Easy kids’ birthday cakes—and the invitations to match

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Is there anything better than a themed party? If you’re a kid about to celebrate a birthday, probably not. If you’re a parent of that kid, you have cause to celebrate too, because planning and throwing a simple themed birthday party has never been easier. All you need is a great invitation (we’ll take care of that one), a coordinating cake, and a fun topper to be the, ahem, icing on the cake. Here are a few creative and simple-to-execute ideas to get you on your way.

Give them space

It will be years before your precious little ones are moody teenagers asking for “space,” but the world of stars, space shuttles, and astronauts is a great theme for the here and now. Incidentally, this also works for kids who love laser tag.

Send this: Our Lucky Stars invitation announces the theme of the day as clearly as if it were written in the stars.

Serve this: There’s no need to fuss over what you serve. Buy a simple buttercream, chocolate, or red velvet cake from your local bakery (whatever is the guest of honor’s favorite) or make your own. Top it with star candles and spaceship and astronaut toys to take the party from spirited to out of this world. Don’t forget to clean toys with soap and water before letting them touch anything edible, and easily keep them separate from the frosting with wax paper.

For the fairytale enthusiast

There’s not much more magical—or beloved by kids—than a unicorn. Luckily, making your little one’s unicorn party fantasy a reality is surprisingly easy due to the abundance of on-theme accessories.

Send this: When it comes to a unicorn theme, Meri Meri is the name of the game. Beckon guests with our lovely Unicorn Weather invitation, and they’ll know though this may be a favorite theme, they’re in for something special.

Serve this: A simple cake (or cupcakes, or even extra-large cookies, if you please) topped with white glitter Meri Meri candles and an enchanting unicorn piñata favor by, you guessed it, Meri Meri.   

It’s a jungle in there

This is for the child who’s into lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). It’s highly likely that any child hankering for an animal themed birthday party already owns a bathtub full of every toy animal in the jungle, any of which can easily double as a cake topper, so this idea is, ironically as easy as pie.

Send this: Our Critters Vibe for Flyer is dedicated to the animal kingdom. Upload your child’s photo and personalize with stickers like birthday candles, hats, or of course, more animals.

Serve this: Host a little walk on the wild side by decking out the aforementioned simple cake with a sparkly number candle, and the king or queen of the jungle’s favorite (clean!) safari bath toys.

A very red, yellow, and blue birthday to you

Perhaps your little one isn’t particularly passionate about space, animals, or magical creatures. We’ve yet to meet a mini-host that was indecisive about their favorite color. Skip a theme and simply make primary colors the star (along with the birthday celebrant, of course).

Send this: Any Flyer from our Confetti Vibe fits this theme to a T. It’s gender-neutral, graphic, and cool for all ages, making it a good choice if your party will consist of more adult guests than children.

Serve this: number candle deliberately dotted with color is perfect for this look. And in the spirit of “more is more,” why not add colorful tapers and this script Happy Birthday candle too?


Choosing the right theme is easy. Choosing the right invitation is actually even easier. Browse kids’ birthday invitations to get started.