Baby shower gift guide (and ones to avoid) from our designer moms

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Parents and non-parents alike tend to think they’ve got baby shower gifts all wrapped up. You get the Goodnight Moon, a mobile, bada-bing, bada-boom. Or maybe not. We talked to four very together mothers about what they exactly did and didn’t do with their baby shower gifts, and came away with a few surprises.

What’s a gift you loved getting or loved giving?

Images: Bonpoint.


Rachel Blumenthal, CEO of Rockets of Awesome: My most recent shower was for my second child, so I didn’t register for anything. I had a lot of “the classics” from my first time around. However, what I did love receiving this time was some very adorable children’s clothing—not pajamas and onesies—but things I wouldn’t have ever purchased myself, like little Bonpoint outfits and a baby-sized Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater.


Images: Juniper books.


Sylvana Ward Durrett, co-founder of Maisonette: I loved everything I got—not just because all gifts are welcome, but my friends’ creativity and thoughtfulness was really impressive. It’s inspired my current go-to gift, in fact: I give a set of Juniper Books Baby Lit board books whenever I can. They’re classic tales, simplified, and with big, kid-friendly illustrations.


What’s a gift you didn’t really need (or just got too many of)?

Anna Bond, founder and creative director, Rifle Paper Co.: I wish I had asked for some quality formula to have on hand. I ended up not being able to breastfeed even though I fully intended to. I was totally unprepared for the situation (both mentally and having anything in my house) and was left scrambling. I also definitely did not need so much baby powder! I accidentally registered for three large bottles and I have yet to use it even one time on my son.


Images: Garbo and friends.


Luisana Mendoza de Roccia, co-founder of Maisonette: I ended up with way too many onesies. The benefit, though, is that all my friends are getting Garbo & Friends sleep sacks for their showers!


It looks like stormy weather: call for a baby shower with our invitations.