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Non-profit invitations

Non-profit invitations

Hosting an event for your non-profit company? Customize our beautiful non-profit invitation templates with your logo or photo. RSVP tracking is always included.

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Events are often one of the best ways charitable organizations can reach their fundraising goals. Of course, one of the most important factors of a successful non-profit event is having enough people in attendance to make it an enjoyable and memorable occasion. But how can you make sure there are enough guests at your function?

Charity event invitation templates

Non-profit event invitations are the most effective way of getting the word out. However, a bland, boring invite just isn't going to do the trick. You need something eye-catching that describes your organization and its mission, and sticks in their minds until they walk through the door to support your cause.

They say charity begins at home, and so do our charity event invitations! You can design and send a Paperless Post invitation from home or work in just a few clicks, so say goodbye to handwriting your invites and waiting in line at the post office!

How to create non-profit fundraiser invitations

You run your non-profit on hard-earned donations, and we understand how crucial it is to make every dollar count so you can provide support for your cause.

So, if you are trying to drum up support for your latest non-profit event, you don't have to break the bank. With Paperless Post, you can create beautiful eye-catching non-profit event invitations. We are proud to offer a variety of fundraiser invitation templates that can be customized to fit any type of event. So, if you are in the market for gala invitations, fundraising dinner invites, or any other kind of charity event invitation, we have a design for you.

What information to include on a non-profit event invitation

You've selected your fundraiser invitation template, customized it to your liking, and are now ready to add your information. But what should you include? Adding the correct information to your invitation is key to making sure guests have everything they need to get to your event and enjoy it. It also gives you the opportunity to let them know a little bit more about your organization, giving them some insight as to why they should support you by coming along.

First and foremost, be sure to list your event's date, time, and location so guests can plan their schedules accordingly. Next, provide a brief description of the event, if there is a dress code, and any contact information in case there are any questions. Finally, you should also provide any suggested donation amount, a brief description of the event, and the cause your non-profit is supporting. Be sure to explain how guests attending your function will provide a helping hand to your organization and the cause it supports.

Branding your non-profit event invitation

Your branding is more than just a logo - it's a way of conveying your company's personality to the world. And what better way to showcase your brand identity than through custom event invitations?

Creating a custom event invitation is an excellent opportunity to utilize your branding. But how can you make an invitation that perfectly encapsulates your brand? Start by choosing a design that matches your organization's overall look and feel. Then, use our upload your own tool to add your brand logo. Finally, personalize the text on the invitation using colors from your company's palette and select a font that matches the style used in your other marketing materials.