Virtual bridal shower invitation wording examples

Planning a virtual bridal shower? We can help. It’s normal to feel a little lost on how to plan such an event, especially virtual bridal shower invitation wording. What do you say in them, anyway? The good news is virtual bridal showers are simple and convenient to include guests from all over. We have plenty of ideas for celebrating and examples of virtual bridal shower invitation wording to get you inspired. You can also check out our selection of bridal shower invitations and virtual party invitations that let you include a Zoom link for guests to easily access the party when the time comes.

Virtual bridal shower invitation wording

We have a few wording examples to get your creative juices flowing. Use these as a template and fill in your own details, or as inspiration to write something unique. Feel free to personalize it to your heart’s content.

Casual virtual bridal shower wording

Looking to keep things conversational and low-key? We like keeping things easy and relatable, and the tone perfectly matches the locale (aka the Internet).

Nicole is getting married! 

Join us as we enjoy a REMOTE ROSÉ in the bride-to-be’s honor. 

Saturday, May 12th at 4:30pm. Link to follow. 

Sip, Sip, Syrah! 

Raise your glass for Lauren’s VIRTUAL BRIDAL BASH 

06.19.21 | 7pm EST | Zoom link attached 

Please join us as we shower the bride and groom to be

Shower Ashley & John

with good wishes, games, and fun!

Sunday, January 24th at 12:00-1:30pm EST

Virtual event via Zoom – link to follow | Please R.S.V.P

Hosts: Jenny and Barb Smith


A virtual bridal shower invitation with a small square opening for a photo surrounded by illustrations of pink flowers, paired with a matching green envelope and liner.Spring Impasto” by Paperless Post.

Formal virtual bridal shower wording

Want to keep things a little more traditional? Just because you’re celebrating online doesn’t mean you can’t be formal, from the bridal shower invitation wording to the dress code, activities, and special details.  

Mindi is getting married!

In Honor of Mindi’s engagement to Charles Jones

Please join: Maid of Honor, Lindsay Smith, Mother, Cheryl Court, and Bridesmaids for a special shower

Saturday March 13th at 12:30pm 

Out of love for you and respect for life, this celebration will be held virtually. Please visit Mindi’s wedding website to read the couple’s story and ceremony updates.

Join us for a virtual wedding shower for Megan and Andrew

Come say hi and open gifts (on Zoom, of course). 

Saturday, January 30th 11:00 -12:00 P.M. EST | Zoom link attached 

They are registered at Amazon and William Sonoma. 

Please note: The couple wishes they could bring all of the people they love and care about together to celebrate their wedding, but their wedding will include only immediate family members. We hope, at least, that this shower lets us celebrate them in spirit now, and in person someday soon.

Nicole is getting married

Join us as we toast the bride-to-be

Saturday, April 12th at 4:30pm

This event will be hosted online. Link to follow. 

Funny virtual bridal shower wording

Clever, punny invitations are sure to get a smile or chuckle out of guests. When it comes to celebrating virtually, people often appreciate a humorous nod to the unfamiliarity of it all.

Let’s get fancy and Facetime! 

We’ll pretend we’re going out (but we’ll be on the couch). 


Friday at 8pm. Link provided in details.

It’s going down before the gown

Join Ariana for


before she gets the ring. 

Saturday, May 29th at 8:30pm. Zoom link attached. 

In-person bridal shower with virtual option wording

Sarah’s Getting Hitched

Please join us in honoring her on March 13th at 12pm at the Botanical Garden Cafe. Please do not feel obligated to attend. You can shower Sarah with well wishes instead! Kindly email a video congratulating the bride to be and one piece of advice (or a couple). Email your videos to co-host Nicole.

Sarah’s registry and wedding details can be found on her wedding website.


A virtual bridal shower invitation with a pink background and a curly gold border, paired with a white envelope with a pink striped liner.Plume” by Paperless Post.

How do you address virtual bridal shower invitations?

Virtual bridal shower invitation etiquette is actually much simpler than you may think, and not much different from a regular bridal shower invitation. The key thing to remember to include is the platform it will be on (i.e Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc) and to include a link and instructions. If there are some tech-challenged people on the guest list, let everyone know they can contact you directly if they have any questions, or offer to do a trial run ahead of time. You can also include a link to the registry so everyone can shower the bride with gifts.

The must-haves:

— Date, time, virtual link

— RSVP instructions

— Registry info and link

— Note any theme or dress code

— (Optional) Provide a custom background for everyone to have up during the call (for a little “decoration” that ties the event together)

How does a virtual bridal shower work?

The short answer is: much like a normal bridal shower! Except, of course, you’re gathering via a video call. Use a platform like Google Hangouts or Zoom to create an event link you can include in the bridal shower invitations, or if you’re throwing a grooms’ shower or couples’ shower, in the couples’ wedding shower invitations. As mentioned earlier, you may want to have a practice meeting ahead of time if a lot of people on the guest list are not familiar with these types of platforms. Chances are they’ve used either platform at least once or twice.

It’s important to remember that you can still do a lot of the things that a regular bridal shower would include, like playing games and having a theme. Whether you’re hosting/planning your own or someone else’s, have a plan of how the event should go and a timeline of activities—even if the gathering is super low-key with time for catching up and time for toasting the happy couple. Everyone knows this isn’t normal partying, but the bride and groom should still feel special and showered with love. Consistency is key.


A virtual bridal shower invitation with big graphic garden floral prints on both sides of the text space, paired with a white envelope and matching liner.Garden Floral Ikat” by Oscar de la Renta for Paperless Post.

Have a theme and decor

A theme, even if general (tropical, fancy cocktail hour, etc), can make the virtual bridal shower feel like the real, special event it is! Decor and attire help set the mood. “Decor” in this case usually means a virtual background that makes everyone feel like they’re celebrating in the same place, even if they aren’t. You can make your own graphics, use an image, or download a free background on the Web. Here are some examples of things you can use as your virtual party background:

— An image of balloons in the couple’s wedding colors

— A tropical island or tiki bar

— A fancy cocktail lounge

— A skyline or image of the place where the couple plans to have the wedding

— The couple’s favorite restaurant, vacation spot, or local watering hole

A horizontal virtual bridal shower invitation in baby blue with an illustration of a white lace bra, paired with a white envelope with a blue lace liner.Intimate Situation” by Paperless Post.

Include games or activities

There are plenty of fun games and activities that can be done virtually, even with the help of some websites or other online platforms.

–Bridal bingo: If the bride is opening gifts that were sent ahead of time, you can create digital bingo cards with registry items on the squares.

–The Newlyweds game: But with party guests writing down answers live and showing them on screen.

–Name That Tune: Play snippets of well-known love songs (or songs related to your theme) and have guests name the title or artist.

–A scavenger hunt: Call out random items guests can find in their home, and award points to the first people to find each item in their homes first.

–Consider offering prizes: Gift cards are perfect, but any kind of incentive will be welcome.


A virtual bridal shower invitation featuring an illustrated background of a hornet approaching a peony plant, paired with a brown envelope.Hornet’s Garden” by John Derian for Paperless Post.

Have a signature cocktail or snack

Like the virtual background, this will help guests feel like they’re all in the same place. Send out recipes ahead of time or with the online bridal shower invitation. If you’d like, you can send items to people ahead of time, like a bottle of bubbly or the bride’s favorite dessert. If guests don’t drink, or are pregnant, there are plenty of fun, non-alcoholic drinks too!

How do you set up a virtual bridal shower?

Every virtual shower (and every shower IRL) is different, especially depending on the theme and the couple, but your general itinerary probably won’t stray much from that of a typical bridal shower. Virtual baby shower itineraries are pretty similar. We have some ideas for how you can structure your special event:

— Advise guests to send gifts ahead of time so they may get to the bride in time for the shower. Then, have the bride open gifts on screen, either in the beginning or the end of the event.

— Open the party with a “cocktail hour,” aka 5-10 minutes to cheers and chat as everyone logs on. If you have a signature cocktail for guests to make, advise them to make it ahead of time.

— Have the couple retell the engagement story—there may be people who don’t know the details or didn’t hear a firsthand account (and no one will mind hearing it again).

— Open gifts, play a game, or do an activity.

— Consider the theme, or consider doing a more immersive activity. Maybe the couple have become avid cooks since moving in together. Have everyone cook a recipe together and let guests know ahead of time what they need.

— End the party with a toast or two and wish the couple well!

An animated bridal shower invitation featuring a floral background and animated gold text.Getting Married” Flyer.

2023 virtual bridal shower trends

Here’s what many couples are doing now:

— Have cocktails with the bride or couple over Zoom, before they get married with just family.

— Have a virtual “sneak peek” of the dress with friends.

— Do a virtual cooking class with friends and family, or just the bridal party.

— Have a more intimate shower with only a few key people in person, then a virtual shower for people near and far.

— Have an “after party” shower for the couple that got married with just family.


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