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It’s a boy! Spread the good news with beautiful announcement cards. Upload your own photo or choose from our curated designs. Instantly track delivery, and view responses from family and friends.

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Baby Boy Announcement


So, it’s a boy! Un ragazzo, junge, niño, oğlan, garçon, boy! The debut of a new tiny person in your life is… well, epic. Your life is forever changed, whether this is your first child or not. Because this new person is significant to you, he is also significant to your friends, family, and wider community. His arrival deserves to be announced!

Why not spread with word an eco-friendly and beautifully-designed baby boy announcement card? Need ideas? We have a wide collection of baby boy birth announcement ideas to find the design that works best for you. There are lots of templates, including gender neutral designs, to choose from featuring baby animals, rocking chairs, cribs, florals, stuffed bears, and more. There are also several photo card options if you’d like to get that cute little face on the card as well. Once you find a baby boy birth announcement card you like, hit "Customize" to personalize your card.

If you’re looking for something specific for your baby boy or you’d like to go a bit deeper with the design, like including a family crest, cultural symbols, or non-Latin letters or right-to-left text for example, reach out to our Personal Design Services for complementary help. Our team can talk you through your vision and design something perfect and specific for you and the little one.

#Baby boy birth announcement wording What does one even write in a baby boy birth announcement? There are preloaded messages in the cards to help you out, but feel free to rewrite them. But don’t sweat the wording too much—lots of announcement messages include simple phrases like “it’s a boy!” or “introducing/welcoming ” or from the baby’s perspective, “hello, world! I’m .” Feel free to be as minimalist or wordy as you like, anything goes. It’s totally okay for the announcements to solely include the child’s name, though people will appreciate any additional details you’re comfortable sharing, such as height and weight, sex, parents’ names, birthdate and birth time. Some announcements even include details like birth location, details on the length or ease of delivery/labor, a thank you to the attending doctor/midwife/doula, and how the parents and baby are doing currently.

Our design tool allows you to make many adjustments to the card, including font type and size, spacing, and text color. Some like baby blue, others like rainbow hues, some like pastels, and still others like it all. Be sure to select a festive backdrop, envelope liner, and stamp as delectable finishing touches. Once you’re finished designing your baby boy birth announcement template, you can easily upload your list of contacts and hit send, with the option to include personal messages for each recipient, if you like.

Your postbox will track deliveries and opens, so you can rest easy knowing that your baby boy announcement cards will safely land in their intended inboxes. Getting lots of congratulatory messages in response? You can respond from your Postbox within the site or mobile app. For a more formal acknowledgement (perhaps in response to a gift), peruse our thank you notes. Allow us to get on that train, too: congratulations and best wishes to you and your bouncing ball of joy! Now kick back, relax (as much as you can!) and enjoy. Maybe you can start digging into some gifts and goodies you got at the baby shower.

This is all just the beginning, eh? There are many more celebrations to come. In the near future, if you’re planning to invite folks over for an in-person or virtual meet and greet with the little guy, browse our Card and animated Flyer sip-and-see invitations. We can also help out if you’re looking for baptism invitations or bris and baby naming invitations. In any case, we look forward to seeing you and the little one in about a year when you’re getting ready for baby’s first birthday.