Baby shower ideas during COVID

Having a baby shower during COVID? This year has brought about a lot of change, and it’s been difficult to find ways to celebrate major milestones like a new addition to the family. Don’t worry—having a baby shower during COVID is possible, but hosts and moms need to take every precaution to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. 

Safety tips for baby showers during COVID

Follow these tips for a smooth and safe baby shower during COVID:

— Always follow CDC’s social distancing guidelines, including keeping things to a small gathering.

— Opt for online baby shower invitations instead of printed ones—they’re less expensive, less work, and are easier to adapt to any change of plans. 

— Speaking of which, it’s good to have a way of efficiently messaging guests.

— When in doubt, virtual baby showers are a great alternative to an in-person event, as are any of the following socially distant baby shower ideas during COVID.

Outdoor baby shower

Ideal for spring and summer when the weather is nice, host an outdoor sip-and-see or an outdoor baby shower from a pretty, lush garden—either a friend’s or a rented venue. If you want to have an activity, guests can also arrange bouquets or decorate clay pots if you’d prefer to make it a more rustic baby shower theme. As baby shower favors, provide everyone with a packet of seeds that they can plant in their own garden—even if that garden is a simple array of pots on their windowsill. 

Social distancing baby shower ideas 

People have certainly gotten creative in coming up with ways to socialize and celebrate in the past year. Fortunately for any parents-to-be, that includes quarantine baby shower ideas.

Covid baby shower ideasBo Boo” by Marimekko and “Presents Parade” by Little Cube.


Drive by baby shower

Honk for baby! If the mom-to-be doesn’t want a virtual shower (but still wants to stay safe and healthy), a drive by baby shower (also known as a drive through baby shower) may be the perfect alternative. Mom can sip tea or cocoa safely while masked and distanced on the driveway or lawn, while friends and family drive by and greet her from a distance. To properly shower the expectant parents, encourage guests in the drive-by baby shower invitation to add balloons to their car and drop off their gifts. 


Drop and dash

Speaking of dropping off gifts, you can organize a group drive-by to drop off gifts at the end of the driveway (or stoop). Pull in the driveway, view the mama and her bump, and blow her a distanced kiss (with your mask on please). 


Drop-in baby shower

To limit crowding, stagger guests by giving different people specific time windows. You should still encourage guests to wear masks, but this way you can spend a little quality time with friends and family by focusing your attention on only a couple people at a time.


Outdoor open house baby shower

Open air, open house. Since celebrating outside is the safest way to socialize, invite people to shower you in your yard or on a deck. Make it an open house so not everyone has to be present at the same time—staggering guests will limit crowding. Don’t have everyone’s emails? Text Flyer invites with instant RSVP tracking.


Social distancing baby shower with Zoom option 

This is a great option for a baby shower during quarantine. Add a Zoom link to your invitation so out-of-town guests (or anyone looking to keep their distance) can easily join in on the fun. You can add a virtual location in seconds to any Paperless Post invitation. 

Virtual Baby Shower” Flyer by Paperless Post.

What to do at a Zoom baby shower?

A virtual baby shower is a great (and safe) way to have a baby shower during quarantine. Wondering what one does on a virtual baby shower? To make a virtual baby shower more fun, pick baby shower games that can easily be adapted for your streaming set-up. Some of our favorite virtual baby shower games include:


Place your bets: Have everyone write down their guesses about the baby (eye color, hair color, height, weight, birth date and time). When the baby arrives, announce the winners with a virtual sip and see.


Zoom baby shower pop quiz: Play trivia with a list of questions about the parent or parents-to-be.


Tour the crib: If your group isn’t the “game” type, skip the co-ed baby shower games and have mom or dad give a virtual nursery tour instead.

Alternative COVID baby showers

Airmail Invitation” baby shower by mail invitation by Hello!Lucky


Baby shower by mail

Can’t get together in a safe way to celebrate the special delivery? Consider a mail-in baby shower. Ask guests to shower the parents-to-be by mailing gifts directly to them. Customize your own adorable COVID baby shower by mail invitation. Then attach the couple’s registry link to your baby shower-by-mail invitations to make sure they get guests’ much-needed support. No registry? Encourage attendees to gift essentials like meal delivery kits, gift cards, or extra cleaning supplies.


COVID baby announcements

Once the baby arrives, everyone will want to see photos of the new little addition. Help your bundle of joy make a grand entrance with online baby announcements that introduce your little one to the world. 


Virtual sip and see

Consider this baby’s first Zoom. Celebrate the new parents (and tune in for the baby) with a virtual sip and see.

World’s Cutest Baby” virtual sip and see invitation by Rifle Paper Co. and “Baby’s First Digital Meetup” by Paperless Post.

COVID baby shower invite wording 

If you’re wondering what to write in your COVID baby shower invitation, we have some thought-starters to get your creative juices flowing. From playful to serious sentiments, make sure you communicate all the important info regarding safety guidelines, and virtual links. Of course, you can always add personal touches and customize your COVID baby shower invitation wording however you’d like:

baby shower by mail during covid

Watercolor baby shower by mail invitation by Paper Source


Baby shower by mail wording

Since we cannot gather in any way, let’s shower the parents-to-be in a different way. Send your gifts and love from afar, and let them know how loved they are. Our new baby is due on 10/20/21. 


Drive-by baby shower wording

For those in town who would like to see the mama-to-be and her bump, or blow her a distanced kiss, just pull in the driveway with your mask—or, park and grab a socially distant coffee on the lawn! 


Baby shower parade wording

Beep beep, hooray, for the baby on the way! You’re invited to a baby shower parade to celebrate Christina, Alex, and Baby G. 


Social distancing baby shower wording

To ensure the health and safety of our friends and family, we are taking all precautions recommended by the CDC. We also ask that you take a COVID test within 48-72 hours of the date of the baby shower. You may wear your mask at any point during our event to ensure your comfort and safety. Extra masks and hand sanitizer will be provided.


Zoom sip and see invitation wording

Wes and Tina had a little pumpkin! Join us for a virtual celebration of Baby Smith.


Couple shower wording

Please join us for a couples shower celebrating Mary and James, (Zoom link to follow). Given by: The Smiths, The Jones, and The Carnabys.

Stork’s Bundle by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post and Gold Crown by Paperless Post. 


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Looking for more Zoom baby shower ideas during COVID? There are many creative ways you can make the celebration special for your family and party guests. Read our full guide to Zoom baby shower ideas and get inspired with easy virtual baby shower ideas. Celebrate new or expecting parents with easy planning tips from our blog, and an easy-to-make COVID baby shower invite.