Celebrate your special day with these heartfelt anniversary ideas

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No matter what anniversary milestone you’re celebrating, from year one to year forty, you and your partner deserve to set aside some special time to celebrate your enduring love. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the sweetest, classiest, and fun ideas to commemorate your wedding anniversary. 

Perhaps your wedding seems like a distant memory. That’s more the reason to rekindle a little bit of rose-colored romance with an anniversary to remember. But where to begin? 

Our compilation of anniversary ideas curated to jog your creativity is the perfect place to start.  When you take the time to plan it out, your anniversary celebration will spotlight the love that made you say “I do” in the first place. 

How to make your anniversary special

A special anniversary is a meaningful one. But what exactly will give your anniversary bash that extra oomph? A personal touch, of course. Depending on your relationship, consider doing something unique to your love for this anniversary. 

For instance, is there an affinity you both share? A moment you have the power to recreate? An important piece of your relationship you can highlight? Let’s say you two met through a mutual friend, only to share a dance while Fleetwood Mac played in the background. A great way to celebrate would be to invite your friends over for a dance party as an ode to where it all began.

Regardless of what you choose, a special anniversary is one that celebrates the uniqueness of your love.

Decade (Twenty) – Silver” by Paperless Post, “Decade (Thirty) – Gold” by Paperless Post, “Decade (Forty) – Black” by Paperless Post


10th-anniversary ideas

Left: “Slow Dance (Nicholas John Frith)” by Red Cap Cards for Paperless Post | Right: “Botanic Numerals (Ten) - Grey” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless PostSlow Dance (Nicholas John Frith)” by Red Cap Cards for Paperless Post and “Botanic Numerals (Ten) – Grey” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post


The 10th-anniversary celebration is the first of many decade-based festivities you and your significant other will no doubt share. Consider making it special with a few of the following anniversary party ideas:

Date Night and Dancing Suit up in your most mesmerizing attire and take to the town. Choose a dining venue that holds special significance to you and your partner, whether that’s a first date spot or your enchanting engagement locale. You may also choose to make new memories by trying out a new dinnertime spot—visit an up-and-coming bar or an intimately lit eatery. 

Go on Vacation – Whether you’re inviting your friends and family or opting for a more intimate stay, a vacation is a great way to prioritize your anniversary. Allow yourself the gift of relaxation as you and your partner enjoy a new locale. If your budget allows for it, you can also tie in a bit of personal significance by revisiting your honeymoon location.

Take to the Outdoors – Take a day-cation to a nearby scenic site or opt for a festive waterside picnic, complete with a bottle of exceptional wine, artisan cheeses, and of course, a few anniversary gifts. A road trip doesn’t require too much planning and is a great way to reconnect with your loved one.

Gift the Gift of Daffodils – The daffodil, given to ensure happiness, is the traditional flower of the 10th anniversary. Shower your lover with a couple dozen blossoms, or adorn your anniversary soiree with these golden trumpets. Customize your anniversary invitations accordingly with bright pops of yellow and floral borders. 

20th-anniversary ideas

Left: “Gilt Border Birthday” by Paperless Post | Right: “Pop of Gold (20)” by Sugar Paper for Paperless Post Gilt Border Birthday” by Paperless Post and “Pop of Gold (20)” by Sugar Paper for Paperless Post 


By the 20th anniversary, the love shared between you and your significant other is tried and true. The traditional gift of 20-year love, patterned porcelain, is also time-tested, but it’s not very modern. Instead, bypass tradition with our eclectic anniversary ideas:

Learn a New Skill Together – You’ve overcome the trials that come with any marriage and learned each other’s eccentricities. What better way to celebrate than by learning something new? Take a sugar-coated baking lesson, or become the sous chefs of a professionally led cooking class. If you and your spouse are creative types, opt for a pottery, painting, or jewelry class. That way, the gift is built right in. Consider sharing the love alongside a few friends and family, too. 

Attend a Cultural Event – Peruse local listings for unique cultural events, be it a musical concerto, a museum exhibit, or a stroll through a botanical garden. Take the time to reconnect with your partner and bond over the artistry of your environment—and your marriage!

Book a Wine Tasting Introduce your spouse to your other love interest by booking an intimate wine tasting at a local winery. Immerse yourself in the delicious mauve nectar while you catch up on the last twenty years of your marriage.

Celebrate with a 1920s-Inspired Soiree By now, you and your spouse have surely accumulated a long list of loved ones. Invite old friends, neighbors, and family members to an intimate backyard festivity, complete with decadent eats, bubbly, and flapper-inspired attire. It’ll be a night to remember, Old Sport. 

30th-anniversary ideas

Left: “It’s All Uphil from Here (30)” by Paperless Post | Right: “Nouveau Numerals - Thirty” by Paperless PostIt’s All Uphill from Here (30)” by Paperless Post and “Nouveau Numerals – Thirty” by Paperless Post.


Thirty beautiful years later and you and your spouse are still going strong. Certainly, there have been a few wobbles, but nothing you and your partner can’t handle. The kids are grown, and you two should take a little time for yourselves. To that end, here are some 30th-anniversary ideas: 

Hop on a Cruise The 30th anniversary is the pearl anniversary, after all. Don your best pearl accessories and take sail aboard a ship bound for European metropolises, Alaskan tundras, or Caribbean beaches. You and your partner won’t lack exciting daytime adventures and opulent nightly performances. 

Take a Trip to a Far-Off Land – If you’re prone to seasickness, book a flight for you and your hunny instead. Trek to a country off the beaten path, or one you and your family have dreamed of visiting but never had the chance due to life’s many responsibilities. 

Invite Guests to a Luncheon – Celebrate in style by welcoming your loved ones to a midday feast. Before sending out your anniversary invitations, choose a beautiful location that fits your personal style. Book an age-old hotel or rent a room within an elegant downtown restaurant. Then, celebrate extravagantly with friends and family! It’ll be an event no one will forget.

Celebrate Casually – Use your 30th anniversary as an opportunity to unwind. Treat each other to an intimate spa day, a romantic walk around the park, or a casual lunch at your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Carve out time to reminisce about your past and plan for the future. 

40th-anniversary ideas

Left: “40th Anniversary” by Bernard Maisner for Paperless Post | Right: “Elizabeth Moonlight” by Liberty for Paperless Post40th Anniversary” by Bernard Maisner for Paperless Post and Elizabeth Moonlight” by Liberty for Paperless Post.


Congratulations on 40 great years! Our selection of 40th-anniversary ideas are a bit unusual, albeit delightfully fun: 

Learn Something New – What better way to cultivate your marriage than by cultivating something together? Try your hand at growing a garden or attend a language class together. On the day of your anniversary, impress your loved ones with your newfound accomplishments. Perhaps you can even grow your own celebratory meal! 

Stay Healthy, Together – Dedicate the 40th year of your marriage to staying healthy and fit. A yoga class will provide much-needed reprieve, while an aerobics class will get you and your partner’s hearts pumping.  

Throw it Back – Do you still remember your first date? Why of course you do. Whether you and your sweetheart cuddled at a drive-in theater or competed in an arcade room, it may be fun to revisit those first butterflies. 

Mass of Thanksgiving Joyfully celebrate and bless 40 years of marriage with a Mass of Thanksgiving. Follow the ceremony with dinner or a light fare reception at a nearby restaurant. And don’t forget to customize your anniversary party invitations with Paperless Post’s selection of timeless designs.

50th-anniversary ideas

Left: “Siamilaissydamet” by Merimekko for Paperless Post | Right: “Milestone Moment” by Paperless PostSiamilaissydamet” by Marimekko for Paperless Post and “Milestone Moment” by Paperless Post.


So you’ve achieved marriage alchemy. This milestone anniversary, also known as the golden anniversary, is one of the most celebrated, held dear by couples and their loved ones. Take a look at a few of our favorite celebration ideas:

“Stay Gold” Party – If you’re the child of a golden couple, host your parents’ anniversary with a catered dinner. Consider a “come and go” party hosted at a park pavilion, country club, or any open space where guests can drop in. Serve light bites and desserts, alongside champagne, of course! Include a vintage wedding photo on your parents’ 50th-anniversary party invitations to remind their loved ones of how far they’ve come.

Host a Joint Milestone Birthday and Wedding Anniversary – Take your 50th anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate all of your blessings at once! For some added spunk, ask guests to send their favorite dance songs to be added to the night’s playlist. Let them know that they’ll definitely be called out to the dance floor to show their moves!

Renewal of Vows Evoke the love of yesteryear with a vow renewal ceremony. Invite your guests for an evening of fond memories, anniversary dinner, and dancing. 

Host a Couples Game Night – Who doesn’t love game night? Ditch the festivities for a laid-back evening of competition, collaboration, and celebration. You’ll be sure to monopolize your guests’ time with a collection of cherished charades.

Keep it Virtual – Opt for a virtual toast, instead. Our Personal Design Services at Paperless Post can provide a printable PDF layout of the invitation’s comment wall for a keepsake of the virtual party. 

Anniversary party invitation wording

Left: “Starlit Anniversary - Coral” by Paperless Post | Right: “Shining Gold - Anniversary” by Paperless PostStarlit Anniversary – Coral” by Paperless Post and “Shining Gold – Anniversary” by Paperless Post.


Now that you have an idea of what your anniversary might look like, how do you craft a party invitation? Here at Paperless Post, we can help. 

For starters, remember to include the following:

— The names of you and your spouse

— The location of your anniversary party

— The date of when the party will be held

— The theme of the event and any dress code requirements or restrictions

— Any personal information, such as the number of years you’ve been married, a treasured photo, or a gift request

Typically, you’ll want to send wedding anniversary invitations five to six months in advance to allow for careful planning.

Be sure to state if you want gifts, and consider encouraging your guests to bring a personalized note addressed to you and your spouse to the party, so you can collect them for a scrapbook later on. Better yet, if you’re planning an anniversary party for someone else, make it a surprise for the celebrating happy couple.

How to write an anniversary party invitation

When writing an anniversary party invitation, keep it simple. Opt for concise language, but also don’t be afraid to add your own flair:

We invite you to share a special moment in our lives as we celebrate our 20-year wedding anniversary with a backyard tea party—Mad Hatters included. Please join us on Saturday, May 25th at 4 o’clock for an evening of champagne and crumpets at 123 Little Mad Way. Signed, Mr. and Mrs. Alice. 

If loved ones were unable to attend your wedding due to Covid-19, consider the following format:

Cheers to one year! On September 18, 2020, we were married in an intimate ceremony. Please save the date of September 18, 2021 to celebrate our one-year anniversary with us. We can’t wait to finally celebrate with you.

It’s important to remember that this day is ultimately about the love shared between you and your spouse, so make that the focus of your invitation and your celebration. And don’t forget to spend a few moments alone together to exchange sweet nothings—or sweet somethings—before your ever-wonderful and sentimental soiree.

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