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After months of parenting classes, stocking up on diapers, repainting the nursery a third time to get that just-right color, and getting everything you need for a new baby, your little one is finally here—and ready to put all your hard work to good use!. 

Now you can dedicate your time to warm snuggles, trying to get enough sleep, and of course, crafting your birth announcements to inform your friends and family of the newest (and cutest) addition to your family. 

Birth announcements are particularly special because it’s something you’ll want to hold onto for years to come—and it’s your baby’s chance to make their first impression on the world. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best birth announcement ideas, alongside some birth announcement wording ideas. 


What to include in a birth announcement

“Bandit’s Wreath” invitation by Little Cube for Paperless Post. The white card features a wreath with leaves and woodland creatures, like a raccoon, and a customizable photo opening. The card appears on a lilac background.Bandit’s Wreath” by Little Cube for Paperless Post.


Despite its name, a birth announcement should share more than the birthdate of your child (or children, if you’re the lucky parents of multiples). Typically, a birth announcement includes:


— Photo of the newborn – Include an adorably sweet portrait of your baby wrapped in a blanket, or opt for a professional close-up adorned with a sweet flower crown or another cute accessory. In the case of multiples, choose a customizable invitation with enough room to hold photos of each of your new additions. 


— Time and place of birth – Although this detail is optional, you can include the date, time, and place of your child’s birth—you can even include their zodiac sign for some added fun. 


— Name of your child – Spell out the full name of your baby on the announcement, including any middle names or nicknames you intend to use. This can be useful for recipients in the future, and help them avoid misspellings. 


— Weight of your child – Include the weight of your child in either pounds and ounces or grams/kilograms, depending on where you’re from and where you live. 


— Length of your child Note your child’s height, or length, in inches or centimeters, again, depending on where you live.


— Names of the parents and any siblings – You’ll want to sign off with your and your partner’s names. If you have other children (or even a beloved pet), you can include their names too! 


Birth announcement ideas

“Two’s Company” invitation by Paperless Post. The card is half blue, half pink and features two customizable photo openings. The card appears on a pink background.Two’s Company” by Paperless Post.


Once you’ve noted the details you want to include on your baby’s birth announcement, you can take it up a notch. Customize your announcements with creative themes, or share the news in style with online cards. You can even take it one step further and turn your announcement into a virtual meet-up where loved ones can greet your newborn face to face.


  1. Go virtual

While some new parents send print birth announcements by mail, we recommend online birth announcements. Not only is this baby announcement idea delivered instantly, but recipients can send messages of congratulations and support instantly in response. It’s a great way to connect with those who you may not have seen in a while, amidst the hustle and bustle of preparing for a new addition to your family. 


WIth Paperless Post’s online design tool, you can personalize every detail of your baby’s first impression, including fonts, layouts, and patterns. From adorable floral illustrations to delightful jungle animal designs, you can choose the perfect layout to celebrate your adorable baby. 


  1. Adopt a new tradition

If you’re celebrating an adoption, use your birth announcements to introduce your newest addition to your loved ones. In addition to a traditional announcement, you can invite friends and family to stream the virtual adoption ceremony or hearing, or hold a virtual meet-up after the fact to ooh and ahh over the newest member of your family. 


  1. Include your children

Embrace the phrase “the more the merrier” by getting your kids in on the fun to announce their new sibling. Go the traditional route with this idea by including a sibling picture with the new baby at the center—it’s a wonderful way to introduce your newest addition, while still showing your big sisters and brothers that they’re special, too. If they’re old enough, your children can also write a message of their own on the birth announcement.

If you’re looking to get a few laughs, consider humorous sibling photos, including:


— A big sibling superhero and their baby sidekick

— A big sibing’s eviction notice from their crib

— Personalized Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts


  1. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Make your birth announcements eye-catching with a birth announcement in your local newspaper to inform your friends, coworkers, and community members of the birth of your baby. You can also choose to print the announcement in national newspapers to inform your cross-country loved ones of the birth. 

Typically, there’s an option to publish the announcement in print and online—that way, if your friends and family are unable to get ahold of a newspaper, you can easily send a link to your loved ones to share in the celebration. Online birth announcements may allow you to share more photos and information, as well. 


  1. Baby’s first Zoom

A family and friends-only Zoom cocktail party is a fun, inclusive, and safe way to include your loved ones in the arrival of your baby, especially if people live far away or are unable to make an in-person party for other reasons. 


  1. Go with the seasons

Depending on whether your baby is a spring bud or a winter cherub, create customized birth announcements that match the season. 


For spring babies, opt for bright florals, woodland creatures, and greenery. Summer babies can be introduced with warm hues, sun-kissed photos, and sky-blue backdrops. Fall birth announcements can nestle within dreamy earth tones or even slightly haunted patterns, while winter announcements can double as holiday cards or yearly updates.


  1. Double up

With twins, you need two of everything: two names, two photos, two weights, and two lengths. Luckily, we have twin birth announcements to showcase both of your tiny tots on one card. Customize the colors and text style to match each of your newest addition’s personalities perfectly.


  1. Go old school

Skip the announcement photo and opt for something more personalized: a hand-stitched birth announcement to share with family and friends. If you’re not keen on crafts, you can find a friend or professional to stitch up a beautiful portrait of your newborn. Once it’s completed, you can upload a picture to share with friends and family on a virtual announcement.


The best part? Frame the cross stitch birth announcement in your nursery as a memento! But of course, you don’t only have to opt for a cross-stitch. You can upload any photo onto a birth announcement, including a birth certificate, hospital tags, or special illustrations. 


Birth announcement wording ideas

“Piece of our Heart” invitation by Paperless Post. The salmon card is shaped like a puzzle piece and the text reads “we found our missing piece!” The card appears on a blue background.Piece of our Heart” by Paperless Post.


When writing your baby’s birth announcement, you can convey your desired tone through the birth announcement wording, whether it’s straightforward, humorous, or sweet. Choose wording that complements your style: Use whimsical wording for your free-spirited little one, alongside whimsy designs such as colorful brushstrokes or flower borders. Or match their infectious baby smile with uplifting words of celebration, sunny designs, and buzzing insects. 


No matter your design, give your baby a warm welcome with a collection of warm words:


Piece of Our Heart – Celebrate new life with a heartfelt birth announcement card that’s bound to tug at your loved ones’ heartstrings:


We found our missing piece!

Mitchell Pritchett & Cameron Tucker

Welcome home their daughter

Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Born on June 4th

And home forever on

August 31st


Baby Elephant – Make a formal announcement with the help of a classy, but cute design:


We welcome with love

Tabitha Stephens

Born March 5th, 2015

8 Pounds 3 Ounces

19 Inches

Samantha & Darrin


Say Hello to… – Unveil your newborn’s sweet face to loved ones with a baby announcement card that introduces your little bundle in style:


Say Hello to

Charles Wallace

Born January 1, 1963

6 Pounds, 8 Ounces

With love,

Kate and Alex Murry


By Air – Keep it light with an announcement that delivers sweet words and even sweeter news:


He’s Here!

Charles “Charlie” Bucket

Born December 5th, 1956

7 Pounds, 8 Ounces | 11 Inches

Proud parents,

Charles and Martha Bucket


Fresh Brewed – Let your loved ones know you love your newest addition a latte with a creative blend of nutty and sweet:


Grande News with a Latte Love

Caution: Sleep deprivation may lead to increased use of caffeine.


Cuore – Make a charming first impression with an elegant baby birth announcement and simple wording:



Ramona Geraldine Quimbly

Born October 6, 1968

8 pounds, 4 ounces

With love, Dorothy and Robert


Two’s Company – Two heads are better than one—celebrate the birth of your double trouble tots with a twin birth announcement card that showcases each of your newborns:


Born January 1, 1963

Charles Wallace

6 Pounds, 8 Ounces

Ramona Wallace

6 Pounds, 8 Ounces

With love, Kate & Alex Wallace


Birth announcement etiquette

“Chapter One (Photo)” invitation by Cheree Berry Paper & Design for Paperless Post. The yellow card is shaped like a book and features a customizable photo opening. The text reads “Our New Addition.” The card is featured on a green background.Chapter One (Photo)” by Cheree Berry Paper & Design for Paperless Post.


With the arrival of your newest addition, it’s hard to think of anything else besides loving up on your newborn and introducing them to their new home. But of course, it’s helpful to know the whos, whats, whens, and hows of birth announcement etiquette.


Who to send the birth announcement to

When sending out birth announcements, it’s best to include any loved ones who you think would like to take part in the celebration so no one feels left out. If you’d like to keep the occasion intimate, send it to only your closest family and friends. If you held a baby shower, be sure to include anyone who attended, as well as anyone who sent gifts or warm wishes. 


What to include in the birth announcement

When writing your birth announcements, include whatever you’re comfortable sharing. In addition to basics like the newborn’s name, date of birth, and length and weight measurements, you can also include the place and time of your baby’s birth, as well as any fun facts you’ve learned about your baby in the first few weeks. 


When to send the birth announcement

As a general rule of thumb, it’s expected that you send out birth announcements as soon as possible following the birth. However, life with a newborn can get busy. So, you can usually get away with sending out your birth announcements within six months of the birth. 


To speed up the process, gather your baby’s information and order the announcements. If you opt for virtual announcements with Paperless Post, there’s no middle man. You won’t have to worry about addressing each announcement to your loved one. Instead, you can input your recipient list and we’ll send the announcements online instantly. 


How do you announce your baby on social media?

Announcing your baby’s birth on social media can be a delicate subject, considering how public social media accounts can be. However, if you’re keen on a more widespread announcement that includes all your friends, family, and acquaintances along the way, a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram can be a great way to do it. 


When announcing your newborn’s birth on social media, feel free to include all the information that would be found on a traditional birth announcement: name, birth date, weight, and length. You can also add a special message to your baby, or a message of appreciation to your loved ones who supported you along your journey. Additionally, when posting on social media, your wording can be less formal than that on a traditional birth announcement. 


Celebrate new life with Paperless Post

A birth announcement is a great way to help your baby make their first impression on the world. Not only can you share significant information about your newborn, but you can also show loved ones how much you care. No matter your style, whether it’s formal or more casual, it’s sure to bring smiles to the faces of your friends and family—and it’s a great memento to keep for years to come.

If you’re looking to craft a birth announcement that truly speaks to you and your family, create a personalized announcement on Paperless Post with our easy and fun online customization tools. 

With beautiful announcements designed by the likes of our partners Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, and Ashley G, you’re sure to find a design you love. In addition to our designer collection, we also offer an inventory of adorable birth announcements in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. When you’re all finished, we’ll send them to your loved ones virtually and instantly. 

Spread the news in style with Paperless Post.



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