Introducing Flyer, our new invitation experience

Nine years ago we launched Paperless Post because we believed that people should be able to create beautiful party invitations online. Since then, we’ve helped over 100 million people come together and celebrate life’s most important moments: birthdays, weddings, and every little milestone in between.


Today we’re launching a new type of invitation—one for more moments, new kinds of moments, and maybe even some moments we haven’t thought of yet. It’s called Flyer.


Why we built Flyer

We started thinking about Flyer two years ago while we were organizing a design panel at our headquarters. Our Creative Director had assembled a group of brilliant creative peers (with big audiences) to talk about their experience branding startups. Naturally, he wanted to make an expressive, attention-grabbing invitation, and he also wanted the speakers to be able to invite people on channels beyond email—  in other words, to be able to Tweet, text, and broadcast their appearance. It turns out our classic product didn’t allow for GIF-based design elements or broad distribution options, so we hacked something together on other platforms.


As the event approached I thought of all the other times in my life when we’ve opted not to use Paperless for our events (we know)—when I wanted something truly low-key, when I wanted to make something really quickly on my phone and text it to friends, when I wanted to be professional without being fancy—and started putting the plan together to build Flyer.


How Flyer works

When we started building Flyer we said that it had to be fun to create, easy to use, and free to send. We came up with a new design format based around Vibes, which are curated sets of images, GIFs, fonts, colors, and stickers that help you set the tone for your event.


At Paperless Post we believe that what you say is often as important as how you say it. Vibes take that philosophy to its logical conclusion, giving you an aesthetic springboard into almost any tone. Enter the Splash Vibe and all of your options feel like a sun-kissed retro summer party. Enter the Munchies Vibe and create an invite that screams for late-night dining and altered mental states. Enter the Ritz Vibe and get your guests ready to swing from the Chateau Marmont chandelier, Hollywood Babylon-style.


Serving millions of events over the past nine years has also helped us understand that invitations should be flexible. For example, some people just want to collect RSVPs, while others want to collect detailed information, like dietary restrictions, and still others want to sell tickets. Flyer introduces the concept of Blocks, which allow a user to customize the information and functionality of their invitation.


What’s coming next for Flyer

We have a robust roadmap full of big releases to grow Flyer. We’re excited to offer more powerful design tools, and to build out more functionality Blocks that will make Flyers more fun to create, more useful for more kinds of events, and improve the native mobile experience. We’re having a blast exploring the possibilities for Flyer, and can’t wait to see how you use it for all the gatherings in your life. 


Make plans for the future of parties. Explore Flyer, and see what your next event can look like.