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Brock Collection designers and fashion world darlings, Laura Vassar and Kris Brock, strike the perfect balance between uptown polish and lived-in ease. Their invitations are inspired by the same sun-kissed floral drapings, raw-edged fabrics, and of course, romance.

The Brock Collection, as designed by fashion-world darlings and Los Angeles natives, Laura Vassar and Kris Brock, is well-known for its marriage of romantic glamour and new-world ease and comfort. And now, they’ve brought their vision of modern love to invitations perfect for weddings, parties, and every other kind of celebration you can imagine.

A Brock Collection wedding is a beautiful thing—a sun-dappled trip down the aisle on the Pacific Coast, wearing vintage looks (that somehow don’t look secondhand at all). It’s all yours now. Really. The Brock Collection wedding invitation collection features fabrics designed and curated by Laura and Kris, in prints and patterns that wed something old, something new, and something truly fabulous. (It’s a big marriage, okay?) Soft, chintz-inspired florals, metallic gold, silver, and rose gold damasks, and raw edges inspired by traditional papercraft transition beautifully into this new online world of invitations and correspondence. Not to be left behind, our artisans also played with digital moire and blurring techniques in their collection of invitations, to add a touch of the new to nostalgic textures and moods.

And the best part of our Brock Collection invitations? Well, it’s still the design, but we wanted to take some credit for the smart tools you can use to have a fully personalized Brock Collection wedding—or other grand event. Our online design tool lets you customize every important detail of your invitation to match the event. That means, yes, typing in the specific details of your wedding, its venue, and so on, but it also means updating font colors and type layout, too. The Brock Collection also curated a matching collection of envelope liners and digital backdrops for your invitation, too. That means your wedding invitations’ arrival will be an expressive experience for your guests to behold—and that your wedding event page will be styled to match with the Brock Collection’s finest. As always, you’ll be able to use Paperless Post’s smart RSVP tracking tools—a must for planning an event like a wedding, and quite nice for planning lower-stakes affairs, too.

Even after the wedding, there are still parties to plan and celebrations to savor, naturally. And the Brock Collection’s invitations are ready for every party in the future. Use the online design tool to put together dinner parties, baby showers, bridal showers for your soon-to-be-wed pals, and anything else that could use the romantic and raw touch of Brock Collection invitations.