11 Friendsgiving invitation wording ideas your pals will appreciate

An orange Friendsgiving invitation with folk art illustrations in for diagonal quadrants next to a matching envelope and Thanksgiving table items.
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Friendsgiving is a fun, festive way to show gratitude for your chosen family around the holidays. It can take place on Thanksgiving Day and include all the traditional trimmings—who’s going to say no to turkey, cranberry sauce, and pie?—or it can occur before or after the actual holiday and focus on drinks and desserts instead. The choice is completely yours!

After determining what type of Friendsgiving you’re hosting as well as the most important part of your Friendsgiving celebration—the guest list—it’s time to write a formal, friendly, or funny Friendsgiving message on your invitation. Get your Friendsgiving invite wording just right with this list of Friendsgiving invitation ideas, so all you’ll have left to do is let the RSVPs roll in (and prep the nosh, of course).

What to include on Friendsgiving invitations

A salmon-colored Friendsgiving invitation with three colorful cocktails in different glassware, with an infographic pointing out various elements of the invitation.
Turkey Tipple” by Paperless Post.


Just like with Thanksgiving invitations, it’s important to include the necessary details about your event in your Friendsgiving invite message. Send these invitations in late October or early November and list the basics—date, time, and venue—along with extra details like your Friendsgiving menu or potluck requests.

  • Date: If your Friendsgiving falls on Thanksgiving Day, make that clear in your invitation. Otherwise, list the date so guests can mark their calendars.
  • Time: Make time for mingling and appetizers by listing an arrival time as well as a dinner time on your invite.
  • Venue and address: Most guests may know what “My Place” means, but add the address of your venue just in case.
  • Menu: Should guests expect a seven-course dinner, or snacks and drinks? List as much of the menu as possible.
  • What to bring: For potluck or pie swap Friendsgivings, guests need to know what to bring, such as a side, a dessert, or wine. (Adding a Comment Wall can help you avoid repeats.)
  • Dress code: Is your Friendsgiving a “dress-up-dinner” celebration, or will it be more of a “come-as-you-are” evening? Let guests know how fancy they should get for your dinner.
  • Extra activities: If you’re planning party activities, such as a movie night or backyard games, give guests the full picture of the event.
  • RSVP: Consider requesting RSVPS 2–3 weeks before the event, so you can plan the menu with plenty of time to spare.

Friendsgiving invitation ideas

From formal and fancy to goofy and giggly, Paperless Post’s Friendsgiving invitations fit any type of celebration. We’ve done the work for you and gathered our favorite Friendsgiving invitation ideas for party motifs, themes, and festive activities below—as well as sample Friendsgiving messages for every occasion.

1. Friendsgiving potluck

Invite loved ones to a Friendsgiving Potluck with the “Turkey For You” invitation. Its turkey-themed brown tones give the perfect fall vibes for a holiday dinner where everyone feels welcome.

Left: An orange Friendsgiving invitation with a gold outline of a dressed turkey. Right: A green Friendsgiving invitation with a border of hands engaging in a meal with plates, food, and drinks.
Turkey for You” by Paperless Post; “Friend Style” by Cheree Berry Paper & Design for Paperless Post.


Remind guests to list what they’re bringing on the Comment Wall, or provide a signup spreadsheet for different menu items in a Link Block right on the invitation. Then, add some friendly, potluck-themed wording, such as:


Come join us to celebrate friendship!

We love you, 

but we’d love you even more if you brought food! 

(Just kidding—kind of.)

Bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish to share

on Wednesday, November 24

89 St. Paul Road


RSVP with your chosen dish on the Comment Wall


2. Formal Friendsgiving

For more formal Friendsgiving occasions, send the beautiful “Folk Flowers” invitation with a message (like the one below) that lets your guests know that your event is one they won’t want to miss.


The Harding Family requests the pleasure of your company

at their annual Friendsgiving Feast

for a three-course dinner and much loved company.

Wear your best formal outfit—we’re celebrating in style this year.

Thursday, November 25

732 Montpelier Ave.

RSVP requested by November 2


3. Casual Friendsgiving

A pink and yellow online Friendsgiving invite with the words “NOM NOM” and a fork and knife animating.
Pink and Yellow” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Planning a Netflix-and-pizza type of Friendsgiving? Use this “Pink and Yellow” Flyer for a casual tone that features all the noms. 

And to really hit it home, add a video clip from a movie or Thanksgiving episode of your favorite show in a Video Block. (Hint: “Friends” has some excellent Friendsgiving scenes.) You can take the formality down a notch with casual messaging for your closest buddies, such as:


You can’t choose family, but you can choose your friends. 

Let’s celebrate and eat an inappropriate amount of food together.

We’ve got plenty, but we’ll always eat more of what you’re offering, 

so bring a favorite dish if you like!

Friday, November 26

Josh’s place—102 Washington Rd.

Arrive around 5 to hang out before dinner.


4. Friendsgiving lunch

Not every Friendsgiving has to be a dinner. Invite your BFFs to a Friendsgiving lunch with a pretty “Fall Wreath” Flyer and our sample Friendsgiving invite message below.



May your stuffing be tasty,

May your turkey be plump,

May your potatoes and gravy,

Have nary a lump.

May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize,

And may this Friendsgiving dinner stay off your thighs! 

Let’s gather the crew for a Friendsgiving lunch to remember

901 Evergreen Place

Wednesday, November 23 at 12 pm

Bring your appetite and a good story to share at the table


5. Friendsgiving pie swap

We’ve all got that friend who makes the best desserts ever. Invite them and some other friends to a dessert-centric Friendsgiving with the cute “Pie Swap” invitation and this Friendsgiving invite wording suggestion.


Pie and Bubbly!

Bring some pie and a bottle of your fav fizzy drink. 

We’ll drink it, eat it, and hang!

Thursday, November 25

After dinner at 9pm

Marco and Maya’s place

465 Maple Rd. Apt #5J

RSVP by Mon 11/22 so we know to expect you!


Left: An invitation with watercolor paintings of pies on cake stands and dishes. Right: An invitation with simplistic red, orange, and yellow pies and slices viewed from above on a faded checker background.
Nice as Pie” by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post; “Pie Plates” by Paperless Post.


6. Friendsgiving cocktails

Skip the meal and get right to the good stuff with a Friendsgiving cocktail party. Use this “Turkey Tipple” invite that features your Friendsgiving drink menu—and agenda—upfront. Consider sending a friendly, cocktail-themed message with your invite, as well.


Let’s get basted

at Isla’s Friendsgiving cocktail party.

Wednesday, November 24th

Enjoy appetizers and drinks with us, your loved ones.

Bar opens at 8pm

RSVP by 11/13


7. Board game Friendsgiving

Who says you have to choose between board games and a holiday dinner? Send the entertaining “Eat Up” Flyer, and celebrate the best of both worlds with a Friendsgiving board game party, where guests bring either a game or a dish to share, or partake in a classic long-lasting game your whole group loves.

Let the games begin with this game-themed Friendsgiving invitation wording:


Friendsgiving is at Lily’s place this year!

Please stop by for food, drinks, and games.

Bring food or a game… or both

as well as a friend, stranger, or archrival to join in the fun!

1080 Norrington Blvd.

Tuesday, November 22

Dinner starts at 6pm and games begin right after.


8. Friendsgiving fiesta

This Friendsgiving, let’s taco ‘bout tacos. Using kate spade new york’s “Good Food, Good Mood” invitation, you can set the stage for a fiesta-themed Friendsgiving and trade your turkey for tortillas—or put the turkey in the tortillas; no judgment here! Then use festive wording choices in your invitation to get everyone on the same page.


Nacho typical Friendsgiving!

Join Lily and Hannah for a Fiesta Friendsgiving

At their place (75 Taylor Rd).

Tuesday, 11/22

Taco bar opens at 7pm.





9. A housewarming Friendsgiving

Are you hosting your first-ever Friendsgiving in your new place? Send out the adorable “Turkey Heads” Flyer that combines Friendsgiving and a housewarming party in one epic celebration, using a message like the one below.

Yellow online invitation for “Thanksgiving at our new place” with a photo of a man and woman overlaid with animated cooked turkey hats and the words “We take Thanksgiving seriously.”
Turkey Heads” Flyer by Paperless Post.


Join Mark and Tiana at their NEW HOME

for Friendsgiving dinner, drinks, and dessert.

We’ve got the turkey; you bring your favorite side.

Thursday, November 25

Appetizers at 5, dinner at 6

House tours available upon request.

908 Luna Drive

RSVP by 11/1, please!


10. Football Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving and football go together like mashed potatoes and gravy. Once guests receive the “Feasting & Football” invite, they’ll know exactly what’s on the menu.

Put the game front and center for the sports fans in your circle with Friendsgiving wording that focuses on football. 


Kick it with Ryan and Eddie this year

at our Football Friendsgiving party.

We’ve got the turkey, you bring the sides!

Sunday, 11/20

Game starts at 3

Dinner at halftime,

Dessert after the Eagles win.

673 Orange Ave.


11. Girlfriendsgiving

Two sides of an invitation—the front says “So grateful for you” in gold lettering with gourds, mushrooms, plants, and a butterfly and toad, and the back is white with party details.
Grateful Garden” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Show your besties how thankful you are for their friendship with a Girlfriendsgiving dinner this year. The “Grateful Garden” invitation combines fall festivities with cute messaging—perfect for a girls’ night dinner, slumber party, or night on the town.

Whether it’s dinner, drinks, debauchery (or all of the above), let guests know exactly what’s on the menu with this Friendsgiving invitation wording.


~Eat, drink & cranberry~

Please join me for a Girlfriendsgiving! 

Saturday, November 20th 


111 Miranda Ave.

Bring a bottle of wine for a game!

Dinner and desserts will be provided. 


Thankful for friends, food, and festivities

Friendsgiving is all about celebrating the most special time of year with the most special people in your life. Whether you’re planning a dinner party or organizing a flannel-laden backyard BBQ this holiday season, Paperless Post has Friendsgiving hosting tips for every party setup as well as invitation designs for any type of event. 

Choose an invitation that reflects the theme of your gathering. Then, add the specifics with a Details Block or Guest Questions and Surveys—which is helpful when it comes to your guests’ dietary restrictions and allergies. The custom features available on every one of our Flyers and Cards allow you to include tons of event details, and help you host more smoothly than ever. 

While you’re in the planning process, pick out fall décor at the Party Shop to add a dash of pumpkin spice to your Friendsgiving party this year. Paperless Post has everything you need for a true holiday celebration that your guests will look forward to each year. 


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