Thanksgiving invitation wording ideas

Thanksgiving may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on traditions. Set the tone with a well-crafted Thanksgiving invitation and you can make it special at any size.

What do you write on a Thanksgiving invitation?

You know the essentials to include on any invitation: Mention the date, time, and location, plus who’s hosting the festivities. For a successful celebration this Turkey Day, include a few extra points that’ll go the distance. 

Set an RSVP date—consider a week or so out from your get-together—so you’ll have plenty of time to shop for ingredients, get prepped, and get cooking. (Pro tip: Set that table early on and you won’t have to worry about it day-of.) If you’re planning a potluck, keep on top of who’s bringing what by including a link to a Google Sheet that your friends and family can plug in what they’ll contribute. (This’ll prevent competing pies or too few sides.) 

Choose an invitation design that speaks to the vibe you’re aiming for, from an easy-going potluck to a virtual bash to a classic afternoon feast, then pick up some fresh wording ideas below. 

For the family

Set the tone for a more formal event by spelling out the time and date, using o’clock or in the afternoon instead of AM or PM. If you’re keeping it on the casual side, opt for numerals and abbreviations. A few of our favorite Thanksgiving wording suggestions:

Turkey and Toasts. Dispatch a card covered in warm-toned foliage, like this one from Rifle Paper Co. and everyone’s glasses will be full. 

Let’s Talk Turkey. Scrap the formal wording for this easy-going invite that’ll have everyone ready to get cooking.

Let’s get stuffed. One way to get your guests fired up? An animated invite that tells family and friends to come ready for free-wheeling good time. 

We’d like to thank you for another wonderful year. Please join us for a Thanksgiving Feast.  Send them flowers with a cozy-casual design. Script font signals a special occasion and numerals keep it from feeling stuffy. 

family Thanksgiving invitation wording

Gather ‘Round Thanksgiving invitation by Paperless Post: Serve up this invite for a formal dinner, signaled by spelling out the numerals, and a sophisticated, foliage-filled design.

Please join us for a gathering of


to celebrate Thanksgiving at three in the afternoon 

The Lowenstien Home

736 Wellington Ave

Grand Rapids

“Share the Love” Thanksgiving invitation by Paperless Post. This whimsical design cues up a celebration with plenty of family fun: The youngest of the bunch are welcome, and everyone gets to bring their favorite dish.

Gobble up a good time

Potluck Thanksgiving Feast

We’d be thankful if you’d join us

And share your favorite dish

Special kids table for little turkeys

The Andersons


For the lunch bunch: Thanksgiving invitation wording for work

Hosting at the office doesn’t have to feel like forced work-family fun. Jazz it up with an invite that explains what to bring and where to be. Let them know you’ll have the major cooking covered (no one needs to Uber with a turkey), but they can get creative with sides and sweets. 

Thanksgiving luncheon invitation wording for work

“Pie Swap” invitation by The Indigo Bunting. There’s no such thing as too much pie. With this colorful card you’ll be set to serve up one tasty party. 

You’re invited 

To our annual Thanksgiving pie swap 

Please bring a dish to share

Kindly rsvp


“Spanish Garden” invitation by Oscar de la Renta. Treat the team. Coworkers will be extra thankful to receive this designer invitation for a meal that honors their hard work. 

Please join

The Walker-Gaileys team for a

Thanksgiving Treat



Funny Thanksgiving invitation wording

Hosting a casual get-together? Spice it up with a playful invitation that doesn’t take itself seriously. 

Gobble gobble. Give them something to cluck about with wording that says exactly what they’ll be getting into this holiday in this design from Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

Family. Friends. Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Gravy. Cranberry sauce. Pecan pie. More pie. Send a Text. And by that, we mean this graphic send-out, which merges a casual-cool design with semi-formal wording.


funny Thanksgiving invitation wording

“Turkey Legs” by Papereless Post. Spread the word for a day full of food and football—jazz heels, optional. 

Let’s kick it. 

Please join us for a very thankful friendsgiving followed by football on the television.

Thanksgiving Day at 2pm


“Food Coma” by Paperless Post. Groovy bubble letters make light of how everyone will feel after your Friendsgiving feast.

Food Coma

Please join Arlo and Richard for 


The Brock Residence

2 Van Duesenville Road, Great Barrington


Seasonal soirées

With the end of 2020 approaching, we have more than Thanksgiving to celebrate. Plan a fall harvest party or a foliage-filled gathering, and spread the word. 

Fall fête. If you’re getting set for a soirée they’ll swoon at these watercolor leaves and your pumpkin-filled party.

Please join us for a celebration of Autumn. Go nuts. Establish the mood with these chic Jonathan Adler send-outs, and everyone will be happy to hunker down at your place. 

Fall frolic. Branch out. Straightforward and easy to read, this bright card from Happy Menocal paint a clear picture of what’s going on at your fall fest. 

Shorter Days. Longer Dinners. Go for the gold. Make a statement with an animated invitation that promises a long and lovely dinner. With bulleted details and two quick lines on what to expect, everyone will be set for the fête. 

fall harvest dinner invitation wording

“Turkey Feast” invitation by Hello!Lucky. Go all in. Friends and family will gladly opt in if gratitude and gravy are in store. These clearly-worded invitations spread the word seamlessly. 

Jen and Erin invite you to 

Thanksgiving feast

To bring together friends & family 

With gratitude and gravy



“Pantry” invitation by The Indigo Bunting. On Thanksgiving Day, you really can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. These cards will encourage your family and friends to don their chef hats and get fired up.


Join jus for dinner on Thanksgiving Day at 4PM

The Williams Residence I New York City

Please bring a dish to share


Friendsgiving invitation wording

If you’re celebrating at your home away from home, (or squeezing in a party with friends before the family feast) opt for a Friendsgiving invite that’s just as lively and fun as your crew. What is Friendsgiving? Head to our guide for the 411.

Feelin’ potlucky. Yes, your Friendsgiving can morph into a dance party. They’ll know to bring their dancing shoes with one look at this cheeky card

Here for the Sides. You can make it rain cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and more. Ship these out, and your friends and family will flock. 

Danksgiving.Plant an idea. You’ll set the bar high for your herb-friendly pals with an unconventional invite that promises laughs. 

Friendsgiving feast. Let them know creatures of all kinds are welcome with an illustration that’s almost as charming as you are. 

FEASTING & FOOTBALL On Friendsgiving Day. Score big. Football and food are a match made in heaven; this well-seasoned invite will kick off a day that’ll make your friends and family fanatics.

Friendsgiving invitation wording

“Happy Drinksgiving” Friendsgiving invite from Paperless Post Flyer. 

Top them off. It’s five o’clock at your place; let them know to come thirsty with a top-shelf turkey. Bottoms up. 


Come celebrate Turkey Day before we all trot home to our families. Leave incredibly full. 


Virtual Thanksgiving invitation wording

For a virtual throwdown, the only addresses you need are emails. Get your cameras ready for the best kind of screen time. 

Grateful for Wifi. Virtual Thanksgiving Feast. Make a Connection–the internet deserves a little love for all it’s done this year (looking at you, virtual happy hours). This invite shares the sentiment.

Gourd eats, gourd friends. Have some pun. Pair a play on words with language that shows just how casual your get-together will be (takeout!) and you can count everyone on your list will RSVP, “heck yes.”

virtual Thanksgiving invitation wording

“Turkey Wave” virtual Thanksgiving invitation by Paperless Post. Start a Tab. Put a hold on their calendars for a tasty good time—then get your turkey and potatoes ready for a close-up. 

Jen and Erin invite you to a virtual Thanksgiving feast.

Thursday, November 28th at 2 o’clock 

Link to follow 

“Foraged Frame” virtual Thanksgiving invitation by Mr. Boddington’s Studio. If you can’t wow them with a centerpiece, send a gorgeously-designed card that explains you’ll be hosting online. Follow up with a link closer to the date so it doesn’t get lost in the inbox. 

Join us for Thanksgiving

Hosted online 

Thanksgiving Day

At 2PM

Link to follow

Jen + Erin


Social distancing Thanksgiving invitation wording

The easiest way to establish house rules for a socially-distant soiree: Type it out so everyone knows what to expect. Keep the tone light, and consider a public guest list so your friends and family know how many people will attend (and who will be there, of course). 

social distant Thanksgiving invitations from Paperless Post

“Gravy Boat” Thanksgiving invitation by Paperless Post. Rock the boat. A small Thanksgiving can still be celebratory. With this artfully designed pun, you’ll encourage laughs from the get-go. 

Peas join us for a 

Podsgiving Dinner

Please join us for a gathering of 

family, friends, and food

to celebrate Thanksgiving

three in the afternoon

The Lowenstein Hom

Grand Rapids

Kindly Respond


“Clean Turkey” invitation by Paperless Post. Your hand sanitizer will be making an appearance this year; honor it with an undeniably cute invite that lets guests know you’ll have extra masks on deck. 

Get pumped for Thanksgiving. 

We’ll be social distancing and will have lots of extra masks. Extra points if you bring chairs!

Thanksgiving greeting card wording 

We all give gratitude around Thanksgiving, which is why it’s the perfect occasion to share thankfulness for everyone who’s impacted your year. Send special Thanksgiving greetings to teachers, first responders, or anyone else who kept you semi-sane during these pandemic days.

We’d like to promote the concept of a nontraditional Thanksgiving. Humor them. A classic comic is just the thing to get their attention; your heartfelt words will drive the sentiment home. 

Happy thanksgiving gourdgeous. Your ride-or-die will be as happy as the smiling pumpkins when this colorful card hits their inbox.

For each new morning with its light, for the rest and shelter of the night, for heath and food, for love and friends, for everything thy goodness sends. – Ralph Waldo Emerson  If you’re not a waxing poetic, let this card do the work. Type in a personal verse on the flipside to make it extra-memorable.

Thanksgiving greeting card wording examples from Paperless Posst


“Thankful Branches” greeting card by Mr. Boddington’s Studio. With this on-point list, they’ll understand just how valuable they are to you.

I am so thankful for you.


“First Responders” greeting card by Paperless Post. Put them first. After this year, we owe the actual world to our healthcare workers. Send out a certificate of appreciation and genuine thanks for the hours they’ve clocked to keep us safe. 


Thankful for first responders

This year has made us all the more thankful!

Wishing you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.



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