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Winter is truly a beautiful season to have a birthday. With everyone already in a festive mood, adding a birthday celebration to the mix is always a welcome invitation. After all, the more, the merrier! Whether it’s a themed soirée or a low-key gathering with your closest friends, we’ve got several winter birthday ideas to get you inspired. Commemorating another trip around the sun in December, January, or February? Here’s how to do it in style. 

left: A holiday party invitation with gold foil in a gold envelope. Right: A person holds a champagne flute in front of a Christmas Tree.

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What should I do for my birthday in December?

There’s always an extra element of anticipation in the air come December. There are a ton of holidays in a row, and a whole new year is about to begin. All in all, people are ready to relax and let loose. From high-energy winter parties complete with costumes to quieter get-togethers at home that feel downright cozy, here are a few winter birthday party ideas to get you started.

Roaring Twenties theme

A century after the original Jazz Age, people are still just as captivated by the glitz and glamour of it all. The fashion, the music, the opulence, the creative cocktails… what’s not to love? Plan a shiny, spirited “The Great Gatsby”-style soirée with the help of our helpful Roaring Twenties party guide

Start with a creative art deco invitation (we’ve got plenty to choose from) and build upon the theme with gold and silver sparkly decor, 1920s dress attire, and of course, plenty of flowing champagne. 

Winter cocktail party

Hot toddies and mulled wine are to winter as Aperol spritzes and spiked seltzers are to summer. I other words, they’re essential. Plus, they’re easy to make. Toast your birthday without leaving the house by hosting a winter cocktail party. Party menu ideas include: 

Butter pecan old fashioneds 

Spiked eggnog

Kahlua hot chocolate

– Cheese and charcuterie board

Mini pumpkin cheesecakes

Spicy cranberry sausage balls

Choose whether you want to go classy or cheeky (or a bit of both) with one of these holiday cocktail party invitations. And as always, save yourself time and stress by preparing food items ahead of time. 

Another option is making the party a potluck and asking each guest to bring a cocktail or appetizer to share. Either way, a winter cocktail party is a way to bring people together for a festive birthday celebration without having to battle the bar crowds (or wait to be served). . 

Head to the ice skating rink 

Unleash your inner child (or Michelle Kwan) with an ice skating party. If there isn’t a year-round rink or safely frozen pond in your area, many towns and cities host seasonal rinks from Thanksgiving into the new year. For a more exclusive experience, rent a private heated tent for you and your friends to enjoy. 

When it comes to winter party invitations, pick a blue and silver winter wonderland theme with the time, date, and place you’ll be lacing up your skates. And for those who’d rather observe from the sidelines, offer the option of BYOF (bring your own flask) as a way to stay warm. Who’s up for a little rink-and-drink?

left: Palm fronds in a greenhouse. Right: A floral invitation for a cocktail party.

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What should I do for my birthday in January?

January is a wonderful time to explore attractions and events in your area and beyond. After the holiday crowds have dispersed and before the arrival of spring break, it’s the ultimate time to go out and do stuff. Here are a few winter birthday ideas you can host around town.

Visit a botanical garden

Missing those summertime blooms? Good news: Many botanical gardens have tropical exhibits year-round. Check with your local botanical garden for unique, warm-weather plants like the corpse flower, giant water lily, and pitcher plant. You can even experience the gardens in a special way by scheduling a birthday picnic lunch or private evening event.

Tour a local museum or historic building

In January, museums often debut their new season of exhibits. Many museums also offer low-cost or free tours to add to the experience. Invite friends to go to your favorite museum or an exhibit you’re interested in, or spend the day solo and meet up with everyone for lunch or dinner later on to make the day feel extra-special. 

Go to an amusement park

Why not have a birthday party at the most magical place on Earth? Flee the frostbite and head to Disneyland or Disney World to live out your childhood princess fantasies. Get a group of friends together, don your favorite Disney character ears, and enjoy a day of rides, parades, concession stand foods, and taking photos with Cinderella. 

Bonus: If your birthday is in January, you can even take part in Disney World’s annual 5K, 10K, or marathon. There’s no better way to start your year on the right foot—that is, if you’re into long-distance cardio.

Elvis-themed party

If you were born in early January, you might share a birthday with the King himself (January 8!). Celebrate accordingly with some oldies karaoke, slicked-back hair, and rhinestones. Don’t forget to include bite-sized versions of Presley’s favorite snack,  peanut butter and banana sandwiches, on your winter party menu

Invite guests with a karaoke invitation and encourage them to dress as their favorite Elvis version. Viva Las Vegas Elvis, Jailhouse Rock Elvis… anything goes. 

Attend an ice carving festival 

Looking for unique outdoor winter party ideas? There’s nothing quite like an ice carving festival. Aspen is known for its famous ice carving competition, which happens each January. And if you ask us, a winter escape to Colorado sounds like the perfect birthday party plan.

Of course, coordinating an out-of-town trip requires advanced notice. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, send out a birthday save the date to give guests time to plan. Follow up with details about accommodations and party itinerary information in the official invitation to follow.

 left: A pink party invitation with retro lettering and an abstract coupe glass. Right: A Moai-style planter growing succulents.

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What should I do for my birthday in February?

By the time February rolls around, you might be itching to leave town for your winter birthday. Since this tends to be a slower time of the winter season, friends and family will likely be thrilled to have a reason to take a vacation—or just celebrate like you’re on one. 

New Orleans theme

You can be adventurous and take your party crew to New Orleans for an unforgettable street party with the Bourbon Street crowds. Or you can always laisser les bons temps rouler with a Mardi Gras themed get-together at home (in 2022, the partying begins on February 17). 

For the latter, serve crawfish, gumbo, and beignets, and decorate with plenty of jewel-toned beads. For a specialty cocktail, make sure to make a large batch of rum-punchy hurricanes for everyone to enjoy. Feeling super festive? Serve a purple, gold, and green King Cake for guests to cut into with a prize for whoever finds the plastic baby. 

’70s shindig 

Bell-bottoms and tie-dye aren’t the only things we love about the ’70s. The decade also introduced some incredible party trends, like tiki bars, fondue, and the popularity of yard games bocce ball and shuffleboard. Include them all in your shindig for one truly groovy birthday bash. 

Whether you’re a ’70s baby or simply appreciate a great feathered haircut, a birthday party dedicated to a specific decade is always a fun way to celebrate. 

Beach getaway 

Since February is often the coldest month of the year, there’s no better time to plan a birthday escape to somewhere tropical. Invite guests to Miami, Palm Springs, or somewhere equally balmy with a palm tree invitation to lounge by the pool or ocean and soak up the sunshine. The wording can go something like this:

Escape to Palm Springs

For a birthday celebration!

Pack your swimsuits and get ready to pop champagne poolside

Saturday, February 19

Good times start at noon

Private cooking class

One of the best things to do for winter birthdays is sharing a meal with friends. Change it up from making reservations at your favorite restaurant. Instead, hire a professional chef to teach you and your friends some new skills. 

Pick a new cuisine or whip up tried-and-true dishes everyone loves. Then, in the end, you can all share the delicious meal you created together.

A Flyer invitation with a polar bear lying on snow.

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Get the gang together for milestone birthdays

A milestone birthday deserves extra attention. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops—you deserve this special day! Make the event official by choosing a milestone birthday invitation that speaks to your personality and the way you’ll be celebrating. 

Attend a Carnival celebration

Carnival is Brazil’s rowdiest, most show-stopping annual celebration. It’s a week-long event filled with activities, music, and wild nights. It’s also the ideal location to usher in a 21st birthday, where you can toast with a Caipirinha or two. 

If jet-setting to Rio isn’t in the cards for you, embrace the spirit of this over-the-top event by throwing Carnival at home! Decorate with peacock feathers and colorful party masks. Add some traditional flavors into the menu with slow-cooked pork with beans and rice, or a big pot of a gumbo-style stew. Or keep it simple with easy party appetizers decorated with colorful Carnival-themed touches.

Cabin getaway

The big 3-0 deserves a fun-filled time with friends, even if you’ve calmed down a bit since your 21st. A cabin getaway packed with winter activities like skiing, tubing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and lounging by the fire is a perfectly cozy, memorable way to usher in a new decade of life. 

Everyone can have fun playing outside during the day and then gear up for game night and s’mores when the sun goes down. 

Baking bash 

Your 40th birthday should be celebrated exactly the way you wish—whether that means a wild night out, or a quieter night in with the people you love. One of our favorite winter birthday ideas—especially for a 40th—is a birthday baking bash. 

When it’s cold outside, what better way to enjoy the start of another decade than creating delicious treats and hanging out with friends in your comfiest clothes? Let everyone show off their culinary skills and treat themselves all day. At the end, everyone can take home a mix of their favorite treats. 

Spa day

No matter what your age, pampering should be part of the party agenda. But there’s something especially sweet about doing a spa day for a 50th birthday celebration. Lounge in luxurious robes and celebrate with self-care at its finest. Let the spa curate a special experience, so all you have to do is it back and relax.

Clearly, there’s no limit to all the ways you can celebrate a winter birthday. Whatever your interests or age, there’s something for everyone. Have fun planning your party, keep track of who’s coming, and message updates to guests when you send invitations from Paperless Post. With thousands of designs to choose from, you can feel confident that you’ve found the one that makes you feel most excited for the party and year ahead.


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