How to host a sip and see baby shower

When it comes to celebrating a new baby, there’s no right or wrong way to host. From couple’s showers to sprinkles, there are many different types of baby showers you can throw. However, if you’d like the little one to really be part of the celebration, a sip and see shower is perfect for you. Don’t know where to start? Read on for everything you need to know about planning your own.


What is a sip and see?

Held after the baby is born, a sip and see is just what its name suggests—a chance for close friends and family to stop by for tea and fawn over the newborn. While sip and sees don’t necessarily have to have tea, they always center around the family’s adorable new arrival. Whether schedules were too hectic before the baby arrived or you’re celebrating an adoption, a sip and see is a great option. Though sometimes held for religious reasons too, they’re really for any family that needs a little time and breathing room to adjust to their new life before introducing their baby to the world.


Where and when to host a sip and see

So, when do you have a sip and see shower? It can be held anytime from a few weeks to a few months after the baby arrives—all based on the parents’ personal preference. Especially when dealing with post-birth health concerns, it’s best to wait until both mom and baby are stable.

If you’re throwing a sip and see for someone else, ask their opinion on the location. While hosting at home might seem convenient, the cleaning and prep can cause unnecessary stress for new parents. Offer to host, and you’ll give the parents an out to leave if the baby starts to get cranky.)


Sip and see invitationsSip and see invitations from Paperless Post

Précieuse sip and see invitation by Nathalie Lété x Paperless Post.  Happy Hearts sip and see invitation by Sugar Paper x Paperless Post.


Even if your party is casual, online sip and see invitations with RSVP tracking will help you get a good idea of who’ll be stopping by the party. Build your guest list now, and you can save it for future birthdays down the road. Two birds, one stone.

When you’re ready to send your sip and see invitations, look for photo cards to get everyone excited to meet the new baby. Play up the child’s name in a sweet way paired with their photo, or choose a cute theme. A “welcome to the world” theme lends itself to decorations from globes and hot air balloons to maps and passports. Want to give your future bookworm a head start on their library? A book-themed sip and see is a terrific way to help them start a collection for bedtime story hour. Looking for something classic? Browse adorably illustrated invitations from our designer partners like Rifle Paper Co. and Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

If you’re searching for a free sip and see template, browse our Flyer invitation designs. These animated, customizable templates are simple and easy to make your own. Just add your details, upload a cute photo of the little one, and send for free with a link.

Looking for sip and see wording ideas? Frame your sip and see as an open house, encouraging guests to come and go as they please. Make sure to set clear beginning and end times on the invitation, so guests don’t overstay their welcome. Want to include the couple’s registry information or let everyone know they can bring gifts? With Paperless Post invitations, you can easily attach a link to the sip and see registry to make it easier for guests to find and shop.


Sip and see etiquette

The baby is the center of attention at a sip and see, passed around from auntie to auntie. Everyone will want to hold the baby, so it’s a great idea to have hand sanitizer available or to ask people to wash their hands. Remind them it’s just to make sure the baby doesn’t catch any unwanted germs, and no one should take it personally.

Before guests arrive, decide how you want to handle photos and social media. Just because the couple is showing off their baby to their friends and family, doesn’t mean they’re ready to show the world. If the couple would like to keep their baby off the ‘gram, make sure to include that info with your sip and see invitation wording or remind guests upon arrival.


Sip and see menu ideas

Sip and sees are causal by definition, so there’s no need to cook or cater a sit-down meal. Don’t stress about having a seat for every guest either, as they’ll come and go throughout the afternoon. Appetizers and finger foods are a sure bet. For moms that have recently given birth, consider a menu that she can enjoy again like bagels and lox, or cheese, and charcuterie. For drinks, pass on playing bartender. Serve-yourself stations work perfectly fine, like a mimosa bar or coffee station. For zero-proof options, think lemonade, cucumber water, or tea (of course!).


Sip and see games 

For sip and see games, you don’t need to go overboard like with a traditional baby shower. The main attraction is the baby! Plus, with an open house, guests will be coming and going, so it’s best to keep things simple. If the couple insists on a game, check out our full list of baby shower game ideas here. From ‘pacifier pick-up’ to ‘name that year’, there’s a game for every style of shower.

Looking for even more shower and sip and see ideas? Read more on our favorite ways to host a baby shower. Ready to send your invites? Browse our full selection of stationery-inspired Cards or animated, textable Flyers


Hero image: Furfetti baby shower invitation by Paperless Post.