12 bachelorette party invite ideas guaranteed get the party started

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Gather up your girls, it’s time to plan the bachelorette party! Throwing a bachelorette party is a long-standing tradition in the pre-wedding process. It’s a time when the bride-to-be can let her hair down and celebrate her upcoming big day with her closest friends before tying the knot. This event, which can be as small as a boozy brunch or as big as a long destination weekend away, is typically organized by the maid-of-honor, alongside the other bridesmaids in the wedding party, or perhaps a close friend of the bride. 

After deciding the theme and determining when to host the bachelorette party, one of the most important steps when planning a great bachelorette party is choosing and sending out the invites. The invitations should not only introduce the theme of the occasion, but should also be a reflection of the bride’s personality. You’ll want to choose a fun-loving invitation design, select the right wording, and include all of the important details. 

If you don’t have the logistics finalized, consider sending a bachelorette party save the date card so guests can mark it on their calendar and start getting excited about the official invitation to come. You’ll also need to compile the guest list, which typically includes the bride’s best friends, the ladies in the wedding party, close family members, and favorite colleagues. Make sure you check in with the bride before finalizing your list to make sure you haven’t missed anyone, or invited someone she’d prefer to leave off. Better safe than sorry!

You’ll find a vibrant collection of bachelorette party invitations at Paperless Post, along with tons of great ideas for wording, what to include, and customized designs. We’ve partnered with best-in-class designers including Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and kate spade new york to help you pick the perfect bachelorette party invitation for your event.


What to include on a bachelorette party invitation

There are several key details to include on your bachelorette party invitation so that all the guests are well-informed. Some of the most important elements of a great bachelorette party invitation are the following: 

  • The date (or dates) of the event 
  • What time the event starts, and, if applicable, when it’s expected to end. If the festivities are over a multi-day trip, communicate the dates of the getaway and what to expect each day. 
  • The location
  • If there’s a dress code for the party, or for different festivities of a long weekend away
  • The RSVP deadline
  • Specify if gifts are required, encouraged, or not necessary
  • Make sure the theme of the bachelorette party is clear 
  • Include what kind of activities are set to take place and how much they will cost the attendees

Many bachelorette parties take place out of town at hot spots like Las Vegas or Cabo San Lucas. If this is the case, you will want to include details on hotel accommodations, best flight options, transportation, the cost of the trip, and more. With Paperless Post, you can use Blocks to provide these details on your bachelorette party invitation without cluttering up the design. You can also ask your guests questions on dietary preferences, ideas for bachelorette party games, clothing sizes (say, for matching tees), or determining everyone’s budget and easily collect their answers when they RSVP.

As for when to send bachelorette party invitations, it’s recommended at least one month in advance for local celebrations and closer to three months in advance for destination celebrations.


A dark green bachelorette party invitation with green and pink banana leaves around the border next to a white envelope with a pink and green striped liner.Lahaina” by Cheree Berry Paper & Design for Paperless Post.

Bachelorette party invite wording ideas

When it comes to bachelorette party invite wording, the more exciting, the better. Bachelorette parties can have all kinds of different themes, from sassy and sexy to fancy and formal, so your wording should reflect the vibe you’re hoping to achieve. Here are some ideas for bachelorette invitation wording.


When writing a bachelorette party invitation, don’t shy away from humor. Some great headline examples for funny bachelorette party invitation wording include: 

  • “What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party” 
  • “Let’s get bach sh*t crazy!” 
  • “Hangovers are temporary, girlfriends are forever.” 
  • “Same [eggplant emoji] forever.” 


Who doesn’t love a good pun? There are many great ways to incorporate puns into your bachelorette party invitations, including these:

  • “Get ready for the bride of your life!”
  • “Put a fling on it!” 
  • “Bride or die.”
  • “This is nacho usual bachelorette—let’s fiesta!”


Just like puns, cheeky rhymes are always a hit when it comes to invitations. Some great bachelorette party invitation rhymes include: 

  • “Kiss the miss goodbye!” 
  • “She’s tying the knot—buy her a shot.” 
  • “Party with the bride before the knot gets tied!” 
  • “Before she says I do, let’s have a drink or two!” 


A light pink bachelorette party invitation with “our girl is getting MARRIED!” in pink and red color blocks beside a white envelope with a hot pink polka dot liner.Our Girl’s Getting Married” by Paper Source for Paperless Post.


Set a festive, celebratory tone for a night of partying, and opt for headers like: 

  • “Cheers to the future Mrs!” 
  • “OMG, she’s getting married!” 
  • “Get ready—it’s time for a bachelorette bash!” 
  • “Say ‘I do’ to party time!” 


Sometimes bachelorette party invitations don’t need to be over the top—simple is fun and effective as well. Try concise wording like: 

  • “Cheers to the bride” 
  • “Bach bash alert” 
  • “Let’s celebrate our girl” 
  • “Bride squad unite”


For a more formal event, keep invitation wording on the more traditional side, like:

  • “You’re cordially invited to celebrate the future Mrs. [Name]” 
  • “A black dress affair…” 
  • “Please join us to celebrate the soon-to-be Mrs. [Name]” 
  • “You’re invited to the bachelorette event of the season”


Left: Two Champagne flutes filled with orange juice and raspberries at the bottom are beside a bottle of Cava and bowl of fruit. Right: A bachelorette party invitation with a lemon tree branch and the words “She’s found her main squeeze!”Image via Mommy Blogger Lauren; “Main Squeeze” by Paperless Post.


Bachelorette party invitation ideas

Now that you’ve selected your guest list, theme, and wording, it’s time to think about some bachelorette party invite ideas that bring it all together. No matter what type of bachelorette bash you’re throwing for the bride-to-be (if you need bachelorette party ideas, we’ve got them), whether it’s a Vegas destination weekend, a spa day, or a wine tasting, you’ll find the right design for your invitation at Paperless Post. 


1. Put a ring on it

Celebrate the rock on her finger with ring-inspired invitations for the bride squad, such as “You’re Invited Ring” and “Put a Ring.” Looking for a wording suggestion? Try something like:

“One last fling before the ring! Come celebrate [Name] before she becomes a Mrs!”


Left: A pink lingerie party invitation with a white bra surrounded by small flowers and an envelope with matching liner. Right: Sugar cookies decorated to look like black and white lingerie.Floral Support” by Paperless Post; Image via Maison’s Custom Cookies.

2. Lingerie party

Spice up a bachelorette party with a lingerie-themed party, where the guests bring their choice of naughty or nice lingerie gifts for the bride. Choose an invitation like “Lingerie Shower” or “Floral Support,” and use wording along the lines of:

“Join us as we fill [Name’s] lingerie drawers! Pretty or provocative—the choice is yours!”


3. Destination party

A weekend getaway party is always a hit. Some of our favorite invitations for bachelorette trips include “Flamingo Floatie,” “Boot Up,” and “Vegas Welcome.”

Wording for a destination party invite should include the location and a flair excitement, like:

“Giddy up, girls! We’re heading to Nashville for one last getaway before [Name] ties the knot,”

“Pack your bags, we’re going to Miami. Before she says I DO, let’s have a drink or two!”


An online bachelorette party invite with a gif on the right of pink roses and neon sign lettering reading “BEST BACH EVER.”Best Bach” Flyer by Paperless Post.


4. Romantic theme

Love is in the air. Pay homage to your bride-to-be’s love story with romantic invites like “Best Bach.” Choose heartfelt wording, such as:

“It’s a pure romance bachelorette party in honor of our girl,” or “FALL IN LOVE. Let’s party.”

5. Decade party

Throwing it back to the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s is a go-to party theme, and bachelorette parties are no exception. Try decade-themed invitations like “Flashing Lights,” “Far Out,” or try one of these Y2K-themed party ideas.

As for wording, go for something along the lines of:

“Party like it’s 1999!”

“Let’s get glam as we celebrate our girl in ’70s disco style!”


6. Hot spots

Meow! Animal prints are a long-time favorite theme, especially for a night on the town. Some of our most popular animal-themed cards include “Glitter Animal” and “Bold Leopard.” Try wording like:

“Hey grrrls! Come and get fierce as we celebrate [Name]!”


Left: A table set fot mimosas with glasses, pitchers, and sparkling wine beneath a balloon bottle pouring out balloons “bubbles.” Right: A bachelorette party invitation with a gold Champagne flute with bubbles drifting out.Image via Bach Babes; “Champagne Bubbles” by Paperless Post.

7. Girls just wanna have fun 

Make your invitation all about the party with some of our most fun invitations, including “Chorus Line,” “Our Girl’s Getting Married,” or “Bride Squad.” 

These invitation styles let the guests know that this won’t be a formal occasion—all they need to bring is a fun, ready-to-dance attitude. Some wording suggestions for these bachelorette party invitations include:

“Party like she’s still single!”

“Paging all little black dresses. Let’s send [Name] into matrimony in style!” 


8. Spa-inspired

Get in that R&R before the bride’s big day. Whether you’re planning a spa getaway or hosting a pampering party instead of a night out, a spa theme is always a fabulous choice for a bachelorette party. For this theme, try invitations like “Spa Day” or “Gussy Up.” Need some wording inspiration? Try something like:

“Join us for a sip ‘n’ soak on behalf of [Name’s] last days as a bachelorette.” 


Left: A bachelorette party invitation with a photo of Champagne bottle-shaped balloons rising from the ocean. Right: A small swimming pool behind a house has various bachelorette party-themed floats in it and balloons above that spell out BRIDE.Champagne Float” by Gray Malin for Paperless Post; Image via Carlyle Thornton.

9. Beach/pool party

Grab your beach bag for some fun in the sun with a beach or pool-inspired bachelorette bash. Try bright and beachy invitations like “Clothing Optional,” “Beach,” and “Have Sun.” For invitation wording, try something like:

“Get your sunscreen ready for a weekend of using [Name’s] wedding as an excuse to drink margaritas in the pool.” 


10. Floral 

Flowers aren’t just a great motif for wedding invitations, they make for awesome bachelorette party invitations, too. Celebrate with invitations like “Summer Bouquet” and “Marguerite Floral,” and use wording like:

“Can you be-leaf our girl is getting married so soon? Join us to celebrate as [Name] blossoms into a bride.” 


Left: A woman pictured from above wears a white “BRIDE” cowboy hat as she sits in a kiddie pool filled with pink balloons and balls. Right: Alt text: A pink bachelorette party invitation with illustrations of various colorful cowboy boots all facing left.Image via Studio Goddess; “Boot Up” by Paperless Post.

11. Pretty in pink

Think pink with fun and feminine rose-colored invitations like “Sparkle,” “Pink Watercolor,” “Fanned Frond,” and “Alright All Night.” Use wording like:

“We’re tickled pink to invite you to celebrate our blushing bride-to-be’s bachelorette party!”


12. Boozy

Bust out the bubbly and let your ladies know it’s bound to be a big night with wine, cocktails, and Champagne-themed invitations such as “Wine Tour,” “Tossed Cocktails,” “Champagne Bubbles,” “Shots Shots Shots.” Use invitation wording like:

“Let’s toast our beautiful bride-to-be. Join us for bubbly and brunch bites as we count down to the big day.”


It’s always a great party with Paperless Post

A bachelorette is a once in a lifetime party for the bride-to-be, and Paperless Post can help you make it extra-special and easy to pull off, too. 

Once you’ve narrowed down all of the fun bachelorette party ideas to the one you love best, you’re ready to customize and send your invitations via email, text, or shareable link. If you need some professional assistance in creating your bachelorette party invites, our Personal Design Services team is here to help you make your invitations a true reflection of the event to come—and the woman of the hour.

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