How to choose the perfect card for your holiday photos

You had your shot. You maybe had more than a few. You may still be shooting—but all those family photos aren’t going to mean a thing without a good holiday card to show them off. Hopefully you took a few tips from Gray Malin, and now it’s our turn to share some wisdom. We’ve had a bit of experience putting together family photo cards, and we thought we’d share the best way to frame your portraits.

The best card for professional holiday photos

“Christmas Bow Frame (Tall) – Red” by Linda & Harriett, “Winter Flakes” by The Indigo Bunting, “Confetti Branches (Tall Photo)” by kate spade new york


If you went all-out this season and had a professional photographer shoot your clan, it’s only fitting that you’d want to show off every inch of your well-taken shots. We’ve found that full-bleed cards are the best choice for professional family photos. For those not hip to the lingo, “full-bleed” refers to a card where the photo goes all the way to the edges—no border, no margin, no nothing. The reason? Your hired paparazzo probably had their own ideas about framing as they composed the shot, and a full-bleed card preserves that balance as best as possible.


The best card for candid holiday pictures

“Birch Monarch (Multi-Photo) – Blue” by Rifle Paper Co., “Ho Ho Ho Photo” by The Indigo Bunting, “Retrospective – Gold” by Paperless Post


Sometimes, you just end up with happy accidents, too. If you’ve got a charming candid photo, or even one where your subjects look great (and the background doesn’t), consider using a year in review card, or a similar cropped multi-photo design. It’ll let you use a lot of photo options at once: everyone gets a good angle, and your relatives will get more of what they want—photos!

“Holly on the Banister (Square Photo) – Red” by Mr. Boddington’s Studio, “Winter Foliage Photo” by Rifle Paper Co., “Merry Painted Frame” by Paperless Post


We also make it easy to experiment with which photo goes where. Our app’s new photo tool lets you swipe through every shot in your library, instead of making you pick and choose your uploads. Just thumb through your favorite shots and see how they fit in any number of card options. Once you’ve made your match, you’re just a few taps away from a picture-perfect holiday greeting.


You all oughta be in pictures. Browse our holiday photo cards to start framing your shots.

Hero image: Home Alone 2 / 20th Century Fox