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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for some people, the pressure is on. Whether you’re looking to treat a loved one or a love interest, there are plenty of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas out there. Without the traditional date night and gift ideas like dinner and a movie or a fun getaway, you may just have to get a little creative. And that’s ok—it makes for the best Valentine’s gifts. To give you a head start, we’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas, from romantic love cards to thoughtful presents, and silly DIYs in between.

Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas

A thoughtful, personal gift always goes a long way, no matter the occasion. That being said, if you’re giving someone a gift on Valentine’s Day, you probably know them well enough to know if they’d prefer something fun and frivolous over serious and sentimental. If you want to avoid being overly saccharine while still being thoughtful, take their passions and hobbies into account. 

Do they like cats? Board games? Candy or decadent chocolates? Are they into DIY projects? Objects are nice, but experiences can sometimes be more memorable. Treat them to takeout from that restaurant they’ve been wanting to try. Or make a scrapbook (your Photoshopped faces included) of the vacation you’re going to go on as soon as it’s safe to do so. 

Another great gift idea for Valentine’s Day is to make a charitable donation in their name. The Humane Society or ASPCA are great options for people who love animals. If they’re passionate about social activism, donate to a political cause that’s meaningful to them. For foodies, contribute to a fund that supports local struggling restaurants.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, it really is the thought that counts.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him

What do you give a guy for Valentine’s Day? Maybe he’s into V-Day, maybe he’s not, but everyone loves a great gift and knowing they’re on someone’s mind. Big or small, practical or just for play, the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him are ones that fit his personality and interests. Tickets to a sporting event may be out of the question, ditto movies and concerts. But we think you can still find something that he’ll absolutely love. 

  • A celeb Cameo: Cameo is an incredible new platform you can use to pay celebrities (minor and not-so-minor) to send greetings to a friend or loved one. From reality stars (Mike “The Situation”) to his favorite podcast personality or sports hero (Pete Rose or Jack Nicklaus), you can certainly find someone on here he wouldn’t mind hearing from. You provide the celebrity with the context and occasion as well as any other essential (or silly) details, and they do the rest. It’s a fun and welcome surprise for any fan, guaranteed.
  • Game night: If your loved one is into game nights, treat them to a bunch of new games and maybe spring for takeout and drinks. Game nights are great for those with a soft spot for nostalgia. Or those with a competitive streak. They’re a great date idea for anyone who loves a good challenge. Or for couples who like to pair up and compete against other couples. Need to refresh your game selection? Fans of “Cards Against Humanity” might like “What Do You Meme?” If your go-to game is “Settlers of Catan,” try “Codenames.” If you’re going for family-friendly, play “Heads Up” or the ever-addictive “Exploding Kittens.” 
  • A houseplant: Brighten up his home office with a small green plant from Urban Stems. They’ll let you know which plants are laid-back and low-maintenance, or require a lot of attention. 
  • Local brews: Help support his local haunts by doing a “bar crawl”. Enjoy some of his favorite beers, snacks, and cocktails to-go from local bars and restaurants.
  • Mixology class: Get him tools and tickets for a mixology class from a swanky local bar.
  • Customize it: It’s always fun to personalize things, so why not award him with a fun superlative or show off his best sports moment (even if it’s from childhood) with custom soda bottles.
  • A playful online Valentine’s Day card: We have plenty of options to choose from!

Tandem Love” “Hoppy Note” and “Electric Love” by Paperless Post. 

Valentine’s Day gifts for her

She could be a friend, a crush, or a longtime love, but the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be whatever you want it to be. (And mean whatever you want it to mean). However, a serious relationship doesn’t require a serious gift, and the opposite of that is true. If you know her interests and what she likes, you’ll have no problem picking out something perfect—whether it’s something sweet, something practical, or something just her style.

Love My Tender” by The Indigo Bunting for Paperless Post; “Language of Love” by Jonathan Adler for Paperless Post.
  • A romantic Valentine’s Day card: Get something sweet that will make her swoon—and don’t forget, it’s all about the personal touch, so add a heartfelt message to your Valentine’s Day card
  • Flower subscription: Why not brighten up her space with regular delivery of fresh flowers from Urban Stems? You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly flower subscriptions. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. 
  • Packing cubes from Paravel: Lewis Carroll once said that the greatest gift you can give is a lifetime of adventures. 
  • Floral arranging class: Sign her up for a flower workshop with bulk blooms from your local market. 
  • A new sweatsuit: When it’s your everyday WFH uniform, you can never have too many. 
  • Cloth napkins: Hear us out—if she’s big on eco-friendly solutions to everyday living (or even if she just loves cute things for the home), she’ll love these popular Swedish dishcloths that come in great patterns.
  • A gift set from Matchaful: Complete with everything she’ll need to make the latest beverage fad (with tons of health benefits, to boot).
  • Candles: Nothing sets the mood quite like them. Plus, it’s a chance for her to make her home extra cozy. (Since we’re spending a lot of time at home these days). Look for long-burning beeswax in pillar or tapered styles.
  • Milk Bar gift sets: Delicious indulgence, delivered to her door? Who would say no to that?
Sweet Gesture” by Paperless Post; Cake by Milk Bar


Valentine’s Day gifts for Mom

Mom always deserves a Valentine’s Day gift, even if it’s just a sweet call or text. This year, go the extra mile and treat her, especially if you’re long-distance. You know Mom best (fingers crossed!), so you’ll know if she wants to be pampered, learn something new, or just listen to your voice.

  • An adoring online Valentine’s Day card: Go for silly or sentimental (or a little bit of both).
  • A bouquet from UrbanStems: Plus, add a pair of garden shears for her to use in her own garden when spring arrives.
  • A silk scarf: These little things can add a lot to Mom’s outfit, whether she ties one in her hair, on her neck, or on her purse. We love this one from Kate Spade New York, as well as any silk scarf in a print or color that pops.
  • Baked conversation-heart cookies: Did you know that in 2019, there weren’t any conversation hearts in stores, and last year there was a super limited supply? Treat your Mom’s sweet tooth and get ahead of the game. Add a creative, personal touch by baking Mom the cookie version.
  • Personalized stationery: Go old school. We love the beautiful options from our friends at Paper Source
  • Williams Sonoma’s Valentine’s Day dinners: Save Mom from cooking and start with a cheese plate from Cellars at Jasper Hill, followed by individual beef Wellingtons or lobster mac and cheese, and finish it off with a chocolate layer cake. There are plenty of more options to suit Mom’s tastes. 
Pho Evah” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post; “Brie Mine” and “Beet of My Heart” by The Indigo Bunting for Paperless Post.


Valentine’s Day gift ideas for friends

Need Galentine’s gift ideas? V-Day is a popular day for singles and couples alike to get together and hang with friends. Show your BFFs all the love this Valentine’s Day with these gifts:

  • Wine tasting: Make it as formal (think tasting notes, charcuterie, and in-depth wine discussion) or informal as you like. 
  • Watch party: Be it a classic ‘90s rom-com, superhero film, or the latest binge-worthy show, there’s something to watch together and dissect with your friends at your fingertips
  • Send a Valentine’s Day card to friends: From your “partner in wine” to someone you just think is “ducking amazing,” there’s a card for everyone in the group chat.
Ducking Amazing” and “Partner In Wine” by Paperless Post.


No matter what you plan to gift your boyfriend, girlfriend, Mom, or friend, make it feel personal. Show you know what they like (or what they need) and that you appreciate them—especially if you’re far away and can’t see them for a while. Of course, a FaceTime or phone call goes a long way, too.

Ready to schedule your own ecard? Browse our full collection of Valentine’s Day cards.

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