” invitation by Paperless Post, and get your message across with wording like:


You’re invited!

Get to know the Quinley Elementary PTA over coffee

at a parent-breakfast meet-and-greet.

Tuesday, August 31st

8:45 a.m. (right after school drop-off)

Quinley Multi-Purpose Room

Bring any questions you have for the PTA or Quinley staff.

RSVP or just stop by for a quick chat and doughnuts!


a yellow and green invitation with a minimalist illustration of orange and light blue coffee mugs with their handles intertwined, beside an orange envelope
Two for Tea” by Paperless Post.

10. Student reception

School’s in! Welcome new high school or college students to the beginning of the school year with a grown-up meet-and-greet event. This works for an alumni mixer, as well.

Serve light appetizers and non-alcoholic drinks, and send an invitation like “Checked” by Paperless Post. Include meet-and-greet invitation wording similar to:


Welcome to the Redwood University MBA program!

Meet RUMBA professors, alumni, and the rest of your student cohort

at a meet-and-greet lunch event

on Wednesday, August 12th

12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Sandeen Hall, Room 29H

RSVP for a parking pass and name tag for the event.

We can’t wait to get to know you!


Meet-and-greet wording tips

A meet-and-greet event sets the tone for how an organization’s employees, members, or students work together—but your invitation wording sets the tone for the event itself. Take a look at our tips to get your invitation wording for a meet-and-greet just right.

  • Make the event tone clear: If you’re hosting a formal event, use formal wording. Casual events should have more casual wording.
  • Mention who’s hosting: Whether your event is hosted by one company, two companies, or an excited coworker, include the name of the host so guests know where to address questions and thank you notes.
  • Keep your wording bright and welcoming: Balance professional etiquette with welcoming wording when you write your invitation message.
  • Address plus ones: Can guests bring their own guests? Make it clear if your meet-and-greet invitation is extended to significant others, families, or dates.
  • Talk about the dress code: If your event is more dressed-up, add “Formal attire requested” or “Professional attire welcome.”
  • Keep it focused on opportunities: Make your meet-and-greet worth your guests’ time by mentioning opportunities to make connections, get face time with company VIPs, and win free stuff.
  • Expand your network: Meet-and-greet events are all about making connections, starting with the invitation. Use Paperless Post’s shareable links to post your invitation on industry forums, Slack channels, and public-facing websites, especially if you’re looking to increase client and customer turnout.

Save time for talking with Paperless Post

Adding new team members, managing a merger, or gathering current and past clients and customers together takes a lot of planning. Let Paperless Post help you handle the details of your professional event. After you’ve chosen your invitation from our selection of customizable templates and designs, find some tips on hosting a cocktail party. Before your event begins, consult this guide to corporate small talk—especially if you’re the one everyone’s there to meet (and greet).