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3rd birthday invitations

Make your tot's birthday a piece of cake with customizable 3rd birthday invitations. Match a theme, send via email, text message, or shareable link, and track RSVPs.

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At long last, your little one has made it to the magical milestone of their third birthday! As you commemorate this momentous occasion, you cannot help but reflect on everything your little one has accomplished. From charming you with their goofy nature and boundless energy to overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, they amaze and inspire you every day. In honor of their impressive accomplishments, why not throw them the ultimate birthday party like no other? Gather all their closest friends and family members for an action-packed celebration full of games, snacks, and fun activities that will keep everyone entertained all afternoon long.

3rd birthday invitation templates

We know your adorable little human gets into tons of mischief, and you have your hands full (and eyes peeled!) at all times. That's why we have made creating your 3rd birthday invitations simple! With our help, your invitations will reach guests in minutes, so you can get back to keeping an eye out for any monkey business!

All you have to do is browse through our range of professionally designed 3rd birthday invitation templates until you find the perfect fit. It doesn't matter if you settle on a photo card featuring your little princess or an appearance from a famous familiar face. Customization is always straightforward!

When you have selected your design, you will be redirected to our design tool. Here you can add your photo, personalize your text, update the color palette, and select an envelope liner. Once you are happy with your design, all that's left to do is upload your guest list and send it via email, text, or shareable link.

When should you send your 3rd birthday invitations?

We advise sending your invitations around three weeks before the big day. This gives your guests plenty of advance notice while ensuring they won't miss out due to scheduling conflicts or other last-minute engagements. Additionally, sending your invitations at least three weeks out ensures you have enough time to handle RSVPs accordingly.

What should you include in your 3rd birthday invitation wording?

  • Use fun and festive language that captures the excitement of the occasion. "It's time to party!" or "Get ready for a birthday bash!" are great ways to set the tone.
  • Be sure to include all the essential details like date, time, and location. Also, include an RSVP date so you can get an accurate headcount.
  • If you're planning any special activities or entertainment, be sure to mention it in the invitation. This will help guests know what to expect and get them even more excited for the big day.

3rd birthday party ideas

Consider your child's interests and personality when planning their party. If your little one is outgoing and loves to be surrounded by people, a big birthday bash with all their friends may be the perfect way to celebrate. If your child is more introverted or prefers smaller gatherings, a more intimate party with close family may be a better fit. No matter what you choose, there are some essential elements that every successful 3rd birthday party needs.

First, you'll need to come up with a theme. A popular choice for 3-year-olds is a character theme, such as their favorite princess or superhero. Once you have landed on the perfect theme, you can start planning the decorations, activities, and menu. It's also essential to plan for entertainment, especially if you have a large group of guests. A clown or magician can be a big hit with young kids, or you could opt for more straightforward activities like face painting or craft stations.