Our Ladurée collection is sweet enough to eat

A blue Ladurée invitation surrounded by macarons and plates.
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What’s more thrilling than receiving a gift of something sweet, especially when it’s unexpected? Whether you’re opening a box of colorful macarons or an invite to the party of the season, there’s truly nothing better than getting treated. That’s the feeling we wanted to capture in our exclusive new collaboration with world-famous confectioner Ladurée, our first ever with a food brand. 

Inspired by Ladurée’s beloved macarons, gilded packaging, and a delightfully Parisian aesthetic, our delectable online invitations come in a rainbow of flavors and will transport any guest to 19th century France—or at the very least, a beautiful, tasty place that hints at the party to come, be it a baby shower, bridal shower, or a charming outdoor get-together.

To fête the arrival of the collection, we sat down for a chat with longtime Paperless Post fan and CEO of Ladurée US Elisabeth Holder Raberin about grownup party favors, sparkling rosé, and why you can never have too many desserts. Read on, S.V.P.


Left: A yellow Ladurée invitation with intricate gold details and pink roses; Right: A tiered display of party treats.“Fantaisie” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


What is it about your Paperless Post collection that excites you most?

I already use Paperless Post for all my personal invites, so now I look forward to sending out my own Ladurée invites—I’ll be so proud to do so! To combine the classic Ladurée design with the efficiency of Paperless… what a dream!


Why do you believe invitations are such an important part of an event?

They create excitement and set the tone for the event itself—much in the way a first look or smile can make or break your first impression of a store or restaurant.


A green baby shower invitation with gilded border.“Grand Palais” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


Ladurée’s aesthetic goes all the way back to the 19th century, drawing inspiration from the Sistine Chapel and Palais Garnier. Why do you think it’s still so appealing today?

In Paris, it’s not uncommon to find 19th-century décor in bars, restaurants, and even private apartments—you could say that it’s very Parisian, in itself! So we wanted to make sure that when you enter a Ladurée location, even in the US, you feel transported through time and space back to this era. It’s essentially time travel!

What influences went into choosing the designs for this collection?

Classical design, pastel colors, florals, and the overall theme of celebration, of course. All the things that make up the DNA of Ladurée.


A box of Ladurée macarons with a few macarons and flowers on a table.


How do you want hosts to feel when sending out your designs?

I hope hosts will feel proud to send these invites, and that they’ll feel like they’re part of the Ladurée family. 


A bridal shower invitation with various collors of illustrated macarons surrounding the text.“Classic Macarons” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


The Ladurée macaron has been called “the supermodel of the food industry”—chic, timeless, and beautiful. Why do you think it’s the perfect complement for any party?

They’re the perfect treat: easy to eat, colorful, and tasty—and everyone, no matter your age, gender, culture, or dietary restrictions, can enjoy macarons. They’re gluten-free! Plus, they’re customizable, which makes any celebration feel even more special. 


Left: Elegantly decorated french desserts with tea and flowers; Right: A baby shower invitation featuring illustrative butterflies and macarons.“Jardin Royale” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


Obviously, you know a thing or two about desserts. Besides macarons, what sweets should be on every host’s dessert table?

Oh la la… I’d say a fruit tart, a chocolate dessert, and different flavors of ice cream. I think hosts should offer as many desserts as possible! 


A veritable spread of delectable desserts including tiers of macarons, a cake, and other pastries along with rosé wine, roses, and candles on a bare white table.


What drink should you pair with the dessert crescendo of so many parties—the cake cutting?

Champagne. Champagne rosé, to be more precise! I also love a nice rosé mocktail.


Left: A blue floral baby shower invitation; Right: A decorated table of sweets, tea, and candles in Ladurée packaging.“Trianon” by Ladurée for Paperless Post.


Any final advice for someone planning a party, like an elegant backyard bridal or baby shower at the Ladurée restaurant and tea room in SoHo, New York? 

Start with a beautiful table with flowers, vintage glasses and plates, and candles. I also like to add a sweet souvenir for guests to bring home. (Naturally, mine’s often a box of macarons!) And consider hosting a themed party—they’re always fun. 


An overhead shot of a Ladurée party table with plates, napkins, a tea pot, flowers, and macarons.Photo by Meri Meri, supplies available in the Paperless Post Party Shop.


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