10 happy hour invitation wording ideas for your next office gathering

A white invitation with a simple illustration of an olive on a skewer, on a wooden table with drinks and nuts.
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A happy company is a successful company—and what’s happier than an office happy hour? Meeting for a drink after work is a fun way for employees to relax, get to know each other outside of the office, and network for future projects.

Gather your work buddies together with these happy hour invite wording suggestions. We’ve paired each example with a matching design from our collection of online happy hour invitations to fit every office vibe, whether you’re celebrating with the C-Suite or grabbing beers with your team.

What to include in your happy hour invitation wording

Are you planning a casual happy hour or a special celebration? Consider these details when writing your invitation, no matter which type of happy hour you have in mind.

A pink invitation with a large red stemmed glass and the event details diagrammed out on the sides.
Great Goblet” by Paperless Post.


  • Date and time: Include the date of the happy hour so guests aren’t confused (“Friday, June 10” instead of “Friday after work.”) Add a start and end time if available.
  • Location: Add the name of the happy hour location and the street address. If you’ll be in a specific spot, such as a private room or on the patio, include those details too.
  • The occasion: Are you inviting a new team member to your monthly happy hour, or are you celebrating a big win? Add that to the invitation so everyone knows what the party’s for.
  • Who’s invited: Let guests know if this is a small shindig for your team or a company-wide invitation.
  • RSVP: Most happy hours have a “drop in when you can” vibe, so RSVPing isn’t always necessary. However, if you’re catering the happy hour or organizing carpools, use Paperless Post’s RSVP tracking feature to see who’s in and who’s out.
Professional event invitations

Find sophisticated, business-minded designs that streamline planning and impress guests.

Work happy hour invite wording examples

The weekend starts a little early when you’re hosting a company happy hour! Make sure everyone gets the message with these happy hour invitation wording examples for all types of office occasions.

1. Company happy hour invite wording

An all-company happy hour makes everyone feel welcome, no matter what department they’re in. Use a classic invitation like “Modernity” by Jonathan Adler and general business happy hour invitation wording like:


Join us for our monthly Holston happy hour!

Thursday, March 20th, 5–6 p.m.

O’Malley’s Pub, 572 Main Street

If you’d like to carpool, contact Herman in HR.

Enjoy your first drink on the Holston Inc. team!


2. New office happy hour invitation wording

Opening up a new office or starting a new business calls for a celebratory drink—or two! Combine the wavy lines of the “Wiggly Squiggle” invitation with straightforward wording like:


Let’s celebrate a great opening day 

at the Willow Creek Branch!

Come by for happy hour at Zadie’s Bar & Brewery

1940 Tanzania Road.

Monday, April 9th

6–8 p.m.

RSVP with your karaoke request!


3. Department happy hour invitation wording

Spend some quality time with your inner work circle at a team happy hour. The “Head Start” invitation by Carolyn Suzuki Studio will get everyone excited, especially when you add wording like:


Drinks with the team!

Join Pinewood Insurance’s art department for happy hour

this Friday, May 12th

5–7 p.m.

Medusa Tavern, 102 Raven Boulevard

Park on the street or in the back parking lot.

No work talk allowed!


4. Welcome happy hour invitation wording

An invitation with a photo of men and women holding wine glasses and a gold foil Champagne flute in the foreground; an invitation for WELCOME HAPPY HOUR with a small doodle of a liquor bottle and glasses beside a black envelope with grid liner.
Champagne Bubbles (Photo)” and “Ink Drink” by Paperless Post.


When there’s a new person on the team, give them a hearty company welcome with a happy hour. Send your new colleague—and the rest of your guest list—the “Ink Drink” invitation by Paperless Post, with wording like:


Help us welcome Todd to the dev department

the Crimson Medical Group way: 

An all-company happy hour!

Friday, June 28th, 5 p.m.

Johansen Bar & Grill

284 Umberto Ave.

Last department to arrive pays for drinks!


5. Staff celebration happy hour invitation wording

Birthdays, promotions, work anniversaries, new homes—an office happy hour is great for celebrating it all. Honor your employee’s important milestone with an off-duty outing, starting with the cheery “Wine Overlap” invitation by The Indigo Bunting, and wording like:


It’s Michaela’s birthday!

Let’s raise a glass to our amazing office manager 

at a happy hour

on July 10th

Right after work at 5 p.m. 

(or whenever you can stop by)

Salt and Sea Wine Room, 18 Mariposa Road

No gifts necessary—just a toast for Michaela 

with a drink on us!


6. Farewell happy hour invitation wording

An online invite with a black and white photo of an older woman and the words A TOAST FOR CARLA with an animated bouncing blue dot.
A Toast To You” by Paperless Post.


Goodbyes can be bittersweet—but when there are cocktails involved, they’re a little more sweet than bitter. Wish a colleague well as they move to a new job or begin their retirement with a happy hour. Send the “On the Rocks” Flyer by Paperless Post with wording like:


You’re not getting away that easy, Gary!

Wish Gary luck on his new endeavors with an office happy hour

at West Side Brewery (100 Rosehip Ave.)

On August 12th, 5 p.m.

Guests, families, and funny stories about Gary are welcome.

7. School happy hour invitation wording

Whether it’s teachers who need a break or parents planning a PTA night, a school happy hour is off-campus fun for everyone. Send the cute “Happiest Face” Flyer by Paperless Post to let everyone know that drinks are on. Then, add wording like:


Join the parents in Mrs. Clarke’s class

for drinks and light bites

while we plan the class parties for the year!

Saturday, September 20th

Fox & Hound Bar, 188 Yancy Street

Adults only, please! 

(Contact Rosa in the front office if you need childcare.)


8. Game night happy hour invitation wording

From trivia nights to poker marathons, nothing bonds a team like a happy hour centered around games. Send the festive “Beer Me” invitation by Paperless Post with game-focused language like:


Will the sales department win Trivia Night again, 

or will HR finally take the crown?

Test your hand at the monthly Trivia Night

on Thursday, October 5th

at McCarthy Bar and Restaurant

687 Midnight Way

Let’s beat Sales once and for all!


9. Networking happy hour invitation wording

When a client or special guest is in town, a happy hour is an informal way to network. Send the simple yet stylish “Levant” invitation by Paperless Post to everyone on your guest list, and include wording like:


Come connect in-person with fellow professionals 

and corporate employees at a networking happy hour.

We’ll have snacks, drinks, good vibes, and great conversations. 

Friday, November 17th, 5 p.m.

Taylor Road Bar & Brewery

Check the comment wall to learn more about who’s attending! 


10. Beer with the boss happy hour invitation wording

Get some face time with the owner or CEO when you host a “beer with the boss” happy hour for your coworkers. Add straightforward wording to the lovely “Colorful Canvas” invitation by Oscar de la Renta, such as:


Have beers with the bosses this Friday!

Join Dave, Beata, and Jean-Michael 

at a happy hour

on Friday, December 3rd, 5–7 p.m.

at Raise the Bar (372 Hummingbird Way)

Bring your burning questions about the new merger, 

the Cardinals’ upcoming season, 

or why Dave shaved his mustache (we don’t know either).

Enjoy drinks and apps on us!


Tips for office happy hours

Several people toast with tall glasses outdoors over bowls of chips.


Once you’ve sent your invitation via company email or posted your shareable link on Slack, follow these tips for a successful happy hour that everyone will enjoy.

  • Keep it fun: No one wants to go to a happy hour that’s a meeting in disguise. Keep your invitation wording light and fun so no one feels tempted to take minutes instead of sipping margaritas.
  • Organize a carpool: Add Guest Questions to your invitation to get a carpool list going. Carpooling guarantees there will be designated drivers for safety.
  • Offer free drinks or apps: If you’re having a hard time getting people to attend your happy hour events, providing free food and drinks should help. Let everyone know that their first drink is on the managers to entice more guests to come by.
  • Include dates and/or families: Employees with small kids often miss out on socializing outside work. Make it easier for everyone to join by organizing a family-friendly event at a local brewery or restaurant.
  • Host it right after work: If coworkers have a chance to stop home and relax, they might not make it back out for happy hour. Encourage guests to come to your event right after work by scheduling it at 5 or 6 p.m., rather than 7 or 8 p.m.
  • Take it outside: If you spend most of your time together inside an office, host your happy hour outside so everyone can get a breath of fresh air together.

Turn work into fun with Paperless Post

Just because your event is for the office doesn’t mean it has to be hard work. Once you’ve planned a happy hour for your team, explore other ways to show employee appreciation to keep everyone happy and productive. For more formal events, use these corporate invitation wording examples for a variety of business occasions. And when it’s time to transition from happy hours to happy trails, find the perfect retirement party ideas to wish your office-mate bon voyage.


Hero image:  “Pimento” by Paperless Post.