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Ugly Sweater Party Invitations

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Against Sweater Judgment


Ugly sweater party invitations

Style is in the eye of the beholder—this holiday, wear something that leaves no room for interpretation. Get unfashionably tipsy with your best friends and worst outfits with an ugly sweater party sure to have everyone looking away in sheer horror.

Your more fashionable guests may not know how to shop for the wild and woolly (or acrylic fiber) night ahead. Show your knit wit and make your ugly Christmas sweater party invitation a teachable moment. Christmas party invitations decked out in garish holiday sweater styles clue your guests in on the gay apparel everyone will be donning. Accompanying mugs of eggnog, adulterated cocoa, and other 21-and-over comestibles assure any doubters that there’ll be something to ease the ocular pain of all those embroidered Santas and rhinestoned reindeer in one room. No matter what surprise you pull from your wardrobe, you’re sure to leave your guests in stitches (or cable-knits. Or Arran weaves. Or sequins. Or worse.) And if the sweaters came from a thrift shop, your invitations can be almost as competitively priced with our free ugly sweater party invitations.

Once you’ve chosen your plan of visual attack for your ugly Christmas sweater party invite, you can use our online design tool to customize your invitation’s colors, type, and layout to match (or further clash with) the outfits on display. Send it out to all your tragically attired guests and track the incoming RSVPs to better plan your ugly sweater party’s leaderboard. Use our guest messaging tools to stir up the competition and send along any final anti-fashion pointers. When the party’s all wrapped up and the dubious honors of the evening are bestowed, post photos of all your guests in an online gallery. Don’t worry, it’s just for attendees—no one’s in danger of appearing on Joan and Melissa’s worst-dressed list. But isn’t it nice to have blackmail material?

After the onslaught of the gem sweaters, maybe you’ll be ready for a different kind of sparkling holiday celebration. Browse our invitations for parties throughout the winter season, including cookie swaps, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve blowouts. Do try and dress for the occasion.