8 wedding invitation keepsake ideas to make it last forever

A stack of printed wedding invitations featuring a watercolor floral illustration are surrounded by pink velvet ribbon, lemon stamps, and a pair of wedding rings.
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Your wedding day may have come and gone, but the beautiful memories of celebrating your love with the people you love will last forever. As you’re packing up the décor, looking back on smile-filled photos, and writing those “thank yous,” there’s one detail that shouldn’t be filed away for a rainy day: your beautifully designed wedding invitations.

A wedding invitation is like a work of art, particularly if you’ve put lots of thought, time, and effort into crafting a beautiful, memorable design. Invitations can reflect a couple’s personality and creativity, and serve as a preview of their big day beforehand. To that end, it’s also a physical reminder of that special celebration long after it’s over—and they usually don’t take up too much space, either. In other words, your invitation has all the makings of a perfect post-wedding keepsake. 

 “Turning invitations into a keepsake is a beautiful, visual way to remember your day,” says Paper Source Expert and Brand Director, Rebecca Burick. “And, it’s a little piece of history worth saving.” 


A pile of wedding invitations and cream-colored envelopes sit under a pair of gold scissors and a gold pen.
“Watercolor Garland Wedding Invitation” and “Natural Wreath Wedding Invitation” by Paperless Post.


Of course, before you can turn your invitation into something you’ll want to “have and hold” forever, you’ve got to find the right one for you. Consider carefully choosing, creating, and printing your invitations with a trusted invitation site. We recommend Paper Source—Paperless Post’s exclusive print partner—for its sophisticated collection of customizable paper wedding invitations from best-in-class designers. (Pro Tip: Before you mail out your printed wedding invitations, send online save the dates from Paperless Post to collect important mailing addresses from your guests beforehand.)

Read on for five easy ways you can turn your wedding invitations into a cherished keepsake.


Wedding invitation keepsake ideas

1. Put it in a special frame

Create your very own home gallery with a wedding invitation that easily doubles as wall art.  From classic styles to shadow boxes, framing your invite is an easy way to display and elevate your design. Go for a large frame that matches your wedding colors seamlessly, or try DIY-ing it for an extra personal touch. 

“You can make your keepsake as simple or as involved as you want,” says Rebecca. “If you prefer clean and simple, all you need is a shadow box frame, foam squares, and some beautiful background paper in a solid color or complementary pattern.” Hang your keepsake in a special, visible place, like your bedroom or hallway, so you’ll be reminded of your favorite day, every day. 

2. Make a memory box

Create a memory box filled with all of the mementos that hold special importance to you and your spouse from your special day. Similar to this Mother’s Day DIY keepsake box, Rebecca recommends mixing different types of media, like flat and three-dimensional items, to add an extra unique quality to your box. Think: A swatch of your gown or veil, a copy of your vows, the cork from your first sip of bubbly, or a dried flower from your bouquet. 

With this option, you should also have enough room to Include your full stationery suite, including RSVP and detail cards, as well as the envelope. All of these little details? They’re big reminders of all the moments that made your day. 


Left: Printed wedding invitation featuring a watercolor illustration of greenery and pink and red flowers sits on top of a dark green envelope. Next to the card is a pile of envelopes and pink flowers. Right: A wedding shadow box holds a bride's bouquet of dried flowers and a printed invitation.
“Dripping Floral Wedding Invitation” by Paperless Post; photo via Sarah Bella.

3. Create a holiday ornament

What better way to deck the halls this holiday season than with an ornament inspired by one of the best days of your year? Etsy has hundreds of shops and creators that can turn your invitation into a Christmastime tradition, or, if you’re feeling artsy and adventurous, opt for this DIY ornament idea (psst—it also makes a thoughtful, personal gift for parents or in-laws):

Materials you’ll need:

  • A clear glass or plastic ornament
  • Your invitation
  • Colored envelope or accent paper
  • Paper trimmer or scissors 


  • Using your paper trimmer or scissors, cut your invitation into thin strips. (A bit scary at first, but we promise the finished product will be worth it.) Cut your invite so important details, like names, dates, and venues, remain intact and can be recognized.
  • Next, curl the strips of paper around the pencil tightly and hold it in place.
  • Carefully place the curled paper in the ornament and mix in pieces of your accent paper. You can sprinkle in a dash of glitter for some extra holiday shine, too.
  • Add a pretty ribbon to your globe, hang, and enjoy! 


Printed rust-colored save the date invitation sits on top of an open white envelope with a light blue liner. Next to card are white flowers, strips of white ribbon, and a light blue Wedgwood dish holding two wedding rings.
“Ceremony Save the Date Card” by Paperless Post.

4. Put it on a plate

Serve up your fondest memories any time you please when you put your wedding details on a dish, plate, or custom pottery. Display your personalized plate on a stand or shelf as a lasting reminder that can live right in your kitchen. Best of all? You can choose a style of plate that fits your personal taste and decorating aesthetic to a T.

Into the classic look? Try a timeless sterling silver or pewter invitation tray or serving plate. These elevated keepsakes can serve as an important part of your family’s history as an heirloom passed through generations to come. Or for a more modern approach, choose custom pottery printed with your invitation’s personalized script, symbols, logos, or details. Either way, it’s a uniquely beautiful way to remember your day. 

Unusual wedding invitation keepsake ideas

Left: A printed wedding invitation featuring a watercolor illustration of greenery and orange flowers sits on top of a stack of green envelopes wrapped in white ribbon. Right: A wooden keepsake box with designs engraved in the lid, including the words "You make my heart bloom."
“Watercolor Garland Wedding Invitation” by Paperless Post; image via Hereafter LA.


The possibilities for preserving your invitations are truly endless. When considering your keepsake, look for options that fit your personality as a couple, and don’t be afraid to experiment with ideas that fall outside of the traditional (especially if you have several leftover invitations to work with and experiment on!). 

Here are some not-so-ordinary ways to put your wedding invitation on display in your home:

  • For a natural touch, opt for putting your invite on a piece of eco-friendly wood, or transform your details into a cutting board or charcuterie board
  • Pillows printed with your wedding invitation can be a cozy and comfy way to display your big day in a new home. 
  • Create a custom tray, like these from Sharrison Studios in Maine, for a functional and memorable piece of décor. 
  • Rebecca Burick also recommends adding your own personal touch and creativity to whichever keepsake you choose–like these beautiful art cards embellished with floral stamping, quilling, and watercolors. 


A printed save the date photo card featuring a black and white portrait of a couple with gold writing. Next to the card is a stack of black envelopes, a pair of wedding rings, a magnifying glass, flowers, and an ink bottle and pen.
“Our Day Save the Date Card” by Paperless Post.


Find wedding invitations you’ll want to hold onto with Paperless Post and Paper Source

If you’re just beginning your wedding invitation design process, you can create a wedding invitation suite worthy of your dreams with Paperless Post. Browse hundreds of our most popular wedding invitations and design collaborations with top-of-the-line partners like Oscar de la Renta, Rifle Paper Co., Stephanie Fishwick, and Monique Lhuillier. Customize and print your design with help from our exclusive print partner, Paper Source

We have a feeling you, your partner, and your new wedding keepsake will live happily ever after. 



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