10 romantic engagement party venue ideas to celebrate pre-wedded bliss

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First comes love, then comes marriage—but in between comes an amazing engagement party. It’s a great opportunity for loved ones to congratulate the couple on the upcoming nuptials, meet the spouse-to-be if they haven’t before, hear the proposal story, and catch a glimpse of the ring!

Engagement parties range from formal affairs to backyard barbecues. To find a party location that’s right for the happy couple (whether you’re planning on behalf of them or you just got engaged yourself), take a look at our list of engagement party venues that feel special and romantic for every type of couple.

How to choose an engagement party venue

Venues for your engagement party tend to be smaller—and less expensive—than wedding venues. However, cost is just one of the elements you’ll need to consider before choosing the engagement party space.

Consult your budget

The venue tends to be the largest line item in any event budget. Before you choose a venue for your engagement party, determine what you or your party host are prepared to spend. 

Better yet, come up with a list of venues that are in the venue budget, and decide the best engagement party location for everyone involved.

Use your guest list

A cream wedding invitation with a sage floral motif, matching envelope, and an illustration of the Paperless Post feature Guest Tags.
Cornelia” by Paperless Post.


Engagement party guest lists are usually smaller than wedding guest lists. Generally, party hosts only invite local friends and family to the engagement party, or even just immediate family members, and save the big travel ask for the actual wedding. Your guest list will also determine the venue size you need, so make it before you fall in love with a party space. 

You don’t need to invite your entire wedding list to your engagement party, but it’s poor etiquette to invite guests to an engagement party and not the wedding itself.

Set the tone with style

Is the wedding a black-tie affair with crystal centerpieces and a string orchestra, or is it in a forest far from the big city? The engagement party is a good time to try out the wedding vibe before the big day. 

On the other hand, some couples go a completely different direction from their wedding theme for their engagement party. A couple planning a formal wedding may want a BBQ engagement party, while those having a casual beach wedding may opt for an engagement cocktail affair. 

There are no rules on engagement party themes—just preferences.

Ask for help

Planning an engagement party shouldn’t be solely up to the engaged couple or the host. 

Ask friends and family for some ideas for a venue, and if you’ve already chosen your wedding party, enlist them for assistance as well. 

Consulting other married couples about venues they enjoyed or places they toured when looking for their wedding venues is another great way to find locations that can host an event. 

Say “yes” to the tour

Sometimes the best engagement party locations are right in front of you—even if you’ve never been inside. Tour as many venues as possible, even if they don’t seem like they’ll fit your style. It’s great practice for wedding venue tours in the near future!

Engagement party invitations

Toast the happy couple with beautiful designs you can email, text, or share.

10 engagement party venue ideas

Whether you prefer champagne and caviar or burgers and beer, the right engagement party location for your needs exists—with a little research. 

We’ve also added engagement party invitation design ideas for each venue, as well as general cost ranges, dress code formality, and possible themes.

1. A home or backyard

Left: A multicolored floral engagement party invitation; Right: A curved table set with orange, purple, and yellow décor.
Felda” by Liberty for Paperless Post; image via Rock n’ Roll Bride.


Hosting your engagement party at a loved one’s home—or your own house—is a cozy way to celebrate. It’s inexpensive, easy to decorate, and best of all, it’s one of the easiest small engagement party venues to book because you don’t need to find a time for a reservation.

  • Invitation:Ring Ring” by kate spade new york
  • Cost: $
  • Formality: Casual
  • Theme: BBQ, pool party, bonfire, boozy brunch

2. Public park

Engagement parties with large guest lists get pricey, and fast. But hosting in a public park is much less expensive than other venues, and guests can bring food to share.

  • Invitation:Bobbin I” by Paperless Post
  • Cost: $
  • Formality: Casual
  • Theme: Potluck, field day, picnic

3. The beach

Left: A well-designed beach picnic with pillows for seats.
Image via Amber Sol Collective; “Golden Toast” by Paperless Post.


If the party is in the spring or summer, there’s no better place to celebrate than on the beach. Invite guests to an informal get-together on the shore for frisbees, BBQ, and coolers full of drinks. Or consider hosting at night and finding a beach that allows bonfires. 

4. Hobby-based location

Does the couple love ax-throwing, bocce ball, bowling, or another activity? Celebrate the next step of your life together by doing what you love best. Plus, an activity eases the tension as you introduce your future in-laws to each other.

  • Invitation:Love Struck” by Kelly Wearstler
  • Cost: $$
  • Formality: Casual
  • Theme: Flannel, field day

5. A restaurant

Left: An engagement party invitation featuring illustrations of hands with Champagne; Right: Guests at an event raising their hands in the air.
Midnight Cheers” by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post; image via brides.com.


For a smaller event, consider booking a private room or table at a local restaurant for your engagement party. These celebratory dinners make ideal opportunities for heartfelt toasts to the happy couple, while the service staff keeps the champagne flowing.

  • Invitation: “Ever After” by Linda and Harriett
  • Cost: $$
  • Formality: Semi-formal, cocktail
  • Theme: Dinner party, boozy brunch, taco party, black and white affair

6. Winery or brewery

If you and your crew love a boozy celebration, book some time at a local winery or brewery. These engagement parties can last all day, which can also lead to an epic weekend trip for you and your closest family and friends. 

  • Invitation:Cheers” by Paperless Post
  • Cost: $$
  • Formality: Casual to semi-formal (depending on venue)
  • Theme: Cocktail party, wine tasting, charcuterie and champagne, brews and bites

7. Botanical gardens

Left: Guests sitting at a lush garden party table; Right: An engagement party invitation with a border of tropical leaves.
Image via talliia; “Fescue” by Schumacher for Paperless Post.


Many couples opt for outdoor engagement party venues like a local botanical garden. The floral aroma and bright blooms set the stage for a romantic afternoon or evening—and may inspire your wedding floral arrangement too.

  • Invitation: “De Colores” by Paperless Post
  • Cost: $$
  • Formality: Casual to semi-formal
  • Theme: Garden party, flower arranging class 

8. Hotel event space

Upscale engagement parties in a hotel ballroom or event space are the perfect occasion to wear something sparkly—aside from the ring. Many hotels offer catering and drink services as part of an event package, making it your one-stop engagement shop. If your party ends late, guests can also stay in a hotel room rather than driving home.

  • Invitation: Shining Gold” by Paperless Post
  • Cost: $$–$$$
  • Formality: Semi-formal to formal (depending on venue)
  • Theme: Cocktail party, dinner party, black-and-white affair

9. Banquet or reception hall

For a classic reception-style engagement party, find a banquet hall. Churches, local lodges, and country clubs often rent out space for events—especially if you, your partner, or your host is a member. These locations typically require outside catering, though they often provide tables and chairs as part of their package.

  • Invitation:With this Ring” by Cheree Berry Paper & Design
  • Cost: $$–$$$
  • Formality: Cocktail, semi-formal
  • Theme: Cocktail party, dinner party, black-and-white affair

10. A museum

eft: An engagement party invitation with a gold lace border; Right: A winding table set amongst Roman statues.
Gold Lace” by Monique Lhuillier for Paperless Post; image via Green Wedding Shoes.


Host an interactive engagement party at a museum, especially one that’s meaningful to the couple. Science museums, natural history museums, and art museums make unique engagement party venues with experiences that guests won’t soon forget.

  • Invitation: “Romantic” by Schumacher
  • Cost: $$–$$$
  • Formality: Cocktail, semi-formal
  • Theme: Gallery tour, art party

Engagement party planning FAQ

An animated engagement invitation with the word “Cheers” spelling out over a photo of a rose bush.
Arrow Heart” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Planning an engagement party isn’t as involved as planning a wedding, but it can be just as fun. Square away the details, etiquette, and FAQs of planning an engagement party so you can save some time and money that you can then spend on the big(ger) day.

Who hosts an engagement party?

Traditionally, the bride’s family hosts the engagement party. But these days, the host can be anyone, including the couple or close friends. 

Who chooses the engagement party venue?

The couple and the host choose the engagement party venue, unless of course it is a surprise! 

Should guests bring gifts to an engagement party?

There’s no wedding etiquette indicating that engagement parties are gift-giving events. That said, some guests may arrive with something to commemorate the occasion, whether it’s a bottle of wine or a heartfelt card. 

Don’t include wedding registry information in your engagement party invitation—save that for the bridal shower invitation.

Engagement party décor

Discover elevated party decorations and supplies to celebrate the happy couple.

Can you have more than one engagement party?

Some couples are lucky enough to have more than one person who wants to throw them an engagement party. In these situations, it’s not uncommon to have more than one—or even more than two, depending on your circle. 

Divorced parents may want to throw separate parties, for example, or your friends may want to throw you a party of their own. Accept as many offers as you like, and have fun at each party!


Celebrate every moment with Paperless Post

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The proposal was epic, the ring is gorgeous—and the rest is up to you, with a little help from Paperless Post. With hundreds of engagement party invitations to choose from, you’ll find the perfect way to invite loved ones to your engagement party venue.

Use Guest Surveys to gather more information, including dietary restrictions or ADA accommodations. Add a Travel Block to showcase a photo and details about your venue, or provide a link to Google Maps that helps guests navigate to the event right from your invitation—even if you’re hosting at a remote location.

Once you find your design template, check out our guide to engagement party invitation wording so you include all of the necessary details. And when it comes time to decorate, find sparkling engagement party décor from Paperless Post Party Shop too!