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On your wedding day and leading up to it, why don’t you give the earth some love, too? There are many ways to celebrate your special union without being overly wasteful. An added benefit? It usually saves money, too. 

Sustainable wedding ideas

The Green Bride Guide writes that the average wedding produces 400 lbs of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. That number is dependent on the number of guests at your wedding, and that’s not to mention how many are traveling to get there. Everyone wants to celebrate you and your partner, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t go all out to have the wedding you truly want. But, if you’re aware of your ecological footprint and looking to keep waste limited, we have several ideas to help make that happen, from the decor and the gifts to the online wedding invitations.

Eco wedding supplies and decor

Preparing for a wedding can be daunting. Once you’ve decided on things like the location, dress, and style of the ceremony and reception, all the practical and aesthetic details need to be determined. There’s confetti to throw and garlands to hang, flowers for holding and placing on tables (and everywhere else), not to mention centerpieces, tableware, stationery, wrapping paper, and more. While some eco-friendly wedding alternatives may be obvious, other sustainable solutions may not be. 

DIY decor ideas

Never underestimate the creativity and beauty of DIY wedding decorations. If you need help, get friends and family in on it, too.

— Citrus garland: This natural, festive DIY decor is perfect for any time of year.

— Make your own candles: The perfect candle is one you can customize yourself, from how it looks to how it smells.

— Leaf confetti: No plastic or sacrificed trees needed, just a hole-punch and leaves or greenery you can collect outside.

— Floral confetti: Ditto the above!

Floral confetti spread out on a white tablecloth.

Sustainable wedding flowers

There are ways to plan floral arrangements that are eco-friendly and more affordable, too. 

Eco-friendly dried wedding flowers: Millions of flowers from professional florists go to waste every year before they’re even sold and enjoyed. Dried flowers are a beautiful way to utilize blooms that would otherwise be tossed out, to create something personal with a unique aesthetic. Zero Waste Flowers is a company that takes unused flowers and makes them into beautiful, naturally dried flower arrangements.

Wedding flowers for rent: Something Borrowed Blooms lets you rent wedding flowers made of supple silk instead of spending the fortune you otherwise would at a florist’s studio. They pride themselves on high-quality, authentic-looking flowers you can return at the end of the night and can be reused.


Left: Cordès wedding invitation by Paperless Post. Right: Dried wedding flowers Cordès by Paperless Post  


Online wedding invitations

Skip the endless envelope-licking, calligraphy-writing, and stamp-sticking (and all the wasted paper). Online wedding invitations give you the elegance of print with all the flexibility of digital and are just as varied and beautiful as paper stationery. With our digital wedding invitations, you can easily send updates, make changes, keep track of RSVPs, and direct message guests. Plus, you can go beyond wedding invitations and opt for eco-friendly online correspondence for all your wedding events:

Save the dates 

Bridal shower invitations

Engagement party invitations 

Bachelor or bachelorette party invitations

Wedding thank you notes

More ways to cut down on paper goods

Paper is, of course, a huge part of the waste that ends up in any party’s trash bags. Aside from the correspondence, you may want to provide guests with a welcome packet upon their arrival, especially if they’re traveling. Instead of a welcome packet, opt for a QR code that links to your wedding website, where you can put more info about the wedding/weekend schedule. You can also email this link out ahead of time via direct messaging if you send guests wedding invitations from our online collection.

Ask guests not to wrap their gifts

Wrapping paper is another paper good that just ends up in landfills after the big day. One way to cut down on that waste is to tactfully ask your guests to skip the wrapping paper altogether to align with your paperless wedding. They probably won’t mind since it’s one less thing for them to do! As far as wording goes, you can keep it simple:


Giving a gift? You can skip the wrapping paper! It’s just one little way we’re trying to be more eco-friendly.


Another option is to link to eco-friendly wrapping paper, like Wrappily, which prints colorful patterns on 100% recyclable newsprint.

Check out our blog post on eco gift wrapping for more alternate ideas for wrapping paper and party favors.

Rent your outfit instead of buying

You’re very likely going to wear these dresses, suits, and tuxes once, especially if you’re in the bridal party. For all that money, why not rent a designer item you can afford, love, and return when you’re done with it? The same goes for tableware, the cost of which can really add up. From centerpieces and napkins to all the plates and silverware for every course and every place setting: 

Women’s clothing:  We love Rent The Runway for all wedding-related events. You can look super stylish at each event, and above all, you’ll spend a fraction of what you would otherwise.

Men’s clothing:  The Black Tux 

Tableware:  Social studies


Right: Grey Essentials Tableware Collection by Social Studies. Left: Cennini wedding invitation by Paperless PostEssentials Grey Collection by Social Studies | Cennini by Paperless Post


Partyware: Otis and pearl

Designer Tabletop Rentals: Freshly set

Rent and return table settings: Hestia Harlow


Hosting an eco-friendly wedding or party is easier than you think

No matter what your personal style is, you can find online wedding invitations that perfectly capture the mood of your special day. Choose from templates that feature photos, graphics, or text-only designs, and use our easy design tool to customize your wedding invitation. Our Personal Design Services are here to help.


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