25 team building activities for company get-togethers

Whether you manage five people or 50, team building activities are a great way to help your employees build better relationships with each other. From happy hours to interactive classes, there are endless on and offsite activities. You can plan to give everyone a chance to bond—ultimately leading to better teamwork in the office. All you need to start planning is a fun invitation and a creative idea.For your invitation, skip the calendar request and send a Flyer instead. Easily customizable with a photo or GIF, text effects, and animated stickers, it’s a fun way to set the tone and get everyone excited. We have Flyer vibes for any occasion, no matter what kind of outing you’re planning.For your day-of game plan, we can help with that too. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our best ideas to get you inspired. From out-of-the-box activities to get-togethers that are totally free, you’re sure to find an event your team will love.

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Explore the great indoors

Whether it’s winter, way too hot out, or you don’t want to worry about a backup plan in case of rain, these indoor team building activities are foolproof.

Bowling: Equal parts active and social; it’s one of our favorite indoor team building activities for a reason. There’s most likely a bowling alley close to your office. It’s easy to reserve a lane, and those who don’t like to bowl can still hang out and have a good time.

Pizza: If your team’s interests are all over the place, it’s always a safe bet. Who doesn’t love pizza? Choose a beloved spot for a team dinner, or take things up a notch with a pizza-making class.

Cooking class: Speaking of cooking classes, they’re a perfect hands-on way to have fun while working as a team. It’s like a group project, but it ends with dessert! Not sure which cuisine to cook? Have your team vote on their favorites to get everyone excited before the class even starts.

Pottery class: Hands-on but still laid-back, a pottery class is an easy way to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Plus, everyone will get to take home their masterpiece at the end of the night. Can you say “new desk decor?”

Head to a museum or gallery crawl: Whether or not your team is an artsy crew, a little culture never hurt anyone. Attend a local art crawl (usually on the first Thursday or Friday of every month) or visit a museum with a buzzworthy exhibit.

Mixology class: Does your team love their spirits? Instead of the typical happy hour, shake things up with a mixology class. Cheers to everyone’s hard work while learning a thing or two.

Ping pong tournament: Host at the office after hours if you have a table, or head to a local bar that has ping pong. Make it extra competitive with a prize for the winner, or just for fun with Olympian-inspired costumes.


Get out into the fresh air for outdoor activities

Since your team likely spends most of the day inside at their desks—when the weather allows—get everyone outside for outdoor team building activities.

Head to a ballgame: Want to knock your next team get-together out of the park? Baseball games are a blast, especially for big groups since it’s easy to buy a large block of seats together. Have a little extra in your team budget? Spring for box seats.

Mini golf: A round of real golf might be doable for smaller teams, but with a big group mini-golf is much more practical—and still a ton of fun!

Skating or Skiing: Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and enjoy the fresh air. If you’re lucky enough to work near the mountains, take your team for an afternoon on the slopes. Work in the city? Ice skating, paired with hot chocolate is the perfect winter outdoor team building activity.

Paintball: Have an adventurous team? Get their adrenaline pumping and help them let off a little steam with an afternoon on the paintball field. 

Go on a boat ride: If you live near a lake or the ocean, a boat ride is a no brainer in the summertime. Whether it’s a sunset cruise, an afternoon sail, or a ferry ride—you can’t go wrong with offsite activities on the water. 


Party at the office

Often the most convenient—especially for those who commute pretty far for work—sometimes the best venue for your corporate events is the office. 

Team lunch: Whether you’re kicking off the quarter or celebrating a teammate’s birthday, sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple. Are you hosting a new hire lunch? Place a fun but work-appropriate “would you rather” prompt on an index card on each person’s plate to spark new conversations.

Themed happy hour: You’ve probably already hosted a team happy hour, so this time put a twist on the menu. Turn it into an Italian wine tasting, sample beers from local microbreweries, or hire a bartender to craft specialty cocktails. Have a large team? Use our guide to make sure you don’t run out of libations. 

Karaoke: Who needs to pay for a karaoke night when you can sing your hearts out in the office? After hours of course. Don’t have a karaoke machine? There are several karaoke apps you can download on your laptop and display using a projector. 

Casino night: Happy hours are pretty foolproof, but if you’re looking for work social event ideas to host in the office beyond a happy hour, consider a Casino night. Set up tables throughout the office and hire a few poker or blackjack dealers. Bet for fun or donate all the winnings to charity. Dress code: Ocean’s Eleven.

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Think outside the bar 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—we love a team happy hour. But sometimes you need to mix things up, like with one of these unusual team-building activities.

Escape room: Forcing you to work together as a group—they actually lock you in the room—an escape room is the pinnacle of team building activities. If you have a mentally strong team, this is the activity for them. 

Wrecking room: Does your team need a fun stress-reliever? If everyone’s been working extra hard lately bring them to a “rage room” where they can take turns breaking printers, smashing office phones, and throwing plates—all without getting in trouble with HR. 

Group weaving class: For a completely different vibe, why not take some time to appreciate the fiber arts? Have your teammates grab a loom and try their hand at a DIY wall hanging. 

Glass-blowing workshop: This is one of those team-building activities that are perfect for smaller teams since it’s on the pricier side. Even if you’re team is adventurous, the odds are in your favor that this will be a first for everyone. 

See a magician or mentalist: Often, the best offsite activities are the ones that take your focus away from work for a while. Let a magician or mentalist blow your mind. Then head to a cocktail bar nearby to try and figure out how he was doing all of those tricks.

Ax throwing: If you’re looking for something out-of-the-box, this definitely hits the target. Not for the faint of heart, several bars now offer ax throwing. But you might want to set your beer down for this one.


No budget? No problem 

If you’re looking to cut costs or maybe you already spent the team’s social budget on another activity earlier in the year, there are many free team activities to consider.  

Volunteer together: Why not bond while giving back? Especially if community and volunteering is part of your company culture, donating your time to a local organization is perfect for both large and smaller teams.

Find some nature: Plan a team scavenger hunt around the city, head to the closest beach, visit an outdoor sculpture park, or play games in the park. There are endless outdoor team building activities you can do for free.

Potluck lunch or dinner: Does your team love to cook? Let everyone show off their best recipe with a potluck. Share a spreadsheet beforehand so everyone can claim what they’re bringing. 

Game night: Whether you host it at the office or an employee’s home, a game night is one of our favorite free team activities. Have everyone bring their favorite board game and let the fun begin.



Now that you can the activity off your list find the invitation that matches your professional party’s style. 


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