Celebrate your forever love with the top 15 engagement party themes for 2024

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After the whirlwind of emotions that take over the moment you say “yes” to spending life with the human you love, it starts to sink in: you’re engaged. Off the market. Betrothed! 

First of all, congratulations! While the title fiancé or fiancée has a diamond-sized ring to it, you now have an ever-growing (and very exciting) list of things to do before you walk down the aisle and say, “I do.” 

Likewise, if you’re a best friend or close family member of a newly engaged couple, you may want to celebrate their decision to make it official with everyone else they love, too—and make them feel extra special during this exciting time in their lives.

But where do you even start? 

With an engagement party, of course.

An engagement party gives you the ultimate opportunity to share the big news with family and friends on both sides. Whether you’re keeping it small and intimate or want a larger-than-life engagement bash, there are plenty of motifs to choose from to ensure your engagement party (or the one you’re throwing) pairs perfectly with your own matrimonial vibes.


Why should your engagement party have a theme?

You can absolutely host a no-frills engagement party in your backyard—a few beers, some chips, and homemade guacamole. Easy peasy.

However, many couples do choose to incorporate a theme for their engagement parties. A motif makes for a livelier celebration and can be made unique to the interests of the happy couple. Including a theme can be as simple as turning your backyard engagement party into a barbecue-themed bash, or as elaborate as creating your very own romantic Parisian café in your garden.


15 engagement themes for the soon-to-be-newlyweds

If you’re looking for a little engagement party inspiration, look no further. From flutes of Champagne to backyard seafood boils, we’ve gathered 15 enticing engagement party themes that you and your guests will love:


left: A light pink invitation with painted Champagne bottles at the bottom. Right: A wooden serving board is overflowing with fruit and nuts on a table with etched coupe glasses.Pop the Champagne” by Paper Source for Paperless Post; Image via Honey Lane.


#1 Charcuterie and Champagne

If you enjoy spending your nights curating bourgeois platters of delectable meats and cheeses for romantic date nights, then an engagement party that celebrates your love of charcuterie might just be your dream come true. Bust out a bottle (or four) of your favorite Champagne, send out your invites, and prepare for a night of laughter, libations, and a lot of cheese.


#2 Boozy brunch

Mix and mingle with a mimosa in hand as you celebrate the news of your upcoming nuptials with your nearest and dearest. If you like to host at home, you can turn your kitchen into a must-visit eatery with a waffle station, omelette bar, and mimosa cart so guests can craft their own concoctions. 

For couples who prefer to leave the cooking to the pros, consider making a reservation at your favorite local brunch spot where your only concerns will be whether to make a toast with that extra mimosa.


An online invitation shows a picnic with corn and hotdogs and the words “I do barbecue.”I Do Barbecue” Flyer.


#3 I do BBQ

Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy, flame-broiled hamburger, a slab of slow-roasted ribs, a side of baked beans, and an endless supply of tangy, homemade coleslaw? Gas up the grill, hang some twinkle lights to set the mood, and invite all of your BBQ-loving friends and family over for an evening of beers and barbecue in your backyard. It’s guaranteed to be a good time for all.


#4 Bonfire bash

Looking for an engagement party idea with a cozy and casual vibe? A bonfire might be just what you need. 

Whether you’re hosting a beachside bonfire or keeping it simple in your backyard, setup is a breeze. Simply fill a cooler with ice, add a variety of seltzers and beers, and bring a Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite campfire tunes. And don’t forget to provide all the fixings for everyone to make their own temptingly sweet s’mores. Make it exciting and add party games and a unique engagement party favor for all your guests to take home.


#5 Seafood boil

To some, a seafood boil is a family tradition. Others simply enjoy the cajun flair of freshly cooked shrimp, sausage, and other seafood delights. Either way, one thing is for certain—it’s an excellent way to bring everyone together for a deliciously good time. 

You can keep your boil simple by covering the tables with butcher paper, or create a more sophisticated vibe with seating arrangements and monogrammed napkins. We also recommend sending out themed invites and requesting that bring their favorite cajun-inspired side dish.


left: A yellow engagement party invitation with a bottle cap illustration with a diamond ring in the center. Right: A long table is minimally set with a black tablecloth in front of a wall of wooden kegs.Something’s Brewin’” by Paperless Post; Image via Something Turquoise.


#6 Brews and bites

A simple yet sophisticated way to celebrate your engagement is by inviting family and friends to a low-key engagement celebration at your favorite brewery. This idea requires minimal setup on your part, and you have the luxury of sipping on your favorite brewskies all day long. If the brewery offers a snack menu, great! If not, reach out to some local food trucks to see if they’d cater some of their tasty treats for your big bash.


#7 Taco ’bout a good time

If Taco Tuesdays are a regular weekly occurrence for you and your spouse-to-be, then an engagement party is the perfect excuse to bring tacos into the mix. You can reserve a room at your favorite taco joint, or set up a DIY taco bar at home, complete with all of the must-have taco toppings to craft the ultimate taco. Don’t forget to send an aptly themed invite to your taco-loving friend group so they can save the date.


#8 Black and white affair

Do you picture yourself dressed to the nines for an evening of bubbly and sophisticated celebration? With a black and white-themed engagement party, you can wear that sequined floor-length number (or perfectly fitted tux) that’s been hiding in the back of your closet. 

To ensure everyone dresses on theme, include the dress code for your black (and white) tie affair when you send out the invites.


A black engagement party invitation with gold lettering that reads “Toast the couple” and a small gold martini glass beside a white envelope with a shiny gold liner.Clink Clink” by Paperless Post.


#9 Roaring ’20s

Oozing with glitz and glamor, you and your main squeeze can dress to impress with a 1920s-themed party. Invite guests to come dressed as flappers, gangsters, or simply well-dressed dames and fellas ready to dance the night away with the best Charleston moves in town. 

If you really want to up the ante, you can rent a Champagne fountain that would make Gatsby proud (and send some matching Champagne-themed invitations to boot).


#10 Sweet tooth soirée

For those who prefer sweet over savory, you can treat yourselves and your guests to a decadent dessert-themed celebration. From a designated doughnut wall to tables topped with macarons, freshly baked cupcakes, and warm cookies that melt in your mouth, you can literally have your cake and eat it too. Add unique engagement party decorations that match your theme. 


left: A white engagement party invitation with a whimsical border of tropical flowers and foliage, a swan, and cheetah with a bow on its neck. Right: A banquet table outdoors with a white table cloth has an arrangement of garden flowers and roses in the center.Swan’s Garden” by Stephanie Fishwick for Paperless Post; Image via Vogue Australia.


#11 Garden party

Couples who enjoy a breath of fresh air can take their love of the great outdoors to new heights with a garden party. If your backyard is a horticultural wonderland, you can comfortably host the party at your house. If not, you can always look for an outdoor venue at a botanical garden or even borrow your friend’s lush backyard for the afternoon.


#12 Dinner party

If you plan to host a smaller group and want a lovely, intimate setting where you can gush over your news with guests, then an engagement dinner party is the way to go. Send an elegant invite to your faves and enjoy a relaxed, celebratory meal together as you tell them all about the proposal.

If you don’t feel like cooking the dinner yourself, call on friends and family for help, look into a catering service, or turn your dinner into a cocktail party instead. With a few sweet and savory bites and Champagne, your guests will have all they need to feel satiated as they ooh and ahh over your engagement photos.


#13 Hot cocoa celebration

Did your engagement take place during the chilly winter months? You can host a very on-theme holiday-inspired engagement celebration with a beverage everyone can get behind—hot chocolate.

Consider creating a hot cocoa topping station with traditional (and creative) toppings like crushed peppermints, cinnamon sticks, white chocolate shavings, and some Baileys (for the guests who want a little something extra to stay warm).


An aerial view of three round tables set next to a swimming pool in the evening with round paper lanterns hanging overhead. Right: A square engagement party invitation with a thin navy blue border and indented corners with two interlocked gold rings at the top.Image via Nouba; “Indented Rounded Corners” by Paperless Post.


#14 Pool party

There’s no time like sweet, sweet summertime to enjoy a pool party—especially when it’s a pool party with a purpose. It’s also the perfect excuse to whip out your blender and buy some of those adorable cocktail umbrellas to make some tasty tropical drinks. Don’t forget the giant engagement ring pool floaties and matching engagement party decorations to exude the ultimate engagement party vibes.


#15 Around the world (in one night)

Looking for creative engagement party ideas? Traveling can be a great choice. Who needs 80 days when you can make your way around the world in one eventful evening? Cater (or make your own) cultural cuisines from countries you and your partner have traveled to—or places you hope to see once you’re married. You can also ask guests to bring a dish from one of the most memorable places they’ve visited. From Korean bibimbap to Indian samosas, no country (or its delicious delicacies) is off-limits in this engagement party theme. 

As a fun twist—and a way to source some inspiration—invite guests to bring a bottle of wine or spirits from their favorite honeymoon destination. Don’t forget to add party décor to liven up the space. 


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