9 Diwali invitation ideas and messages to send to friends, family, and colleagues

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Diwali literally means “rows of lights,” which is why many celebrants plan a party to light up the night and promote the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. If you’re hosting a celebration this year, plan to send your Diwali invitations about two to four weeks before the start of the holiday. Add Diwali celebration invitation messages that express your well wishes and let guests know exactly what to expect at your event. Like any party invitation, the specifics are important, but a funny one-liner about light or a heartfelt message about community can also add a festive tone to the upcoming celebration.


Diwali invitation wording ideas for family

Left: An orange diwali invitation with illustrations of diyas; Right: Diyas surrounded by a flower garland.
Lamp Lighting” by Paperless Post; Image via Ambika Sudhakaran.


Family is at the heart of Diwali celebrations. On the first day, immediate family members clean their home and decorate it with sand and rice rangoli designs. On the second and third days, it’s customary to visit extended family. The fourth day celebrates the husband and wife bond, while the fifth and final day celebrates the sibling bond. 

As you invite family into your home, try one of these Diwali get-together invitation messages that convey familial celebrations and sentiments.


1. Light and love

Combine light and love for the most important people in your life with the “Lamp Lighting” invitation. Add a message to its bright background which often symbolizes love, and the gold clay lamps that are reminiscent of traditions. 

Family is filled with light and love.

Join us in lighting diyas

to honor the love family brings

on November 15 at 8pm

in the Gupta home.


2. Fellowship with family

Right: Churma ladoo elegantly stacked on pewter tableware; Right: An illustrated Diwali invitation with a rangoli design.
Image via J Cooking Odyssey; “Bright Rangoli” by Paperless Post.


If you’re planning to dine in fellowship with your family while feasting on traditional foods and sweets, use the “Bright Rangoli” invitation as a nod to the family tradition. Add a Diwali dinner invitation message that expresses even more of those feelings.

Wishes of health and prosperity

will be shared at a feast of fellowship!

The Patel Family welcomes you

to share food and celebrate Diwali

at the home of Simar and Ruhi

on November 15 at 5pm.


3. Brightly bonded

Shed light on the history of family bonds by sending out the “Retro Diwali” invitation. The bright, bold colors and traditional symbols will highlight your Diwali invitation message

Brighten our day

as we shed light on the bonds of family

at a potluck dinner

on November 15 at 6pm.

125 Rajpath Road

RSVP by November 1


Diwali invite wording ideas for friends

Your friends are your chosen family, which means they’re also an important part of Diwali celebrations. Since some of your friends might not be familiar with the holiday’s traditions, include more detailed information in your messages about what they can expect at your party. 


4. Sweet souls

Let friends know it’s going to be a sweet celebration by using the “Diwali Dish” Card. The decorative plate design makes it clear that food is central to the party—especially the desserts. And if your friends aren’t familiar with the customs, try adding a Photo Gallery Block to your invitation with examples of the dress code. 

Join us in celebration of the Festival of Lights, 

because you’re the sweet souls who light up our world!

Dinner and dessert are provided,

and bright colors or desi clothes are encouraged! 

123 Taj Way

11/15, 7 pm


5. Indian festive affair

Fireworks are the ultimate festive display of light and bright colors. So why not send this “Firework Bouquet” invitation with a Diwali party invitation message that fully expresses how fun your party will be.

You’re invited to

an Indian affair of festive proportions!

Bring your family’s favorite holiday dish for our potluck celebration. 

Dress code: Indian festive (especially bright colors)

October 22nd

123 Main Street

Celebration start at 5pm

Dinner is served at 6pm

RSVP by adding your potluck dish to the Comment Wall


6. Diwali invitation for a kid-friendly party

Keep the kids entertained as they learn Diwali traditions. Invite your guests with the “Streamer Shapes” Card that leaves plenty of room for detailed information about your party. 

Join us for Diwali crafts, mehndi, dancing, and lunch!

Friday, November 16th starting at 11am.

Parents are welcome to stay or free to drop off.

Dress the part in festive clothing. 


Diwali invitation wording ideas for colleagues

Left: An assortment of Diwali desserts; Right: A Diwali invitation with a peacock and elephant border.
Image via Vogue India; “Haathi” by Paperless Post.


All work and no play makes for a dull Diwali. Let colleagues in on the fun by showing them what Diwali is all about using the invitation ideas below to get them in on the party. 


7. Community light and goodwill

While Diwali is a religious holiday, it celebrates the central tenets of learning and doing good. Translate these sentiments to your community with a show of goodwill in the “Under the Toran” invitation. 

Let’s ignite Main Street with light and goodwill 

from 3–5:30 on Saturday, October 22nd!

Festivities include: 

bhangra music, 

dancing in the street with [sponsor], 

kulfi cart with [sponsor],  

rangoli stencil, 

diya lighting, 

bindi bar, 

henna tattoos,

and more!


8. Shubha Deepavali!

Teach your colleagues the language and symbols of Diwali using the “Haathi” invitation. Add a bit more of the culture with your Diwali invite wording in both Hindi and English. Contact our Personal Design Services team for help adding Hindi characters. This is also a great time to add in some Guest Questions so you can learn of any dietary restrictions and plan for it when ordering food for the celebration. 

Shubha Deepavali!

(Happy Diwali!)

Bask in the lights with us

at [Indian Restaurant]

after work on Friday, October 16th

for traditional Indian fare and friendly conversation.

*Add dietary restrictions below in the Guest Questions*


9. Wisdom wins

Left: A pink Diwali invitation with the word “Diwali” decorated with flowers; Right: Candles in decorative clay dishes.
Diwali in Bloom” by Paperless Post; Image via Adobe.


Diwali is a celebration of light over dark and knowledge over ignorance. Help colleagues become wise to the ways of the holiday by sending this vibrant “Diwali in Bloom” invitation as a symbol of their blossoming wisdom. 

Discover Diwali

with a catered Indian lunch

at [Office Location]

on November 15th at 1pm.

Lighting of diyas and candles in the office to follow.


Plan your Diwali celebration with Paperless Post

An animated Diwali invitation with the text “Light the Diya” and a background of diyas with shimmering flames.
Light the Diya” Flyer.


Your party may be elaborate, but sending your invitations for that party doesn’t have to be. Use Paperless Post to customize and manage all your invitations. Deliver them instantly via email, text, or a shareable link you can use on social media. Once your invitations are sent, it’s time to start the party planning! Get inspired by these unique Diwali party ideas to light up guests’ eyes as they arrive.

If you’re not hosting a party, Diwali Cards are a nice way to greet friends and family as a mark of the occasion. Choose a design and try one of the messages above that fits with your Diwali ideals—or the recipient’s. Remember to send the card so it arrives before—or on—the third day of Diwali, which is the official date of the holiday. Shubh Deepavali!



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