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University invitations

Hosting a university event? Customize our beautiful online university invitation templates with your own school logo or photo. RSVP tracking is always included.

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You’re throwing an event, and everyone’s invited – well, everyone on campus, at least. But with so many potential attendees, you may wonder what’s the best way to ensure word gets out about your function? The answer: online invitations! And that’s where we come in. Here at Paperless Post, we have everything you need to create a university event invitation that will wow.

Creating your university invitation online with Paperless Post

When you create your college event invitation through Paperless Post, you will be greeted with an impressive selection of templates that can be customized with our user-friendly design tool to convey whatever message you need. Add your text, update the font type and color, and choose a beautiful envelope liner to seal the deal.

Once you are happy with your design, you can upload your guest list and choose how you would like to send your invite. With the choice of sending by email, text, or shareable link, you can be confident that your invite will reach prospective attendees on time, every time!

Choosing a university event invitation template

The sky's the limit when you create an invitation with Paperless Post. Whether you are looking for a student orientation invitation, a student reception template, or perhaps a faculty dinner invitation, we have you covered. In fact, with our customization tools, you can update your template wording to say whatever you want it to, so there are endless possibilities!

When to send university event invitations

When it comes to sending university event invitations, timing is everything. If you want your invite to be remembered amongst the sea of emails, texts, and social media notifications that students are bombarded with daily, you'll need to choose the right moment to send it.

The best time to send an invitation for a university event is typically a week or two in advance. It's no surprise that students have busy schedules. It can be difficult to fit anything else between social lives and study. So it's essential to provide enough notice so that your guests don't already have plans without giving them too much notice, which causes them to forget your event and double book. However, it's worth noting that if your event is particularly popular or anticipated, you may want to send the invitations out even earlier. We recommend sending invitations at least a month in advance for occasions such as dances and trips.

The benefits of sending online college event invitations

As if ridding you of the need of stuffing countless envelopes and licking stamps wasn't enough, creating your invitations with Paperless Post gives you a host of other benefits worth bragging about too! We offer a wide selection of premium designs, all of which come with helpful event management tools including RSVP tracking that allows you to stay on top of who is attending and who isn't. Our guest messaging feature can be utilized if you think someone has forgotten to RSVP or if you want to keep your guests up to date on any plan changes.