20 fun and spicy bachelorette party games

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When a bride-to-be announces her engagement, you may instinctively say, “Congratulations!” and “Show me the ring!” But we all know the two words that really come to mind: “Bachelorette party!”

The bachelorette party is your last chance to give your affianced friend a taste of the single life. From clean contests to drinking duels, this list of bachelorette party games includes guidelines and party supplies to get the festivities going. 

Icebreaker games for a bachelorette party 

Some bachelorettes like to invite guests from all different parts of their life to the party—from work friends and college besties to sisters and that cousin who insisted on being a bridesmaid. These fun bachelorette party games help guests break the ice and get to know each other before the party really starts.

1. Bride trivia

A partial view of a print-out sheet for a trivia game called WHO KNOWS HER BEST?
Download and print for your group, Bride.


Perfect for any bachelorette party idea, a bride trivia game connects unfamiliar guests with a common thread—they all know the bride. Host a game show-style competition or make it a printable bachelorette party game with questions like:

  • When did the bride graduate high school?
  • What is the bride’s biggest pet peeve?
  • When did the bride meet her fiancé?
  • If the bride could travel anywhere, where would she go?
  • What has been the biggest wedding headache for the bride?

For an extra challenge, give the game a “Wrong Answers Only” twist. For example, if the bride hates camping, “two weeks in the Australian outback” might be the winning “wrong” answer to a question on dream travel destinations. 

2. What did they say?

A partial view of a print-out sheet for a game with questions filled out by the groom called WHAT DID HE SAY?
Download and print for your group, groom.


If you have a good relationship with the bride’s fiancé, this bridal shower game is a cute way to have fun with the bride—and share a giggle about her partner. Ask her partner questions about her before the party and record the answers. Then, ask the bride to guess what the answers were!

Possible questions may include:

  • What is the bride’s favorite order at a Mexican restaurant?
  • What pet would the bride never, ever want?
  • What chore does the bride hate?

3. Everyone’s got a secret

Get the tea brewing with a game of secrets. Have everyone write three things the others may not know about them on scraps of paper, then toss the papers into a bowl. Anything and everything is fair game!

The bride will draw a piece of paper and read the secret while the group tries to guess who each secret is about. For extra intrigue, remind the secret keepers to pretend the secret is about someone else.

4. Name the romantic movie quote

Some bachelorette parties are more chick flick than chug-a-lug. That’s why this clean bachelorette party game is perfect for this type of bride tribe. Host a romantic movie quote contest to bond over cinema classics like “Sleepless in Seattle” or “The Notebook.” Let guests make their guesses before hosting an epic bachelorette movie night.

The quotes you choose can range from famous lines everyone knows to obscure snippets only diehard fans will guess. If your group is more into music than movies, play the same game with lyrics from love songs, then play the songs as a background playlist. And if you’ve got some extroverted guests at your party, this game can turn into movie scene reenactments or a casual karaoke real fast.

5. Truth or dare

Slumber party-themed paper plate and nail polish bottle-shaped napkins with small baked treats and pink disco balls.
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A slumber party classic, “Truth or Dare” breaks the ice like nothing else. Whether you’re in a crowded bar or a hotel room, your group will definitely get to know each other over a few well-placed truth questions and daring dares. Decorate the room with supplies from Daydream Society for the ultimate girly slumber party theme.

For groups who don’t know each other well or who are feeling shy, come up with a pre-approved list of questions and dares. Let everyone contribute—on the condition that they won’t protest when it’s their turn! 

Outdoor bachelorette party games

If you’re celebrating a bride who prefers staying in nature to slaying in heels, you should have some outdoor bachelorette party game ideas up your sleeve. Whether you’re hosting a camping bachelorette party or your venue has a great patio space, these suggestions are just what you need.

6. Pantyhose bowling

Pantyhose may not be on the list of what to wear to a bachelorette party, but they’re a must-have nonetheless! Organize a game of pantyhose bowling for some outdoor fun and fashion flashbacks.

  • Collect enough pairs of pantyhose for each guest and put a baseball in one toe of each pair. 
  • Set up bottles of water—or anything else you have on hand—on the ground, either in a 10-bowling pin pattern or in straight lines.
  • Have guests put the waistband on their heads. At the count of three, they swing the pantyhose-ball pendulum from their forehead to knock down as many bottles as possible.
  • For ultimate chaos, let everyone try at the same time!

7. Boozy piñata

Remember those childhood parties where a busted piñata was the highlight of the day? A bachelorette party can be just as fun when you swap out the candy for mini liquor bottles, naughty prizes, or cosmetic samples from your favorite store. (And also a little candy.)

For a boozy good time, opt for the margarita piñata from Party Shop. The Champagne bottle piñata is another great option to add a bit of class to your party—before you hit it with a baseball bat.

8.  Prosecco pong

An invitation for ONE FINAL FLING with a red border and blue doodles of sparklers, Champagne flutes, and wedding rings emerging from a maroon envelope; coupe glasses in a triangle formation with pink ping pong balls and confetti.
Spark the Toasts” by Pulp Templates Co. for Paperless Post; Prosecco Pong by Coterie available at Paperless Post Party Shop.


Leave beer pong to the bachelor parties and embrace feminine maturity with Prosecco pong. It’s got the exact same rules as beer pong but with a fizzy twist that every Prosecco drinker will enjoy.

  • Set up a card table outside—one you don’t mind getting a little sticky.
  • Arrange plastic glasses in a bowling pin shape before filling them with Prosecco. 
  • Take turns bouncing a ping pong ball—the one included in Party Shop’s Prosecco pong is pink—on the table.
  • If it lands in a glass, you score a point—and the other team has to drink!

9. Pool float races

Soaking up rays by the pool is a quintessential bachelorette experience. But if all that tanning and day drinking starts to get old, it’s time to get in the pool for a game!

  • Organize guests into pairs, with one person on a pool float and the other in the pool. 
  • The pool racer has to get their float from one end of the pool to the other—without touching the float. They can splash or push the water around the float, but they can’t push the float itself.
  •  The float racer can help with paddling if needed. 

The first one to the deep end wins!

10. Balloon targets

Bachelorette parties are all about saying goodbye to a bride’s single life—including her exes. Use a target game to do the job right—in a fun way! All you need are a few balloons and some darts.

  • Get several helium-filled balloons and write the names of the bachelorette’s exes on each one. You can also write annoying things about being single, like “Being alone on Valentine’s Day” or “Finding matches on dating apps.”
  •  For extra competition, assign point totals to each balloon.
  • Position the balloons about two feet apart in your outdoor space. If you can’t get helium balloons, blow up regular balloons and hang them on a wall.
  • Hand the first guest three darts and have them try to pop as many as they can in a set amount of time (15–30 seconds). 
  • As a substitute for darts use baseballs, footballs, or a Nerf gun with foam bullets.

Spicy bachelorette party games

The ice is broken, the Champagne is bubbling—it’s time for the real bachelorette party vibes to come out. Check out our risqué games for a bachelorette party that come close to NSFW (Not Safe For Wedding).

11. Kiss the bride

The groom may get the first official kiss on the lips, but her bride squad claims the rest of her face. Once you’ve adorned your bride with a bachelorette party hat or crown, put on some lipstick and play ”Kiss the Bride.”

  • Each guest wears a different color of lipstick and a blindfold. 
  • On their turn, they lean forward to kiss the bride on the cheek—or wherever they think is her cheek. 
  • Once everyone’s had a turn, survey her lipstick-covered face and see who got closest to their target.
  • If your bride is a bit shy, hang up a poster of a hot celebrity and let guests try to kiss them instead.

12. Guess the celebrity

Could you identify Ryan Gosling’s abs or J.Lo’s butt in a lineup? Here’s your chance. Crop pictures of celebrities’ body parts—gender and body part choice are up to you—and see if guests can match the famous person to their famous parts.

13. Bra toss

Get into the bride’s bra when you play a game of bra toss! (Wait, what did you think that meant?) This game puts everyone’s athletic prowess and lingerie preferences on full display.

  • First, ask guests to bring extra bras to the party. 
  • Hang the bras up on a posterboard or wall and assign points to each one. 
  • Pass out ping pong balls and give guests turns to toss them into the hanging bras for the ultimate brassiere glory.

14. Panty parade

Who knows the bride’s panty preferences best? 

  • Ask guests to purchase a pair of panties for the bride—the more unique, the better—and bring them to the bachelorette party.
  • Display the panties and see if the bride can guess who brought which pair. 

The answers may surprise you!

15. Naughty card games

There’s nothing like a dirty card game to bring a group of bachelorettes together. Bring a classic bachelorette game like “Bridin’ Dirty” or “Tell Me Without Telling Me” for naughty giggles and raunchy confessions. 

We recommend you play these games privately—unless you don’t mind getting the whole bar’s attention with your answers.

Competitive bachelorette party games

A pink and black online invite with the words BANGIN’ BACHELORETTE in silver balloon letters and an animation of a woman dancing in a sparkly dress.
Bangin’ Bachelorette” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Although your bride is about to experience the biggest W of all—her wedding—she may still want to rack up a few wins at her party. Stoke those competitive party flames with these fun bachelorette party games for guests looking for prizes.

16. Bachelorette Pictionary

You don’t have to be an artist to play “Bachelorette Pictionary”—but it helps. Work from a list of bachelorette- and wedding-related words, including:

  • wedding
  • bridesmaid
  • DJ
  • lingerie
  • honeymoon

Split the party into two groups and have one person draw their interpretation of the word. If their team guesses right, they move on to another word—until time runs out. Then, it’s the next team’s turn to draw. 

Add increasingly naughty words for even more fun until guests start to blush at their turn!

17. Scavenger hunt

For an endlessly adaptable and competitive game, it’s all about the bachelorette scavenger hunt. Split guests into teams and have them collect all the items on a list before the others do. 

Possibilities for bachelorette party scavenger hunts include:

  • Purse scavenger hunt: Lipstick, hair clip, mints, jewelry, receipt
  • Suitcase scavenger hunt: Socks, retainer, something purple, book, thong
  • House scavenger hunt: A thimble, an orange marker, a spatula, a holiday item from a different time of year, a Post-It
  • Phone scavenger hunt: A selfie, a wedding event in your calendar, a picture with a celebrity, a word game app, a contact listing for an ex

18. Garter ring toss

Why should the groom be the only one who gets to toss the garter? Organize a fun ring toss game with two key bachelorette elements: Wine bottles and garters.

  • Set up the wine bottles—full or empty is fine—and hand out a collection of garters to guests. 
  • Basic ring toss rules apply—try to get the garter around the neck of a wine bottle for a sweet prize. Maybe even the bottle of wine itself!

19. Bachelorette bingo

Whether you’re taking the party out on the town or relaxing during a night in, bachelorette bingo is a great game for eagle-eyed guests to show off their skills. Create bingo cards based on where you’ll be and encourage guests to mark off various items they see. Five in a row is a winner!

Possible bingo items depend on the location but could include:

  • Bar bingo: A colorful drink, a woman wearing sneakers, someone from another state
  • Amusement park bingo: A kid having a tantrum, a broken ride, someone eating a churro
  • Hotel bingo: Someone with matching luggage, a fountain, a brown couch

20. Bachelorette murder mystery

If your group loves a good whodunnit, challenge them to a classic bachelorette murder mystery game. You can design your own game or use a premade one like “Bachelorettes and Bullets.” 

Guests will have to work together—and against each other—to uncover the secret and expose the killer!

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