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Memorial service invitations

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They say that a memorial service is a gift for the living as much as a remembrance for the loved one now gone. With our online celebration of life invitations, it won’t be hard to put together something that satisfies both needs—a memorial invitation that makes the planning of your ceremony as simple as possible as well as a thoughtful, beautifully-designed tribute to the life you’re celebrating.

As you put together the broad details of your event, rest assured that you can find an invitation that suits the needs of the ceremony you’re hosting—even if it’s a truly unique celebration of life. Our online funeral reception invitations balance the traditional and the modern, bringing thoughtful care and design to tasteful motifs and timeless imagery. You’ll find elegant bouquets, contemplative scenes of nature, and understated patterns that pair appropriately with traditional memorial wording. Naturally, you’ll be able to edit any important details, but it’s one of the many ways we try and take on some of the challenging work of planning a memorial.

Our invitations’ total customizability and personalization features are perfect if you’re not planning a traditional funeral, but something more like one year memorial service invitations, or another commemorative ceremony to a lost loved one.

Our online design tool, as mentioned, lets you edit and update wording, but also lets you customize other visual elements of your memorial service invitation letter. That includes choosing a matching online envelope liner and even a digital backdrop that your invitation will rest on in its event page. We also have ways to help you get in touch with everyone important. Use the online address book to look through past contacts, or sync it to your own email account for ease. When you send out the invitation, you’ll be able to track RSVPs as well as who’s yet to open your invitation. They might be in need of a little reminder, which you can send from your desktop (or even via our mobile web app). Failing that, a phone call might be in order.

Speaking of that event page: yours has a lot of ways to help you (and your guests) connect before the ceremony. You can include an address with maps and directions to the service, a charity registry for donations in lieu of flowers, and after the event, a small photo gallery (if desired) to share beloved snapshots of your family and loved ones.