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Roasted turkey, tart cranberry sauce, buttery potatoes, and sweet pumpkin pie are all you really need to bring hungry guests to your Thanksgiving table—but a themed Thanksgiving invitation will get them there in style. 

Whether your Turkey Day tone is formal, funky, grateful, or gleeful, you’ll be extra thankful for this list of Thanksgiving invitation messages and wording. This year, skip the group text, and choose an invitation design for any type of holiday gathering, from an easy-going potluck to a classic afternoon feast. Incorporate some of these fresh wording ideas to get your guests excited to RSVP and, of course, eat.


What do you write on a Thanksgiving invitation?

A diagram of a yellow Friendsgiving invitation with an image of a turkey dinner on the bottom. Lines point to the date, menu, arrival time, dinner time, and RSVP-by date.
Turkey Feast” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Think of Thanksgiving like any other party occasion. You need to provide the basics on the invite, but you’ll also want guests to know any extra details about what they should bring or expect. 


Dinner date

The date is easy if you’re serving dinner on Thanksgiving Day. But if the feast will be on any other day, make that clear on the invitation so you don’t have surprise visitors a day early—or late.


Arrival and dinner time

Unless you’re hosting a super casual buffet, consider listing two different times on your Thanksgiving invitation message: the time guests should arrive, plus your dinner time. Guests may see one time and arrive “fashionably late,” only to miss out on most of the dinner. Let guests know that appetizers will be served about an hour before mealtime so they can plan their arrival accordingly.

Set the tone for a more formal event by spelling out the time and date, using “o’clock” or “in the afternoon” instead of “AM” or “PM.” If you’re keeping it on the casual side, opt for numerals and abbreviations.


Thanksgiving menu

Listing the dishes you’re including in your Thanksgiving spread is a good way to double-check your menu—and it lets guests know what they can expect on the table this year. Include information about what your guests should bring if anything. You can also include this info in a details Block below your invitation if you feel like your design is looking too crowded.


RSVP details

Set an RSVP-by date—usually a week or so out from your get-together—so you’ll have plenty of time to shop for ingredients, get prepped, and get cooking. For less stress on Thanksgiving Day, set your table early so you won’t have to worry about it day-of.

If you’re planning a potluck, stay on top of who’s bringing what by including a Comment Wall on your invitation or a link to a Google Sheet where your friends and family can plug in what they’ll contribute. 


Guest Surveys

Managing food allergies and preferences is easy with our Guest Survey feature. Include a Guest Survey along with your Paperless Post invitation for guests to answer questions about any dietary needs so you can accommodate everyone.


Thanksgiving dinner invitation wording

Two invitations for “turkey and toasts” on an orange background. Left has a retro border of simplified branches with autumn leaves and squirrels and an owl. Right has delicate watercolor autumnal branches in the top left and lower right corners.
Fall Foliage” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post; “Autumn Boughs” by Felix Doolittle for Paperless Post.


Now that you know the basics, it’s time to make your invitation sound as warm and inviting as that pumpkin pie. Check out these Thanksgiving invitation wording suggestions for friends and family, ranging from formal to casual and everything in between. 


1. Turkey and toasts

Paired with a card covered in warm-toned foliage like the “Fall Foliage” from Rifle Paper Co., this Thanksgiving invitation message wording feels just right.


Please join us for a gathering of

family, friends, and food

to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Three o’clock in the afternoon 

The Lowenstein Home

736 Wellington Ave, Grand Rapids

RSVP by November 15


2. Let’s talk turkey

Want your guests to arrive hungry and ready for a good time? Send the “Let’s Talk Turkey” invitation with a cute message. 


You’re invited to the Miller family Thanksgiving dinner.

For blessings, delicious food, and Laura’s famous pumpkin pie,

come by with a large appetite.

Appetizers at 3, dinner at 5

736 Wellington Ave

Grand Rapids


3. Harvest bouquet

Send your guests some virtual flowers with a cozy and casual “Harvest Bouquet” design. This script font signals a special occasion, but you can add numerals to keep it from feeling stuffy. 


To celebrate another wonderful year,

Noah and Jill Lowenstein invite you to their Thanksgiving feast.

736 Wellington Ave

Grand Rapids

Appetizers at 4, dinner at 5

RSVP by 11/11


4. Gratitude and gravy

Go all in with the “Turkey Feast” invitation by Hello!Lucky. Friends and family will gladly opt in if gratitude and gravy are in store. 


Join Jen and Erin’s Thanksgiving dinner

to give thanks for good health and loved ones

with gratitude and gravy.

786 Somerset Blvd, Apt 4G

Thanksgiving Day at 3 pm

Rsvp by 11/15


5. Autumn boughs

Celebrate the beauty of health, family, and the autumn season with a pretty “Autumn Boughs” invitation and sweet holiday wording.


We have so much to be thankful for!

Count your blessings this Thanksgiving with the Millers.

Dinner, wine, and pie

start at 5.

RSVP by 11/15


Thanksgiving potluck invitation wording

Two invitations on a yellow fabric background. On the left, a white card that reads “You are invited” to a pie swap with six simplified illustrations of autumnal pie slices. Right, a yellow invitation reads “gobble up a good time” with the “A” wearing a Pilgrim hat and turkey feathers beside a brown envelope with matching feather liner.
Pie Swap” by The Indigo Bunting for Paperless Post; “Gobble Up a Good Time” by Crate & Barrel for Paperless Post.


A potluck Thanksgiving really brings the meal together—literally. Let guests know that they’re welcome to bring a dish to share with Paperless Post’s potluck invitations and these wording suggestions.


6. Little turkeys

Use the wording below with the whimsical “Gobble Up A Good Time” invitation. It cues up a celebration with plenty of family fun. The youngest of the bunch are welcome, and everyone gets to share their favorite dish.


Gobble up a good time at our

Potluck Thanksgiving Feast!

Come one, come all …

And don’t forget your favorite dish!

All are welcome, 

especially at the kids’ table for little turkeys.


7. Pie swap

There’s no such thing as too much pie. With this colorful “Pie Swap” invite, you’ll be set to serve up one tasty party. 


You’re invited 

to our annual Thanksgiving pie swap. 

Please bring a pie, savory or sweet, to share!

Kindly RSVP by November 15 with your chosen dish.


8. Give thanks

On Thanksgiving Day, you really can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. Use simple wording with this “Pantry” invitation by The Indigo Bunting to encourage your family and friends to don their chef hats and get fired up.


This year, we give thanks to our loved ones

and their culinary talents

on Thanksgiving Day at 4PM.

76 East 58th Street

New York City

Please bring your favorite side dish to share.


9. Shorter days, longer dinners

The days may be getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean your party has to be, too. Stretch out Turkey Day with the “Shorter Days, Longer Dinners” Flyer and potluck-specific Thanksgiving invite wording.


Hungry for Thanksgiving dinner?

So are we.

Join us for a potluck Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 26.

We’ll bring the turkey, you bring your favorite side,

we’ll all bring our appetites.

Football starts at 3, dinner starts at 6.

6700 Penn Avenue, St. Louis


10. We will stuff you

This Paperless Post “Stuffed Turkey” Flyer gets the message across loud and clear: You’re not leaving this party hungry.


If you don’t want to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner,

but you still want to eat a whole Thanksgiving dinner…

join the Lowensteins on Thursday 11/26 at 5pm for a potluck T-giving.

Bring your favorite side, dessert, or drink to share.


Thanksgiving invitation wording for work


Two invitations. One reads “Join us” in script with delicate autumnal flowers reaching in from the edges of the Card. On the right, a Card reads “turkey & toasts with a gold-lined oval border and gold leaves scrolling across the center.
Harvest Market” by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post; “Nouveau Foliage” by Paperless Post.


Hosting a Thanksgiving party at the office doesn’t have to feel like forced work-family fun. Jazz it up with an invite that explains what to bring and where to be. Let them know you’ll have the major cooking covered—no one needs to Uber to the office with a turkey—but that they can get creative with sides and sweets.


11. Thanksgiving treat

Coworkers will be extra thankful to receive the gorgeous “Termez Crewel” invitation by Oscar de la Renta for a meal that honors their hard work. 


Please join

the Walker-Gaileys team for a

Thanksgiving treat

to honor everyone’s work this year.

On Wednesday, November 25

3 pm in the first floor Conference Room

RSVP by 11/15


12. Thank you for your hard work

If you’re grateful to your team and coworkers, show them this holiday season with a catered Thanksgiving meal and the “Harvest Market” invitation.


To show our unending gratitude for our employees,

we invite you to a company Thanksgiving meal

on Wednesday, 11/25

before you head home for the holidays.

RSVP 11/15


13. Holiday dessert

Since employees are likely heading home to enjoy their own holiday dinners, invite them to a small Thanksgiving dessert bar with the beautiful “Nouveau Foliage” invitation so they don’t fill up ahead of their big dinner.


Enjoy a sweet treat

before Thanksgiving week.

Join the marketing department in Suite 4-J

for a Thanksgiving dessert bar

with all the trimmings.

Wednesday, 11/15, 12 pm


14. Formal Thanksgiving gala

If you’re going all-out this year to thank employees for their contributions, send a gala invitation like “Fall Flowers” with its sophisticated arrangement of fall florals.


The Miller-Lowenstein Company

requests the honor of your attendance

at our annual Thanksgiving Gala.

Saturday, 11/20

Six in the evening

For drinks, dancing, and a full Thanksgiving dinner.

Guests and their families are welcome.

RSVP by 11/1


15. Casual Thanksgiving work party

For some employees, a quick thank-you party is all they need before they head home for the holidays. Use Happy Menocal’s “Friendly Foxes” invitation to set a casual tone.


Before you leave early on Wednesday, 11/25,

stop by Forest’s office

for turkey dogs, cornbread, and pumpkin cookies.

BYO (work appropriate) B

12–2 pm


Funny Thanksgiving invitation wording

Two Thanksgiving invitations. Left says “Food coma” in orange bubble letters. Right says “family friends and food” in script with illustrations of colorful feet in shoes, hands holding drinks, and feathers around the border.
Food Coma” by Paperless Post; “Pattern Mixer” by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post.


Hosting a casual get-together? Spice it up with a playful invitation with festive wording that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 


16. Stretchy pants

Give them something to cluck about with wording that says exactly what your guests will be getting into this holiday with this “Gobble Gobble” design from Mr. Boddington’s Studio.


Bring out the stretchy pants!

It’s time for the Brock Family Thanksgiving.

So much food you’ll curse those tight jeans.

2 Van Duesenville Road, Great Barrington

Arrive by 3pm, dinner at 6pm.

RSVP by 11/15


17. Eating machine

Family. Friends. Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Pecan pie. More pie. Add cute wording to this casual-cool “Thanksgiving Essentials design that lets your guests know what’s happening at your dinner party.


Attention eating machines:

Mission critical at the Brock Residence.

Excess of food, drink, and laughter.

Please consume at once.

2 Van Duesenville Road, Great Barrington

Mission begins at 3 pm

Dinner commences at 5 pm


18. Food coma

Send this “Food Coma” invitation full of groovy bubble letters that make light of how everyone will feel after your fantastic feast.


Please join Arlo and Richard

in an inevitable Thanksgiving food coma

caused by turkey, wine, and all the side dishes you can imagine.

The Brock Residence

2 Van Duesenville Road, Great Barrington

BYOLS (Life Support)


19. Wild Thanksgiving

Some Thanksgivings are great, but others are epic. Send the “Pattern Mixer” invite before hosting a wild Thanksgiving for guests to talk about until next year.


If you thought last Thanksgiving was crazy,

just wait until this year.

Pam’s been planning her menu since Easter,

and we can hardly wait.

Join us for unforgettable memories you’re sure to forget

once the drinks start flowing.

Brock Residence

2 Van Duesenvill Road, Great Barrington

6 pm – ???


Friendsgiving invitation messages and wording

Two invitations. The left reads “Let’s kick it!” with a cooked turkey in a top hat and bowtie dancing between four Thanksgiving side dishes with legs. Right says “Friendsgiving feast” and shows five forest animals at a Thanksgiving dinner table.
Turkey Legs” by Paperless Post; “Forest Feast” by Paperless Post.


If you’re celebrating at your home away from home—or squeezing in a party with friends before the family feast—opt for a Friendsgiving invite that’s just as lively and fun as your crew. 

Looking for ways to add more fun to your Friendsgiving? Head to our Friendsgiving guide for the 411 on this casual holiday spinoff, plus tips and ideas for hosting a feast for your friends.


20. Turkey legs

Spread the word for a day full of food and football—jazz heels, optional—with the “Turkey Legs” invite.


It’s time for Friendsgiving!

We’re so grateful for you this year that we’re willing to make a whole turkey

and let you bring a bunch of other stuff.

Be here at 3 for football and 5 for food.

(Latecomers will be shamed.)

At Joe and Riley’s place

67 Turner Place

Honolulu, HI


21. Feelin’ potlucky

Yes, your Friendsgiving can morph into a dance party. Your guests will know to bring their dancing shoes with one look at the “Feelin’ Potlucky” Flyer.


Join us for our first annual Friendsgiving in our new home!

We’ll make the turkey, you bring your favorite side or pie.

Wine is provided.

BYODS (dancing shoes)

34 West Mann St

Thursday, November 26

3 pm appetizers, 5 pm dinner


22. Here for the sides

Make it rain cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and more with the “Here For the Sides” Thanksgiving Flyers. Add some casual wording that will make your friends flock to your event. 


Let’s spend Thanksgiving with our chosen family.

Flock to Friendsgiving at Joe’s place,

and bring your favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

5 pm till whenever

34 West Mann St, Apt. 6B


An online invitation for Friendsgiving is yellow on the left with a white turkey shape, and on the right the words “Happy drinksgiving” with a beer can made to look like a turkey with wings and tail feathers.
Happy Drinksgiving” Flyer by Paperless Post.


23. Happy Drinksgiving

Top your friends off with the “Happy Drinksgiving” Flyer. It’s five o’clock at your place, which means it’s time to let your friends know to come thirsty for some top-shelf turkey. Bottoms up. 


Let’s raise a toast that lasts all night long.

Join Joe and Riley this Turkey Day Eve

for top-shelf drinks and vintage wine…

and some food too.

Wednesday, 11/25

100 East Pearl Way

Cocktail hour starts promptly at 6.

Dinner starts whenever.


24. Feasting and football

Football and food are a match made in heaven. Use friendly wording with the “Football Friendsgiving” invite to kick off a day that’ll make your friends and family fanatics.


Football, friends, and food.

Need we say more?

Lose some money to Mike and Dave on Thanksgiving

while we watch the game and eat appetizers.

Thanksgiving dinner to follow (so bring some food to share).

Mike and Dave’s apartment

34 West Mann St.

Game starts at 3, dinner starts after.


Give thanks for well-planned holidays

From Thanksgiving invitation messages to serving the last piece of pie, make your guests feel appreciated this holiday season. Paperless Post’s Thanksgiving invitations not only offer high-end designs, but also customizable Page Styles, on-theme stamps, Blocks for extra info, videos, photos, and RSVP tracking to keep your guest list in order. 

After your guests are invited to your event, start infusing your menu with some Southern Thanksgiving traditions and hospitality to make everyone feel extra special and right at home. Or welcome guests into your home—no matter the formality level—with a pretty Thanksgiving banner from Paperless Post Party Shop, along with other delectable party supplies and decorations to make your celebration unforgettable. It’s that easy!


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