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Candy & sweets holiday party invitations

Sweeten up your holiday soirée with delicious candy cane and Christmas cookie invitations. Track RSVPs and send your way, via email, text message, or shareable link.

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If the holidays bring visions of sugar-plums dancing through your mind, then our candy and sweets invitations are just the thing! Share the sweetness of the season with our Christmas treat themed invitations.

Christmas is a season of togetherness. It’s a time for gathering loved ones and indulging in cozy pastimes. There’s no better time of year to enjoy warm gingerbread or sweet sugar cookies. Set the tone for an evening of festive fun with our Christmas cookie-themed holiday invitations.

Candy cane invitation templates

No holiday is complete without a candy cane. Its stripes of red and white make for a delightful holiday invitation. The sweet peppermint treat is a symbol of the season loved by old and young. Whether you’re planning a company cocktail hour or a children’s Christmas party, the classic colors of the candy cane make for an effortless and stylish theme.

We love the way a cookie or candy theme feels inclusive—whether your guests celebrate Christmas or not, everyone can appreciate dessert! The best part about this kind of holiday party is that it is fun for all ages.

When you're planning a holiday party, the first thing to consider is the date. Hosting families? Consider a Saturday afternoon. Candy and sweets themed cocktail party? Thursday and Friday nights are the sweet spot.

Once you’ve picked the perfect date for your holiday party, it's time to pick your perfect holiday party invitation. Hosting a more sophisticated soirée? Consider a red and white theme and some candy cane themed invitations. Classic Christmas cookie more your thing? Gingerbread themed invitations are nostalgic and give a sense of warmth to your event.

Once you’ve picked an invitation with the right combination of sugar and spice and everything nice, send it to your guests. It’s best to send your online holiday invitations 6 to 8 weeks before your party. Our online invitations make it easy for you to keep track of your guests with features like RSVP tracking and contact and guest list management—so you can sleigh your party planning.

Planning a perfect party is all in the details. Be sure to include the most important ones, like the time, date, and address of your party on your holiday invite. Then, add a special touch with your own personal message. Let your guest know yule be hosting a not-to-be-missed holiday event!

If you'll be serving food, be sure to ask your guest for any dietary preferences. For an extra dash of sweetness, don't forget to serve some classic Christmas candy canes and cookies at your party.

Have yourself a merry little—or big—Christmas party this season. Our online holiday invitations make planning easy so you can focus on the most important part of the season: spreading cheer. Whether you’re a sweets supporter or cookie monster, we’ve got the perfect holiday invitation for you!