Small Wonders: Unicorn birthday party decor and ideas

Sadly, they don’t keep unicorns at the petting zoo. Here’s the next best thing: we’re experts at turning the fantastic into reality, so we went treasure hunting for decor and accessories perfect for a unicorn birthday party (or a princess party featuring these noble beasts).

1. “Unicorn High Five” by Hello!Lucky — These cartoon inspired unicorns are perfect for kids who are more “My Little Pony” than “My Friend Flicka.”

2. Unicorn headbands — It wouldn’t be a unicorn party without a collection of horned headbands, and we loved these for their elaborate felt floral accompaniment.

3. Unicorn banner — Wall hangings to match the headgear.

4. Iridescent cups and plates and ombre napkins — We’ve mentioned that a good table setting makes a dramatic backdrop for any theme party, but it bears repeating. These pink options not only color match, but they shimmer and sparkle thanks to the iridescent and gold foil details.

5. Silver confetti balloons and paint swirled balloons — These balloons make a bold statement on their own and keep the sparkles safely in mid-air.

6. Unicorn pinata — This pinata has a very smart secret: pull strings on the bottom. If you’d prefer to keep your party free of combat sports, you can have each guest tug a string to unleash the gifts.

7. Unicorn temporary tattoos — Temporary tattoos are the perfect party favor: memorable, personal, and unlike the genuine article, they fade in a week’s time.

8. Unicorn favor kit — You can put any planned favors in these cute boxes, which think well outside the bag.


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