Mermaid birthday invitations

Mermaid invitations

Our mermaid invitations will set a magical tone for your under the sea party. Make mermaid birthday invitations in pink, purple, and mint; all with RSVP tracking & instant delivery.

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Under the sea party invitations

Our online mermaid invitations make handling the planning of your child’s under the sea celebration more fun -- for the mermaid birthday girl or boy, and their parents alike. Or, use any template for a mermaid themed baby shower invitation. Kick off the big day with classic Card invitations, or send an animated Flyer—up to 50 email invites free! Better still, no ads, ever! No matter what dream of a theme your little one demands for the next big celebration, we have the mermaid invitations for you. After all, little birthdays are a big deal. If your kid is really into Ariel right now, throwing an under-water themed fête is easy. Since your mermaid birthday invitations are the first thing guests will see for your party, why not let it set the tone? Mermaid invitations can serve as a jumping-off point for the party’s color palette and theme. Think pink, purple, and minty ombré.

Why send mermaid invitations online?

We are constantly updating our under the sea invitation assortment so we have online invitations with RSVP tracking to match any kind of party. There’s something for birthday boys and birthday girls and ocean creatures: mermaid parties and pool parties, and all other manner of shindigs you could dream of. We’ve got treasure chests, seashells, all the bubbles, seaweed for days, jellyfish friends and dolphin buddies, turtles, seahorses, and plenty of fish! You’ll even find some free kids birthday party invites, too, because having fun shouldn’t have a cost of admission.

What to write in a mermaid birthday invitation

It’s our job to make cute under the sea invites worthy of your cute kids. We give you a head-start with mermaid party invitations wording suited to the theme, but give you full license to rewrite us. (We won’t mind.) You can also edit the type spacing, pick new fonts, and choose your kid’s favorite colors for the type. Upload or add a photo of your own little mermaid. Pick out matching liners and digital backdrops to match the IRL decor, and your design work is done. Still worried you can’t find the perfect invite? We’ve been there. That’s why our Personal Design Services team is here to bring your kid’s under the sea theme to life. We can create original designs inspired by your kid’s photo, the venue, or the color palette of your party. Since we’re talking about mermaid invitations, the team can also change the color hair of any design to match your mermaid. So contact a specialist and enjoy complimentary custom design services for both Cards and Flyers. Whether you have a specific design in mind or don’t know where to start, we’re here for you.

Mermaid birthday party ideas

After you’ve made the perfect mermaid birthday invitations, you can continue on to plan the rest of the under the sea celebration. Feeling uninspired? Head to our blog for a list of imaginative kids’ birthday ideas from our British design partners, Meri Meri. From fairytale fêtes to pirate parties, the masters of merriment share their guide to kid-requested and parent-approved birthday parties. Plus, whether your kid’s theme is mermaids or pirates, they have all the mix and match party supplies you need to make the party out of this world. Seahorse balloons or mermaid cupcake toppers could be a nice addition to an under the sea party. Perhaps some bubbles, glitter, and crowns for your royal oceanic guests. And since kids’ wishes can tend to the whimsical side, we make it easy to customize your design with make your own invitations and photo invitations.

Mermaid invitations

Oh, and then there’s the planning. Not to worry—we’re expert kid-wranglers. We include easy RSVP tracking and guest reminder messaging that helps you keep your kids’ birthday party on time, on schedule, and ideally full of the best guests around. Guest messaging is good for more than just collecting names for your list. Use it to plan ahead on under-the-sea inspired snacks, gifts, and every other party essential. When the whole thing’s done and every kid is smoothly sailed home, pour some water or wine and relax…until you have to try to get those memories in the family album. After the big day is over, browse our selection of online kid’s thank you notes. Choose from our array of designs, and a personal note. Thoughtful and timely thank yous are appreciated by humans and merpeople alike.