25 ways to say “Happy Father’s Day” to a Dad who really needs to hear it

Mother’s Day tends to get all the glory with thoughtful bouquets and overflowing gift baskets that practically radiate gratitude and love. Father’s Day? For some reason it’s all tools, grills, and an unusual amount of Father’s Day gift guides that tell you to buy whiskey stones. No matter what Dad’s present preferences are, what he really wants most is a little appreciation (and sure, maybe a gift, too). This is particularly true now more than ever, when social distancing is still a thing that keeps hugs on hold and visits virtual. 


This year, take a moment to send love with heartfelt Father’s Day messages to the different father figures in your life. Whatever their personality, there’s the perfect Paperless Post Father’s Day greeting that speaks to them (and gives you plenty of space to express your thoughts). From Dads who lean into Dad jokes to ones who really would like those aforementioned whiskey stones, ahead are 25 different options for online Father’s Day cards, plus a few words to inspire your own creative Happy Father’s Day message.


Immeasurable Love by Paperless Post

Long distance


For the dads, stepdads, brothers, husbands, uncles, and friends you can’t see this year, nod to the extraordinary circumstances with a Father’s Day card that measures up. Then, make the miles feel like inches with a Father’s Day message that gives thanks, like: “Happy Long-Distance Father’s Day. Thank you for the years of homework, home improvements, and help with life’s biggest questions. Sending you lots of love.”



If he’s always been quick to surprise you with a funny face when you’ve really needed it (and when you didn’t), this lighthearted Happy Father’s Day card strikes the right note. Then, say “Happy Father’s Day” by recounting the most memorable time he’s made you crack a smile.

Glad for Dad by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post

Snapshot by Paperless Post




As far as Happy Father’s Day greetings that tug at the heartstrings go, this sweet and simple Father’s Day card wins. Customize the Happy Father’s Day card with your favorite photo from the past, then remind him how much he means to you: “You’re the best dad. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I will be thinking of you today. Happy Father’s Day. I love you.”


This Father’s Day card is also great for group Happy Father’s Day greetings from your family or your siblings. Just adjust your wording so that everyone is included, or take a moment to have each person add their own Father’s Day card messages. Ask everyone to list their favorite memory with Dad or something they were particularly thankful for over the years.



Read the fine print on this one to get the joke. Before your Father’s Day wishes, expand on the joke by noting that your therapist also thinks it all runs in the family.

A Therapeutic Dad by Derek Blasberg for Paperless Post
Kick Ass Dad by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post


The old-fashioned illustration style paired with PG language will inspire a laugh from the daddy  with the quirky sense of humor in your life. (It’s also a great choice for friends and brothers, too.) Send your wishes for an appropriate Father’s Day: “Hope your day is just as kick-ass as you are!”



He’s got a pun for every occasion and a repertoire of knock-knock jokes that are so groan-worthy, they’re actually funny. (OK, sometimes.) If this perfectly describes dad, write: “Happy Father’s Day! I promise to laugh at every joke today, no matter how many times I’ve heard it. Seriously, though, thank you for making

Dad Jokes by Paperless Post
You’re a Gas” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post



For the Dad who hasn’t seen an email forward he didn’t love, a meme he didn’t need to post immediately or a fart joke left unsaid, this silly Father’s Day greeting is everything he wants in a card. Add a message like: “Daddy, thank you for giving me the best gift of all—an appreciation for fart jokes.”

“Refined” humor

When he’s basically the 2020 version of Frasier Crane, this Father’s Day card will appeal both to his sense of sophistication and wit. Appeal to his appreciation for irony by “ordering” for him: “I already know what you’re choosing and it rhymes with ‘Fudweiser.’ Happy Father’s Day!”

Father’s Day Prix Fix” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post
Cadogan by Paperless Post


When he’s basically the 2020 version of Frasier Crane, this Father’s Day card will appeal both to his sense of sophistication and wit. Appeal to his appreciation for irony by “ordering” for him: “I already know what you’re choosing and it rhymes with ‘Fudweiser.’ Happy Father’s Day!”

Sports fanatic


Designed to look like an old-fashioned baseball card, this Father’s Day card is a homerun for dads who dearly miss the season. Tell him: “Happy Father’s Day to the dad who is already in the Hall of Fame of Fathers.”

All-Star by Paperless Post
Gold Wreath by Paperless Post


Send an ode to his famous talents in the father department (and perhaps his more subtle virtues). Customize the message by listing the competitions he’d easily ace. Keep the phrasing Olympic-like with: “In the following categories: Burger cook-off cup, early-morning carpool challenge, best-looking tie, and most embarrassing dance moves … you’re a gold medal dad.”

Car lover


This simple Father’s Day card is the perfect tribute to the dad whose all-time favorite show is Top Gear and can identify any car’s make, model, and year from a mile away. There’s plenty of room for Happy Father’s Day quotes that fit the theme of cars or journeys, such as: “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” (That one’s by Douglas Adams, author of A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.) Then thank him for giving you the right directions.

Classic Roadsters by Paperless Post
Bud Can by Paperless Post



Raise a can in his direction with a Father’s Day card toasting “to a day of laziness and relaxation.” It’s the perfect fit for honoring your husband, brothers, friends, and dads who could use a day off outside their birthday.




This sporty Father’s Day card tees you up for a fun Father’s Day message, especially from a group: “You are the best Dad by Par! We’re always honored to serve as your caddy, daddy.”

Putting Green by Danielle Kroll/Red Cap Cards for Paperless Post
Dad Behavior by Paperless Post



Know the coolest dad? Don’t wait for their birthday to show them some love. Uncles, brothers, friends, and husbands will appreciate a sentiment acknowledging his inner bad-ass: “I’m proud to be part of your gang. Happy Father’s Day!”



Make it a throwback for the dads in your life who had record collections before they made a comeback (and a beard before it was cool). Customize this ‘70s-inspired Father’s Day card with a photo from his glory days, then wish him “Happy Father’s Day to my favorite trendsetter!”

Hip Pop by Paperless Post
My Super Hero by Paperless Post

A little geeky


Good for dads who love comics (or superhero blockbusters) or husbands that have gone above and beyond, this bold Father’s Day greeting says what you’re already thinking: He’s your hero. Instead of the usual Father’s Day wishes, tell him about the time he saved the day for you.



When he’ll be manning the grill today and every day this summer, a Father’s Day card that acknowledges his mastery is only appropriate. Say: “Happy Father’s Day to the #1 chef.” Or, embrace a few cooking puns: “Happy Father’s Day to a rare Dad whose efforts are always well-done.” 

Char Broil by Paperless Post
Dad of All Trades” by Paperless Post


Whether he’s a master woodworker or can just hang a picture frame expertly in one go, all types of weekend warriors will love this themed Father’s Day card. A message built on puns seems just right: “Whenever you saw that you needed to hammer home a lesson, you’ve always nailed it! Happy Father’s Day!”



He’s taught you how to appreciate art, order from any menu with confidence, and, of course, didn’t slouch in the how-to-tie-ties department. When he’s always been the embodiment of classiness, it’s time to acknowledge it. Say: “To a father who has always taken the high road, even when I took the low road (teenage years). Thank you for being the best example, as always. Happy Father’s Day!”

Dandy by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post
Hops with Pops by Paperless Post

Beer lover


While you can’t join him for a trip to a brewery this year, this card is a refreshing way to send your Father’s Day wishes. Add a message that fits the theme (and pours on the dad jokes), like “Hoppy Father’s Day to an un-beer-lievable dad.”

Whisky drinker


Let him savor the day just as he would a perfectly-aged bottle with a thoughtful Father’s Day ecard. Like beer and other booze-focused online Father’s Day cards, the puns practically write themselves: “Happy Father’s Day to a dad who is always neat, even when life is on the rocks.”

Snifter by Felix Doolittle for Paperless Post
A Martini for Pops by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post

Cocktail connoisseur 


Another round of puns! This Happy Father’s Day card already says it all with “Olive you more than cocktail hour.” Garnish it with a message like: “Happy Father’s Day to a top-shelf dad.”



When Dad has always made an impression to remember, compliment him (even if his quarantine wardrobe isn’t as polished as usual). Tell him no one could ever fill his shoes, his suit, his pocket square…and so on.

Handsome by Paperless Post 
Grandfather is Waterskiing Again by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post



This Happy Father’s Day card may be silly, but it has a message that rings true: Grandfathers are men who wear many hats (which is why it used to be tricky to find the perfect card for him). Say that it’s impossible to list all the wonderful things you’ve learned from him over the years, but that you’re most thankful for him being just the way he is.


Surprise him with a special invitation for a virtual Father’s Day party

Remote Controllers by Paperless Post


Virtual parties aren’t just for birthdays! When written Father’s Day wishes aren’t enough, surprise Dad with an invitation for a party (and you won’t have to wait until next Father’s Day to enjoy it together). Paperless Post’s virtual Father’s Day invitations are designed just for gatherings held via your favorite video conferencing platform. Let him know the time to sign on to Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts, then include a link to the “party room.” Bonus: Make it a themed event by hosting a game night virtually. Need help setting it up? Follow our tutorial for how to host a virtual party.


Looking for more online Father’s Day cards for his special day? Browse our selection of virtual Father’s Day cards for any kind of dad. Want to host a Father’s Day virtual party? Check out our list of virtual invitations that are ready to customize. 



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