60 Valentine’s Day card ideas to send to everyone you love

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Your Valentine isn’t like anyone else—so why would you send them a Valentine’s Day card that’s like everyone else’s? That’s why we’ve rounded up Valentine’s Day card ideas for every interest, personality, and sense of humor (including puns, because what’s Valentine’s Day without puns?). So you can find a digital Valentine’s Day card that’s perfect for your unique brand of love this February 14th—and let the special person (or people!) in your life know how you truly feel.

Romantic Valentine’s Day card ideas

A Valentine’s Day card that looks like a heart-shaped box of chocolates; a maroon card with a mirrored illustration of flowers and hearts.
Sweet Selection” and “Love Reflections” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Sometimes, a lovey-dovey card sends just the right message—especially when combined with a truly special gift idea made just for your Valentine. Choose from these romantic Valentine’s Day card ideas for him, her, and every type of romantic relationship. 

1. For the fancy Valentine

Some Valentines love elegant candlelit dinners and long-stemmed roses. If you’ve got a fancy Valentine who loves tradition, send them the “Flourished Love” Card by Bernard Maisner.

2. For the classic romantic

No display of love is too dramatic for this Valentine. Choose the “Love Reflections” Card by Hello!Lucky for a gorgeous display of affection and admiration for the hopeless romantic in your life.

3. For the old-fashioned Valentine

If your partner is an old soul, a cutesy Valentine simply won’t cut it. Reference the good old days with Cards like “You’re the Bee’s Knees” or “Vintage Valentine” by Rifle Paper Co. for a bit of glamor and tradition. 

4. For your better half

You and your Valentine just fit together. Celebrate your comfortable love that completes you with “Lovebirds” by kate spade new york.

5. For the childhood sweetheart

Whether you met your loved one when you were kids or they make you feel like a kid at heart, this kind of love is something special. Show them how you feel with the DIY-style “I’ll Take Two Boxes of Thin Mints” Card by Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

6. For the one who makes your heart beat

No one makes your heart flutter like your Valentine. Show them what you mean with the “Skips a Beat” Card by kate spade new york.

7. For the lover who’s full of pride

Love is love is love. Celebrate love in all its forms with the “Colorful Love” Card by Red Cap Cards.

8. For the one you love to kiss

Some Valentine’s kisses are better than others. Make your smoochy intentions clear with the pretty “Two-Tone Lips” Card by kate spade new york. 

9. For a love that’s out of this world

A black card that says ‘it was written in the stars’ with gold constellations.
Written in the Stars” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Loved ones who love stargazing and belong in the heavens need a stellar Valentine’s Day card. Send them the “Hot Hot Hot” Card by Party of One or the “Written in the Stars” card by Hello!Lucky to show them you care about them and their interests. 

10. For the movie fan

Ingrid Bergman described a kiss as “a lovely trick designed by nature.” Pay tribute to your cinephile partner by adding this quote to the “Script Hearts” Card by kate spade new york.

11. For the one who feels like home

Sometimes the most romantic feeling of all is that cozy feeling you get from sitting on the couch with your Valentine. Let your loved one know they feel like home with the “Happy Homes” Card by Red Cap Cards or “Home Bodies” Card by Paperless Post.

12. For your vacation partner

Some couples feel most in love when they’re traveling together. Highlight your love and wanderlust with the “Easy Breezy” Card by Red Cap Cards or “Take Me Away” by Carolyn Suzuki Studio.

13. For the gardener

A pink card says ‘My love only grows for you’ with flowers growing from the bottom.
Love Grows” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post.


Does your Valentine love growing things in the garden—or do their eyes light up when you bring them flowers? Then send them the “Mayfair Love” or “Love Grows” Card by Rifle Paper Co. 

14. For the chocolate lover

If your loved one has a sweet tooth, send them the “Sweet Selection” Card by Hello!Lucky. You can also let them know that you’d pick them every time with the “Picky” Card by Cheree Berry Paper & Design.

15. For your dance partner

Let your Valentine know that you’ll always dance with them with the “Slow Dance” Card by Red Cap Cards. For loved ones who love a faster dance beat, choose “I Love the Night Life” by Paperless Post.

Cute Valentine’s Day card ideas

A pink card says ‘you’re my perfect match’ with two chess pieces; a pink card has several dogs with heart balloons.
Loved to Pieces” by Paperless Post; “Doggone Much” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.


Some Valentines are too cute for words. Send your Valentine a smile and some love with these adorable Happy Valentine’s Day card ideas.

16. For the dog lover

Do you and your Valentine have fur babies of your own? Let them know how doggone much you love your family with them with the “Puppy Eyes” Card by Red Cap Cards or “Doggone Much” by Hello!Lucky.

17. For the cat lover

Cat couples have a love language all their own. Send the “Purr Love” Card by Red Cap Cards to your warm and fuzzy Valentine this year.

18. For the dino fan

Your love spans many eras—even the Cretaceous Era. The “Tops” Card by Hello!Lucky makes a cute Valentine for the dinosaur fan in your life.

19. For the cute animals lover

You may not be able to get your Valentine a pony this year, but the next best thing is on the way. You can’t go wrong with the “Prancercise” Card by Party of One for a miniature horse parade in your Valentine’s inbox.

20. For the one who loves to fish

If your Valentine’s idea of a good time is a bucket of worms and a day on the lake, show them you care with the “Huge Catch” Card by Paperless Post.

21. For the math enthusiast

If your love for your Valentine goes on longer than π, they’ll love a good math-themed Valentine’s Day card. Try “Love Rules” by Hello!Lucky or “Geometry Set” by Paperless Post to highlight your infinite love. 

22. For the gamer

The couple who games together stays together! Level up in your relationship with the “8Bit Heart” Card by Paperless Post to highlight your shared passions, 

23. For the sci-fi fan

There’s nothing alien about being in love with a sci-fi fan. Send the DIY-style “Get Weird” Card by Red Cap Cards to let your Valentine know how much you appreciate their out-of-this-world personality.

24. For the chess player

Check your mate this Valentine’s Day with a chess-themed card. The “Loved to Pieces” Card by Paperless Post gets the message across to any king, queen, or knight you’ve got your eye on.

25. For the bingo player

Want to B1 and only to your Valentine? Send the “Bingo” Card by Rifle Paper Co. and make your loved one feel like a real winner.

26. For the one you text all day

Whether you’re sending a cute emoji or a saucy message, you won’t miss a text with this Valentine—all day, every day. Add a little flair to your messages this year with the “#BEMINE” Card by Cheree Berry Paper & Design to celebrate your ongoing relationship.

27. For the reality-show lover

A red card says ‘will you accept this rose?’ with a hand holding a rose.
Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony” by Paperless Post.


Sometimes “The Bachelor” says it best. Choose the “Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony” Card by Paperless Post for the person who can’t wait to watch every new episode with you.

28. For the foodie

Do you have a Valentine who loves food and restaurants? If so, send them the yummy “Brie Mine” Card by The Indigo Bunting or “Oysters Rockefeller” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

29. For the spicy hottie

If your Valentine is more of a Valen-fine, let them know. Pick the “Tasty” or “Hot Stuff” Card by Paperless Post to send a love note to your resident hottie—even better if your Valentine also loves spicy snacks!

30. For the slots player

A card looks like a slot machine with the words ‘I hit the jackpot with you.’
Jackpot” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post.


If you got married in Vegas or your Valentine’s in another relationship with Lady Luck, let them know you’re the ultimate winner with the “Jackpot” Card by Rifle Paper Co.

31. For the card shark

Some Valentines like their hearts in their hand—their poker hand to be exact. For these loved ones, choose the “Well-Suited” Card by Cheree Berry Paper & Design.

32. For the Elvis fan

If your Valentine’s a hunka-hunka-burning love, let them know you can’t help falling in love with them with the “Love Me Tender” Card by The Indigo Bunting.

33. For the photographer

It doesn’t take an eagle eye to see how amazing your Valentine is. Send the photographer in your life the “Love Shutter” Card by Petit Collage to celebrate their passion—and yours.

34. For the bookworm

A card that looks like a library book log sheet.
Library Card” by Paperless Post.


Some couples love nothing more than snuggling up with good books in front of a fireplace. If that’s you and your Valentine, send “Library Card” by Paperless Post to set up your next reading date. 

35. For the homebody

Why leave the house when you’ve got love to keep you warm? Choose “Home Bunnies” by Hello!Lucky for another night in with your sweetie.

36. For the riddle lover

If your Valentine likes to put two and two together, challenge them with a cute Valentine’s riddle this year. The “Eye Heart You” Card by Paperless Post lets them know how you feel in the cutest way possible.

Funny Valentine’s Day card ideas

A card says ‘you’re fabrewlous’ with a smiling, foaming beer mug; a pink card with a duck says ‘you’re ducking amazing.’
Fabrewlous” by Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post; “Ducking Amazing” by Paperless Post.


Love comes in many different languages—and for some couples, that language is laughter. Send a giggle to your Valentine with these silly Valentine’s Day card ideas.

37. For the one you’d pee on

Let your Valentine know just how much you love them with a declaration of—well, pee. The “Love Stings” Card by Hello!Lucky illustrates just how far you’d go for your beau in the cutest way possible.

38. For your fellow skunk

A card with an overturned trashcan and two skunks in love.
Love Stinks” by Party of One for Paperless Post.


If there’s no one you’d rather stink up a room with, let your skunk mate know you care with the adorable “Love Stinks” Card by Party of One.

39. For your sarcastic trash panda

Your Valentine is a tin can in a pile of garbage. If that sounds like a compliment they’d appreciate, send the raccoon-centric “Treasure Trove” Card by Party of One.

40. For the Valentine who loves a good curse word

If your Valentine tends to drop an F-bomb now and then, send them the self-explanatory “Ducking Amazing” Card by Paperless Post. For the pun-loving, foul-language-using Valentines, try the “Figgin’ Love” Card by Red Cap Cards.

41. For the one who gets your potty humor

If the word “butt” gets a chuckle out of your Valentine, you have to send them the “Bottom of my Heart” Card by Hello!Lucky. It’s perfect for potty-humor-loving partners and friends alike.

42. For the coffee lover

Every love affair can use an extra jolt. Let your Valentine know you’ll add some fuel to their fire with the “Caffeine Fiend” Card by 2021 Co.

43. For the beer lover

“Ale” you need is love. Wish your beer-loving Valentine a hoppy holiday with the “Fabrewlous” Card by Hello!Lucky.

44. For the baker

A pink and red card looks like a box of sugar and reads ‘sugar: you’re superfine!’
Sweet Gesture” by Paperless Post.


Does your Valentine love whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen? Let them know they’re sweeter than sugar with the “Sweet Gesture” Card by Paperless Post.

45. For the one you love even more than bacon

You’d choose your Valentine over everything—yes, even bacon. Let them know the depths of your passion with “My Favorite Thing” by Paperless Post.

46. For your stud muffin

Is your Valentine a total babe? Send them the “Stud Muffin” Card by The Indigo Bunting for some coy (and punny) Valentine’s flirting.

47. For the one you share pizza with

For some, the perfect Valentine’s Day consists of ordering a pizza and watching a movie. If that’s you and your sweetie, send them the “Pizza My Heart” Card by Hello!Lucky.

48. For “The Office” fan

A card shows Kevin from ‘The Office’ slipping on his famous chili and the words ‘I fell for you.’
Famous Chili” by Party Mountain for Paperless Post.


Valentines who spend their nights binge-watching—and quoting—”The Office” will appreciate the “Famous Chili” Card by Party Mountain. It depicts a famous, albeit not exactly swoon-worthy, moment from their favorite show.

49. For the “Friends” lover

Channel your inner Ross and Rachel with the “I Lob You” Card by Party Mountain. Only true “Friends” fans know the significance of being someone’s lobster—and if that’s your Valentine, you’ve found your card.

50. For the irreverent one

Does your Valentine always have a snarky joke or comment at the ready? Loved ones with a dark sense of humor will snicker at “Devilish Love” by Paperless Post.

51. For the cynic

Everyone knows a Valentine’s Day cynic—someone who’s got a date on February 14th but still doesn’t want to celebrate it. Send them the “Stupid Cupid” Card by Paperless Post for a begrudging Valentine’s smile.

Galentine’s Day card ideas

A pink Galentine’s Day card with flowers; a card with four colorfully dressed women and a bottle of wine.
Wildwood Galentine’s Day” by Rifle Paper Co. for Paperless Post; “Throwback” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post.


Celebrate the best gals in your life with our collection of Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day card ideas for friends. Don’t worry if you’ve already got a Valentine—Galentine’s Day is on February 13th, so you can celebrate both!

52. For the sentimental gal

She’s been there for you all year, through thick and thin. Send the pretty “Wildwood Galentine’s Day” Card by Rifle Paper Co. to show her your appreciation and wish her the best Galentine’s Day ever.

53. For the one who loves a night out

Galentine’s Day is all about your friend group. Choose the DIY-style “Throwback” Card by Mr. Boddington’s Studio and send it to your girlfriends to remember your amazing times together.

54. For the ride-or-die

A card with two dogs riding a tandem bicycle surrounded by hearts.
Tandem Love” by Paperless Post.


Your BFF is your person, your ride-or-die, the one call you always take. Send them “Tandem Love” by Paperless Post or “Gals First” by 2021 Co. to make your priorities clear.

55. For the boy-crazy friend

Every group’s got one. Choose “Boatload of Love” by Rifle Paper Co. to give them a Galentine’s Day card they’ll really enjoy.

56. For the Valentine’s Day hater

Do you and your girlfriends hate Valentine’s Day? Send out the “Valentine’s Roast” Card by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for a long-distance toast against the heart-laden holiday.

57. For the stylish friend

This Valentine’s Day, get gussied up—even if you don’t have a date. If you and your girlfriends like spending Galentine’s Day in the salon or shopping at the mall, choose the elegant “Honey Bun” Card by 2021 Co. 

58. For your brunch girls

A card with two women at a cafe table and a dachshund in a beret.
Love You a Brunch” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio for Paperless Post.


Order a few mimosas with your favorite friends this Valentine’s Day! The “Love You a Brunch” Card by Mr. Boddington’s Studio sets a brunchy tone for the ones you love.

59. For your funny friend

If your girls like their men like they like their coffee—no, not in a cup—send them the flirty “Love Thy Neighbor” by kate spade new york.

60. For a friend who’s a little bit wild

Find love this Valentine’s Day—or at least the next best thing—with your best friend and a few attractive strangers. “Kiss a Stranger” by Paperless Post lets them know exactly what both your plans are this February 14th.

Express your love with Paperless Post

A pink Valentine’s Day card with a large heart surrounded by smaller hearts; a red envelope with a stamp that reads ‘love’ in 3-d script.
All My Heart” by Paperless Post; stamp by Paperless Post.


There’s so much to love about a Paperless Post Valentine’s Day card. Customize your chosen template to fit your style and Valentine’s Day message ahead of time—then schedule it to send on February 14th so you don’t miss the special day. You can even add a sweet Valentine’s Day stamp to your digital envelope for a super cute and special experience, from start to finish. 

Once you choose the card, it’s time to plan the day’s festivities. Check out this guide to Valentine’s Day ideas for every love language. If you’re planning a party, find the Valentine’s Day invitation that speaks to your heart—and don’t forget to stop by Paperless Post Party Shop for some adore-able party supplies. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Hero image: “Cupid’s Message” by John Derian for Paperless Post.