40 royally fun coronation party ideas for the King’s Coronation weekend

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It’s nearly here! The date for the Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort has been set for Saturday, 6th May 2023, and the bonus Coronation bank holiday (on Monday, 8th May) means that Brits are set to enjoy a three-day weekend of celebrations.

Opportunities to bring family, friends and neighbours together for a right royal knees-up abound. Whether you plan to host a brunch-time screening of the Coronation itself, meet up with other members of your community for a Coronation Big Lunch street party, or gather friends to watch the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle, we have 40 majestic ideas to help you throw a party that’s the crowning glory of the long weekend.


A Coronation party invitation with the official King Charles III Coronation seal and red motifs paired with a red and blue envelope.Thisledown” by Paperless Post.

Planning a street party that’s fit for a king

The Coronation Big Lunch will see thousands of British streets closed to traffic for street parties, in continuation of a tradition dating back over a hundred years. If you’re considering anointing yourself as your street party’s commander-in-chief, here’s how to organise a coronation street party that your neighbours will be talking about for the rest of King Charles’s reign.

1. Enlist some willing assistants, and divvy up the planning. The more help, the better.

2. Choose your date. Most coronation street parties are expected to be held on Sunday, 7th May 2023 (as part of the Coronation Big Lunch), but you could choose to start your street party immediately after the Coronation on Saturday, 6th May, or to celebrate the bank holiday with a Monday ’do.

3. Know the rules for hosting a coronation street party. You don’t need a license to hold a simple street party for residents and neighbours; your council just needs to know that you want to close the road. Enter your postcode here for further instructions. Don’t leave it until the last minute—some councils require six weeks notice.

4. Going big? If you’re planning to sell booze at your party, you’ll need to secure a Temporary Events Notice.

5. Remember, this is Britain. While we’re all hoping for beautiful weather for the Coronation weekend, don’t forget to make a “wet weather plan” (anything from “lots of umbrellas” to an alternative date, such as the Monday bank holiday).


Other coronation party ideas

If it’s too late to organize a coronation street party (or you just can’t get your neighbours excited about the idea), don’t worry. There are plenty of other coronation party ideas to give you a reason to bring out the bunting.

6. A coronation “Street Meet” (held on private land such as a driveway or front garden) is an excellent smaller-scale alternative to a street party, with just as much scope for bunting, but no requirement to fill in any council forms.

7. If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, why not emulate the royal tradition of hosting a nearly-summer garden party

8. Few activities are more British than dusting off your best china and bringing friends together for a traditional afternoon tea

9. Or, for a really easy coronation party option, why not invite everyone round to watch the Coronation Concert? Held at Windsor Castle on the evening of Sunday, 7th May and broadcast live on BBC One, it promises performances from “global music icons and contemporary stars”—perfect for pairing with some more Pimms (after all, Monday’s a holiday).


Left, a white invitation with blue and red bunting flags; center, a blue envelope with pinked dotted liner; right a red invitation that reads “KEEP CALM AND PARTY ON” with a crown on top.Mind Your Banners” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post; “Keep Calm and Party On” by Paperless Post.

“Hear ye! Hear ye!” Get the word out with coronation-themed invitations

When it comes to invitation wording, the Royals practically invented the genre. But there’s no need for Court etiquette (or copperplate) on your coronation party invitations. Get your guests excited for the celebrations with jaunty invitation wording such as:

10. Celebrate the Coronation at the Cherry Tree Lane Street Party

11. Crowns at the ready! Join us to watch the Coronation

12. Join us for a right Royal knees-up 

Britain over the Coronation weekend will be a sea of red, white, and blue, and Paperless Post has a resplendent range of invitations to continue the theme:

13. “Mind Your Banners”: You can never have enough bunting at a coronation party

14. “Keep Calm and Party On”: Keep your guests focused on the task at hand

15. “Crowns”: Lest anyone be left in any doubt what the weekend is about

To make planning easy as Coronation chicken pie, all of Paperless Post’s invitations can be shared via link in a WhatsApp group, as well as by email. You can even ask your guests to answer extra questions that’ll prove helpful in your preparations, like what food or drink they’d like to contribute. You can even place a pre-party bet as to whether Harry will show.


left: An invitation with lush watercolor flowers around the border. Right: A woman in a blue dress places a vase of roses on an outdoor table with lots of blue, red, and white flowers and twisted red taper candles in silver frog holders.Felda” by Liberty Fabrics for Paperless Post; Image via The Telegraph.

Coronation robes? What to wear for the Coronation weekend

Your guests might be asking “what should I wear for a coronation party?”, but happily, only the Windsors really need to worry about a formal dress code. While dressing up is encouraged, remind street party guests that comfort is also important—as is an extra layer or two in case it gets chilly (thanks, British weather). If you want to set a theme, some ideas could include:

16. Red, white, and blue

17. Fabulous florals (for garden parties)

18. BYO Crown

19. Royal-themed fancy dress (for children)


Left: Lots of Britain-themed paper items (bunting, food labels, a cutout of a Royal guard, a banner reading “God save the King,” beside scones, a red carnation, and blueberries. Right: An invitation with a drawing of the London skyline above a black envelope with gold liner.Image via Lucie Design Studio; “City Skyline View” by Paperless Post.

Decorations and party supplies (time to get the bunting down from the loft!)

Coronation street party decorations can transform a street from cul-de-sac to Cool Britannia—think red, white, and blue with a touch of gold. Ask all your neighbours to contribute (maybe with a friendly “best dressed house” competition?). Here’s a handy checklist for everything else:

20. Bunting, Union Jack flags, and balloons (red, white, and blue, of course)

21. Trestle tables, chairs, and tablecloths (beg and borrow from neighbours, but no stealing, please)

22. Crockery, cutlery, and glassware (bonus points for eco options such as mismatched and old crockery or glassware rental)

23. A coronation photo wall 

24. Portable speakers (but remember, nothing too loud)

25. An appropriate Spotify playlist (including, of course, “God Save the King”). We recommend designating a DJ for the day. Share a link to the playlist on your street WhatsApp group and ask people to add songs.


Left: An invitation with watercolor paintings of tea cups, tea pots, and flowers around the border. Right: A table spread with muffins, cakes, cookies, strawberries, and tea with Union Jack toothpicks stuck into some.Tea Garden” by Happy Menocal for Paperless Post. Image via @livelovencreate/Instagram.

Coronation banquets: what should you serve at a coronation party?

Pimms, please

26. Pimms is the quintessential British summer drink, which works well for street parties as it can be pre-mixed. Don’t forget the mint!

27. Capture the celebratory mood with some chilled sparkling wine. Consider adding a patriotic twist by sourcing fizz from a British vineyard.

28. You will always need more ice than you think. Enlist a few willing neighbours to store extra in their freezers.

29. Don’t forget non-alcoholic options (there are some excellent non-alcoholic beers and wines available these days), and juice for any children attending. Small cartons with paper straws keep it easy.


A rustic long table set with wine glasses and dishes is draped with a Union Jack flag in front of greenery and purple wildflowers.Image via Cotswold Grey.

Finger food for the table

30. Finger sandwiches are quintessentially British, and are very easy to prepare (and eat!). Consider traditional fillings such as cucumber or Coronation chicken.

31. Cheese platters with crackers and crudites, alongside large bowls of crisps placed down a long line of trestle tables, are a sure-fire way to keep a coronation crowd happy and well-fed.


King of puddings

32. Consider incorporating that other great British tradition—the bake off—and ask guests to bring a favourite “bake” for everyone else to enjoy (or rate!). Mary Berry’s Victoria Sponge is a classic.

33. Nod back to the street parties of yesteryear with some retro dessert options such as jelly and ice cream or trifle. 

34. Strawberries will just be coming into season and, paired with cream, are another British summer classic.

35. An ice cream stall would make for an easy dessert option for grown-ups and children alike


Alt text: A white invitation has four varying crowns in gold arched at the top, beside a white envelope with a maroon crown liner.Crowns” by Bernard Maisner for Paperless Post.

How to watch the Coronation

Almost every Brit over 65 remembers where they watched Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953. Give your guests a good tale to tell their grandchildren by laying on a majestic coronation viewing party.

36. Our “Crowns” invitation is the perfect way to gather friends together to watch the big event on the small screen.

37. Alternatively, combine the Coronation with a Saturday street party by rigging up a TV in a willing neighbour’s front garden.

38. For a really easy viewing party, simply gather a group of friends, pack a large picnic basket, and head to one of the big screens that will be showing the Coronation in parks and public spaces across Britain.

Fun for all ages

Once your guests have polished off the cucumber sandwiches, they will be ready for some fun. Traditional garden and sports day games are a great way to mix friends and neighbours who might not know each other, and to ensure the party continues well into the evening.

39. Keep children entertained (and parents happy) with a toy box filled with chalk for pavement drawings, bubbles, fancy dress costumes, and garden games such as giant Jenga. Or go all out and rent a bouncy castle!

40. Enlist a bookish neighbour to devise a coronation pub quiz or treasure hunt around the street, and assign guests to random teams.


Majestic coronation party invitations

Now that you’re brimming with ideas, it’s high time to choose the perfect invitations. With easy-to-share coronation party invitations—delivered via email or shareable link (to send in WhatsApp and elsewhere), plus instant RSVP tracking, guest questions, and seamless messaging, Paperless Post is the key to a majestic coronation party. 

Start planning your royal get together—reign or shine!—today.


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